Prize Pool 3

New for 2022! I'm looking to run a string of giveaway/contests on Baseball Card Breakdown this summer and I got the idea to bring back the old "prize pool" concept I used for a while back in the blog's early days. I'm trying to keep it simple so I can crank out a bunch of winning envelopes with little effort on my part. Basically, if you're a winner of an applicable contest of mine, you get to pick 4 cards from the prize pool, sent via PWE (US addresses only please). Lots of card options on the table.. hopefully something for everyone.

I'm adding cards to the pool via themed "pages". So groups of 9 cards, as the blog celebrates 9 years running.. That's fitting, right?! But yeah, a winner could identify a card such as "refractors page 1, card 3" (Sweeney)". Pages will be added (and eventually taken away or adjusted) as we go. Feel free to scroll through what's currently available and perhaps try to decide which 4 you cards you'd pick were you to win a round.

UPDATED 7/15/22

"well-loved" vintage (creases, etc)

Need a Canadian Carmelo in your collection? lol (sorry, had to fill out the 9.)

Assortment of 2003 Topps Retired base cards. UPDATE: DAWSON, BUNNIN, AND BOOG CLAIMED

That's it for now, but again, I expect to be adding "pages" as we go with these Summer 2022 contests.

The prize pool also doubles as a "trade bait page" if there's not an active contest running (I'll try to keep it "locked" otherwise), so if a card catches your eye, feel free to email me about a trade-- and I may be able to swap out the card(s) in question between active contests if still available. (1972 Topps high numbers are specifically what I'm looking for at the moment. If you have a 1972 Topps high number available [657-787], I'd like to trade you for it. Shameless plea, but come on, let's help me knock out that beast of a set during its 50th anniversary. :)

Thanks and good luck!

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