Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for Vintage from the card show

We're starting a new Thanksgiving tradition here.. showing off recently-purchased vintage cards!

Let's kick it off with some oddballs. Munson and a couple Gibsons. The Kellogg's 3D cards are pretty beat-up, but for 50 cents (or were these from the dimebox?.. I can't really keep track of which cards I got from which of my 2 purchases at the card show.)

Public Service Announcement! If you don't want your 3D Kellogg's cards to crack, let them bend proud and free! Here's how I store my 3D Kellogg's cards (these not from the recent card show):

How nature intended. You know the old saying, Curved Don't Crack.

I'm not working on 1967 Topps, but pre-70s vintage from the dimebox?, hells yeah. That's a fake-out Lee May "rookie", btw.. he also had a Rookie Stars card in 1966. But yeah, these are available for trade if you need em. Otherwise I might Listia them one of these days, or hang onto them, who knows.

Now here's a set I'm actually working on. Checked off a few cards from my 1971 needs, including big names Stargell and Oliva.

And the other vintage set I'm working on. I didn't get to check off any from my 1973 needs here, since I already had these 3... BUT i collect Goose and Garvey as Pads in the Halls, so it's nice to get a cheap dupe for their PCs. And the Santo was a nice upgrade.

Not much of a Billy Martin fan, but love the notoriously naughty "flipping the bird" shot. The Fergie traded card is cool too. Honestly didn't recall him ever playing in Boston.

Thanks for reading. Say hi to your loved ones for me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

feeling the fuzz (more from the card show)

Here's another segment recapping the recent card show haul. Today I'm highlighting modern cards of old-timers. I wish there was a good blanket term for reprints, faux vintage, and post-career cards of retired players. Let's make one up. Anybody got any suggestions? "glossy dirt"? "skidge"? "buttercluck"? I doubt any of those will catch on, sadly, so I'll keep saying "modern cards of old-timers" to describe such cards.

That guy on the left is Larry Bird. Kind of a silly card from the Ted Williams Company. Weird texture to it.

In the middle of course we have Hoyt Wilhelm. (So this kinda counts as a Wilhelm Wednesday post, but not really.) Another reprint of his rookie card, but one I didn't have. Not as pretty as the 2001 Archives Reserve reprint I showed a couple weeks ago, but hey.

And then there's a neat Musial insert on the right.

OMG!! Are you guys familiar with these above cards?! They are FUZZY!! I'm a sucker for a gimmicky card, you know me. The blue parts of the Yankees cards, and the orange part of the Mets card are delightfully fuzzy, like a cozy old sweater! No penny-sleeves for these guys; dinged corners be damned, I need to touch the fuzzzzzzz!!

Sigh... why can't all my cards be fuzzy? Oh well...
I know I recently decided to stop trying to put together the 2001 Archives set, but I'll still pick up cards from it for my PCs, such as this Dick Allen. Oh man, remember this playful exchange?..

Too bad one of the cards I used to do it had that weird yellow blemish on dick's neck. It really takes you out of the moment. Still looking for an upgrade.

Yes, these Hank Aaron holograms are the same card. See, I bought one from the 50 cent bins.. then later found some in the dimeboxes. So I bought a second one out of spite. The moral of the story is always start at the cheapest boxes and work your way up.

Hard for me to turn down a Mantle for a dime (except for maybe those "Home Run History" cards), even though I'm pretty sure I already have this card. My new scanner is a bit of a bitch and cut off the side.

Ok, that's all for today. If I don't see you again before it, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Man, oh man!

Work has been really busy the past couple weeks, so I've been getting behind on blog reading. I've managed to keep up with daily blog posting, at least. But I've been driven by plenty of cards I've wanted to post about lately.

But yeah, I could never be one of those one-way card bloggers who has a blog, but rarely if ever seems to read and/or comment on other blogs. I don't think those guys are getting the full blogosphere experience. But to each their own, I guess.

I'm getting backlogged on things to post about, which is better than having nothing to write about. So excuse me for squeezing 3 posts into this one.

First of all, this monster was waiting on my doorstep when I came home from work yesterday:

Yes, I got Wampa'd / Zippy Zapped! Fun stuff. This guy is a terror, for sure. Stay tuned for that adventure in a future post. (Thanks, Kenny!)

Next topic, it's the 25th, so here's a Christmas Card from my collection.

(Just a month left till Christmas. Shit! It really crept up this year. I have no gift ideas yet. I wish all my loved ones collected baseball cards and were team collectors. Easy peasy.)

Anyways, I picked this card for today because it's my second Didi Gregorius auto. My first one was from Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. The same Wes who birthed the Wampa originally. Look at me tying the post together somewhat!

Now check this out:

This card is over 100 years old. I won it in a contest by commenting on a blog and being lucky enough to come out on top in a randomization. See what I mean about reading blogs and/or commenting on them? A real cool aspect of that is you can get in on lots of contests and occasionally end up the winner. I've wanted to add some supervintage to my collection for a long time, but never really knew where to start. I've only got one other pre-war card. I got it a few months before I started this blog, and I never really posted about it, though in a way I've posted it every post because it's tucked away up in my blog's banner. Speaking of which, it's probably about time I made a new banner. That display has long since been taken down since we moved back in February. That wooden box thing is now our makeshift liquor cabinet on our mantle, with small bottles and various bitters on the bottom and bigger bottles on top. My current "card display area" is a mess.. but then again, it always is.

But back on point, huge thanks to Hackenbush at Can't Have Too Many Cards for the awesome contest. This card is a tobacco card from the T30 Arctic Scenes set from 1910. I absolutely love it, and it's made all the sweeter by being free a symbol of the generous nature of the card blogging brotherhood. Thanks again, David!

And thanks to all you guys out there who make reading and writing about cardboard so great.

Monday, November 24, 2014

80s cards.. well 77-87, actually (card show recap)

Next up, here are some cards dating from the 80s that dug out of discount bins at the recent card show.

Here's a card that I could only dream of owning back in my early collecting days. One of my best friends collected Strawberry as his #1 guy, but I don't think even he had this card. But yeah, now I have a RC to go along with my Darryl auto.

Continuing with more 1984 Fleer, a cool set that's very underrepresented in my collection, here are couple new additions to my Yaz PC. The big 3 card companies all put out cards in the same vein as that "Retiring Superstars" card, but only Fleer went the extra mile and also gave the man a true final tribute / sunset card...

Glorious complete career stats. --well, almost! I guess they couldn't quite fit his 1961 stats. At least they gave it a good effort.

A couple mid 80s semi-oddballs from guys I semi-collect. Can't remember if I already had that 85 Leaf Reggie, but let's hope that dime wasn't spent in vain. I believe that bizarro 86 Topps Fisk is a box bottom, right? It appears to have been cut out.

I'm a sucker for mid 80s Fleer. I've always had so little in my collection that it seems fresh to me. Love that "Ouch!" card, though a photo of Baylor actually getting plunked would help it. And I couldn't resist that gem mint David Cone 87 Donruss rookie for a dime.

Ok, now we're cheating and getting into the late 70s a little. That Eddie Murray second-year has some nasty creasing I didn't notice when I bought it, but oh well.

I've needed this card for my Bill Madlock collection for a while. The fact it's also an early George Brett appearance has made it tougher for me to track down cheaply.

I ripped a lot of 82 Topps when I originally started collecting back in the early 90s.. My LCS had some boxes and it was the closest thing to vintage I could ever dream to open. I pulled the Ripken (still probably my greatest pull ever), but there were a few other big cards that eluded me, such as this Hrbek RC. So it feels rewarding to pick it up finally. (Still need the Chili Davis.)

I already had one of these Jack Morris rookie cards, but when I noticed this one was signed, I went ahead and threw it on my stack. Pretty sweet.

That's it for this time.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Those Crazy 90s (card show recap)

As I mentioned yesterday, I picked up somewhere around 150 cards at the recent show. It was over 2 purchase but both from the same dealer. First I hit his 50¢ bins. After buying a big stack, I dropped them off in my car, got off my feet for a couple minutes, and went back to hit his dimeboxes. This was probably the longest time I've ever spent at a card show, about 2 and a half hours. I always seem to have other stuff going on Saturdays that makes me keep it tight, so it was nice to have a comfortable amount of time to fart around. I probably would have even stayed longer, but the dealer was packing up.

So I'll split up the cards I got into a few posts. First up is the various 90s stuff.

I've seen those "most ostentatious cards of all time" Ring Leader cards on other blogs, and had to get one of my own. Bonus gaudy point for the screw-down case. I already have that great 91 Stadium Club Frank Thomas card, but for a dime, hell, I'll pick up another one. That Star Factor is kind of a crazy 2-sided refractor. Apparently it's a sample. S A M P L E.

So very many Juniors in the bins. I grabbed these.

If Griffey was the most represented player in the bins, Jeter was a close second. I caved and bought one from his early days. Also got that Jum Edmonds for a dime. Yes, I see the typo I just made, but I think Jum is a cool name, so I'm not going to correct myself.

I didn't have any of these stained-glass-looking Gallery of Heroes cards, they are pretty neat.

Here's another look at its majesty. Too bad Nomo isn't a guy I collect, but I figure a Dodger collector out there might want it if I decide to part with it.

I seem to have gotten a few 1991 Stadium Club cards at this show. Perhaps my worst eBay experience ever was buying the complete set a couple years ago, but a lot of the cards-- mostly the "big money" cards, such as the Bagwell-- had a weird warped damage thing going on near the tops. I ended up returning the set for a refund, eating the return postage. Gah. Heartbreaking. I can't help but get a little sad when I look at cards from that set now. Around the same time, I also bough 1992 Stadium Club from a different seller. That was one fine, thank goodness. Also around that time, I bought 1990 Leaf. That sucked because all the best cards were missing. But the seller was apologetic and was able to dig up the missing cards and send them eventually, so it all worked out. After that, I stopped buying complete sets.

Anyways, that's it for this time. Take it easy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I saw Macaulay Culkin's pizza band last night (plus here are some cards I got recently)

My Friday 11/21/2014:
Get up around 7:25
Watch some Video Game Nerd videos on YouTube.
Work on some BCB drafts (Reinbach).
Took a nasty spill and got quite the welt on my shin.
Go to work for a couple hours, doing medical device stuff.
Took my car in for a recall about the power steering going out (it had gone out before, but was ok on this drive, thankfully.)
Got a ride home from my wife.
Watched The Sword in the Stone for the first time since I was a kid.. man, I LOVED that movie.
Wrote that "my first bad Sportlots experience" post.
Went to "Friendsgiving" at a friend's house.. lots of food, games, and booze. Good times.
On a whim, we went to a club downtown and saw Macaulay Culkin in his band Pizza Underground play songs about Pizza. Seriously! This is a real thing! I love the Velvet Underground.. I love silliness.. I love pizza.. and I love pop culture references like Macaulay Culkin.. so this band is right up my alley. It was a really fun, amazing/terrible show!
Came home and drafted up part of this.
Went to bed circa 1:30am.
Got up Saturday circa 8:15am.
My wife dropped me off to pick up my car.
Went to the card show!!!!
Bought 150+ cards for $43.

I'm actually a little overwhelmed where to start blogging about the card show pickups. So instead here's a recap of the cards I've gotten on Listia in the past week or so.

I never watch wrestling, but man, AJ Lee. Wow. I can't resist. 
Bubba Smith! Yeah, it seems most of the football oldies I like are ones who later became actors. Dick Butkus. Alex Karras. Police Academy's Bubba Smith.

Lou Brock with the funny helmet.

A couple needs for my 73 Topps setbuild. That McCovey is pretty beat-up. But wait! That's no ordinary 73 Topps McCovey!,,,

It's a blank back 73 Topps McCovey! Well-- technically not a blank back.. a scribbled-on back. Anybody know the story behind these?

Yep, I got an unopened pack of 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. Let's rip it..

Cool. I don't know any of these guys (Zippy? Any scouting reports?). But the below card was also in the pack...

Boom! A Gyorko RC refractor. Very nice. A semi-hit card I needed from a guy I collect.. can't ask for more than that out of a pack!
So there are some cards I got on Listia recently. Thanks for stopping by. I'll leave you with some pix I took last night of the Macaulay Culkin pizza concert.

That's Macaulay on the left.

So what's your favorite Macaulay Culkin film? Home Alone? Uncle Buck? Party Monster?

Friday, November 21, 2014

My first bad Sportlots experience (Archives 2001)

First, I'd like to announce that I'm abandoning my setbuild of 2001 Archives. I got nearly 40% of the set, but I've since realized my heart isn't in it. What really kills it for me is the backs. Yep, I'm one of those collectors who cares about backs. The cardboard used for that set is too dark and the backs are too hard to read.. even worse than the vintage originals. It would bring me down everytime I flipped through the set or added new cards to it, so it's dumb to continue trying to complete it.

Huh? What? I can barely read that.
I'll pick out the guys I collect for my PCs, but I'll have about 150 cards from the set available for trade, so let me know if any of you guys are working on that set.

But I'm still very much working on 2001 Archives Reserve! It's a similar reprint set, but smaller (100 cards) and all refractors. Plus, the backs are bright and very legible! JOY!! I'm up to 89 of the 100 cards.

Yes! That's more like it!
I recently picked up a few singles from Sportlots, and here's where we get to the bitching. First, one seller I bought the Clemente from (and nothing else.. even with shipping, was still the best deal I found) backed out of the sale quickly, but at least he was cool and gave me a quick refund. But another seller I bought several cards from.. well, first 2 weeks went by with nothing. I finally opened a report on Sportlots about it. Then the next day or so the guy responded with a tracking number. He had obviously just finally gotten around to sending. No apology or explanation or anything. Then when the cards finally came, 2 were missing. If even included a note that acknowledged this, and said he had reimbursed me. But he didn't. And the several times I tried to open a report on Sportlots about it to request a refund on the missing 2 cards, the site gave me a message that "this issue has already been submitted." They must have been talking about the previously-submitted issue of not receiving my order after 2 weeks, but now this was a new issue! So with no other way to contact the seller, I had to give negative feedback for one of the very few times in my life. I didn't bother trying to email Sportlots about it. I was only out about a buck fifty, but still! Very frustrating, both with the lame seller (CCCards1) and the Sportlots website. I had a previous Sportlots order once where the guy couldn't find a card or two, and he was cool enough to throw a couple bucks cash into the package, more that covering the cost of the missing cards. Now that's customer service, right there! But this CCCards1 guy obviously didn't have his shit together.

Anyways, rant over. As I say I'm 11 cards away from completing 2001 Archives Reserve.

Can anybody help with these nefarious 11?
2.     Brooks Robinson 57
5.     Hank Bauer 52
8.     Bill Skowron 54
11.  Roy Campanella 52
14.  Gary Carter 75
16.  Orlando Cepeda 58
17.  Roberto Clemente 55
18.  Dale Murphy 77
22.  Don Drysdale 57
39.  Harmon Killebrew 55
56.  Roy Face 53

I'm thinking I'll probably go after 2002 Reserve next, another 100-card refractor reprint set.. though sadly, the backs use a grey base instead of white, meaning they're not as bright as 2001 Reserve. Lame.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.