Trade Bait

Welcome to Baseball Card Breakdown's Trade Bait Page. Figured I'd put together a place for my best available cards to help facilitate trading. If you see anything you like and have something you think I'd like that would make for a swap both sides would be happy with, by all means drop me an email and let's talk trade.

Cards here are not for sale; Only trading at this time. Mainly looking for vintage needs and certain refractors, but I have a big wantlist on my blog HERE with specific set needs, player collections, and other collecting interests of mine. You can also check out what I've got logged at TCDB (user defgav), both wants and for-trade, but I haven't logged much of my stuff yet.

Trade Bait sections here:
  • Autographs - some random baseball autos
  • Customs - fun cards I've made myself, if you're into that
  • 1991 Fleer mods - '91 Fleer with a new look
  • General - other cards of interest I've got up for trade
  • VIP section - my best available stuff, such as HOF autos
I plan to add more cards/sections soon/eventually, but that's what I've got up so far. I'll do my best to keep these above pages current, updating when cards pictured are gone by either removing them or otherwise noting the unavailability. But feel free to check with me to confirm any card here is still available.

Last edited July 2023 

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