Thursday, November 23, 2017

bountiful trades for which to be thankful

Here's a Thanksgiving Day trade roundup with some cards friendly folks on the cardsphere have sent my way over the past week or so— and one that was actually sent several months ago but just finally made its way to me recently.

First up is a nice package from Paul from Scribbled Ink, a brand new trade partner for me. My latest trade bait post lured him into getting in touch, and we quickly had our first trade completed. The package took a detour to Honolulu for some reason, but it eventually arrived safely.

Those shiny Topps Fire cards look great, even if overall the product doesn't do much for me. The Hercules mini gets me to halfway complete with the glow-in-the-dark Constellations insert set from 2017 Ginter; 5 down, 5 to go.

Nice Donaldson lot here. As the writing on the penny sleeve indicates, the Bowman card is #'d /499, though you'd never suspect it was a parallel by the looks of it. Guess they ran out of colors for the border, so they just greyed it down a bit. Silly Bowman!

A couple Pucketts, a couple 1980 Topps (wantlist coming soon), plus a footballer and a hockeyer. (huh, apparently "hockeyer" is a real word according to my spellcheck! Gretzky is hockeyer than thou.)

It's a Vladvalanche! I'll bet this lot finally gets me over the 100-card hump with this PC.

Shiny Lindor highlights this trio of hot, young infielders.

Marquis! I've been saying, "I should probably do an update post for my Marquis Mania project one of these days" for the past few years now, but hey, good news! I actually started drafting up such a post the other day. Expect that soon.

And the highlights of Paul's generous package wrap up with a random auto (P-town Tim?!?) and a stack of 2017 Update. I'm not going after that set, but was able to pull out a bunch of keepers.

Big thanks, Paul! Hopefully that was the first of many trades for us. I feel like my return didn't quite measure up to your end, so I'll do my best to balance the scales next time.

-   - - ----o

Next up is my prize from the BFG: Basement Fun Game, run by Matt at Summer of '74.

I lucked out by ending up with a prize of a guy I actually collect, Junior Seau. Sweet! It's an extravagant promo thing that was originally sent by the card manufacturer to a card shop, with an acetate President's Reserve Seau card as the focal point.

Matt threw in a bunch of bonus cards of guys I collect, too. Thanks a lot, man! I should send you a little thank-you soon.

-  - - ---o

And now here's a nice little "just because" PWE from Sport Card Collectors. I was crushed when I lost his big season-long pick-em contest last month after surprisingly making it into the finals. It'll take me a while to recover from that, if I ever truly do. I think it's better to do a few smaller contests rather than one big-ass one— you know, to help spread around the goodies—but I get that that means more money on postage, which sucks.

Lots of shiny here, with 3 Hunter Renfroe cards. Very nice. Thanks, man! I sent you a return PWE; hopefully you need some of them. Do you still have that Clearly Authentic Renfroe? If so, I might have to scrape up something together to swap with you for that.

-  - - ---o

Next up is The Lost Collector hitting me back for a Ty Hensley refractor I ended up with that he needed for his supercollection a while ago.

It'd be great if these 2 guys could return to San Diego someday (Strasburg an SDSU alum, and Trea a Padres draftee). But hey, best of luck to them over in the undrained swamp that is Washington DC.

Some more dudes I collect.

Nothing wrong with a little overproduction-era stuff to bulk up a package. I think I needed some of these, too. The Hojo is a "Rediscover Topps" buyback. While I'm happy to get this, I'm really hoping Topps lays off the buybacks in 2018. Wouldn't that be refreshing?

TLC's package wraps up with a couple autos. Andy Benes seems to be a great TTM signer, though I haven't tried him. This Collector's Choice card looks great. Slap hands!

And of course look at that, a Ty Hensley auto! Fingers crossed that Ty gets healthy and back on his career path to the bigs soon. If/when he does, having this auto will easy the regret of trading that parallel to the Lost Collector. Big thanks!

-     -   - - ---o

Last one. Strap in for this! This one is a wayward PWE that was originally sent way back on April 7th, 2017... but to the wrong person. See Matt from Summer of '74 posted about an item and offered it up for grabs in trade. I was lucky enough to be the first one to comment on the post, calling dibs. But then a couple days later, Matt posted saying he would be soon sending it out to Dayf of Cardboard Junkie fame. I didn't think much of it, just assuming Dave offered a specific/better trade offer to best my vague offer. But it turns out, no, it was just a mixup. Matt can be forgiven, since he was a relatively new cardblogger at the time, and Dayf and Defgav are somewhat similar usernames. Matt eventually realized his mistake after a couple months and made it known. I then contacted Dayf over the summer about it, explaining the situation, and he graciously offered to forward the cards my way. A few months went by with nothing, then I nudged him about it again, and it seems he was under the impression he sent them out, but alas they had hidden themselves in a laptop bag or something. So like 7 months later, the PWE finally made it to its intended recipient!

Another '90 UD Marquis! Always appreciated. Also a Gavin, Stewart Gavin.
But the real highlight...

Prepare to have your mind blow. What you see above is an authentic Warren Spahn autograph. And yes, that's a 2015 Topps Archives card. And yes, Spahn passed away November 24, 2003.

Buuut... h'howww?

Did you figured it out?

Young Matt sent a TTM request to Warren back in the day. Warren went ahead and signed the penny sleeve instead of the card within it. And so, an autographed Warren Spahn penny sleeve was created. And all you have to do to have an "autographed" Warren Spahn card is slip any card into the penny sleeve, as I've done here with the 2015 Archives card. Perhaps one of these days I'll whip up a special custom to reside in the sleeve. But for now, this'll do.

Huge thanks to Matt (and also to Dayf [@CardJunk] for the kind assist). I'll round up some good Brewers or whatnot soon to finally complete this extended trade.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading, everybody. Hope you have/had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Good Morning, Miss Bliss

While I'd rather watch something like Saved By The Bell, I've got a vague familiarity with wrestling thanks to seeing stuff pop up on card blogs and Twitter. Sometimes it sneaks into my card collection, usually in the form of pretty girls. With AJ Lee, for example, I was smitten when I saw a few photos online, and went on to build a decent little PC of her cards without ever seeing her wrestle. AJ retired from action 2 or 3 years back— and not exactly on the best of terms with WWE, as is my understanding so she hasn't been appearing in new card products. But I think I've found a new active diva to lust after: Alexa Bliss.

Wowsers! I dig the Harley Quinn look.

A few weeks back, I watched a little behind-the-scenes YouTube thing on her life. She was a cheerleader in high school, developed an eating disorder, and then to help battle that, went into competitive bodybuilding, which lead to pro wrestling. Seems like an impressive young woman in addition to her good looks.

With my AJ Lee collection, I had gathered a dozen or so cards before landing an auto. This time, I scoped out an auto first to kick off the PC right off the bat.

I'm really happy with this one. It's on-card (something that seems especially uncommon for WWE cards) and I love the blue border on the classic 1987 Topps design, with the unfamiliar color helping keep it fresh despite Topps' massive overuse of the ol' woodgrain design lately. And the rookie cup is a nice touch.

After landing this card, I checked out a couple of her recent wrestling clips on YouTube. Looks like her character these days is a smack-talking sassy miss thang. That's kind of a bummer. But I guess all stories need a villain. Not everyone can be a cool sweetheart who loves hugging. But I hope Alexa can morph into a good guy at some point and drop the bitch persona. But again, I don't watch wrestling, so what the fuck do I care? As long as she keeps on looking good on her cards, I'll collect them. But hopefully there are more cards with genuine smiles than smirks.

Anyways, if anyone has any Alexa Bliss cards available for trade, I'd likely be interested, so let me know. Thanks for reading and have a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"We Didn't Start The Fire" Binder - update 1

The post kicking off my "We Didn't Start The Fire" Binder last month got an outstanding response by my blog's modest standards. Very happy that the funky idea was so well received by many folks on the cardsphere! Chris from Nachos Grande was the first person to kindly shoot me a PWE with cards for the project. Fuji followed suit with some additions. I've now gotten around to whipping up a checklist spreadsheet and paging the cards I've got so far. So let's take a look.

Here's the song if you wanna follow along.

For the #1 spot, I made a custom "title card" based on what I think was the cover for a cassette single or something I found on the net.

I wanted to use a 1955 Bowman card for television, but since those are oversized, it wouldn't fit in the binder. Standard-sized cards only for this project. Maybe a Bowman Heritage card in that design.

Ouch, an empty page! Eisenhower should be low-hanging fruit since US President cards are so plentiful. I'm pretty sure I used to have one but dumped it on a trader a while ago.

The climate change card for the first chorus is courtesy of Nachos Grande.

1953 Topps Jackie Robinson reprint is in there for Brooklyn's got a winning team, though I'm sure I could upgrade that for something more on-the-nose at some point.

Other cards that are basically just placeholders at this point are Donald Duck for Disneyland and Peyton Manning for Peyton Place.

Aroldis Chapman in his Cuba uniform is obviously just in there until I can add a Fidel card.
As for Psycho, I looked for a Steve Lyons card, but didn't have one available, so I went with a Jim Piersall reprint. In the movie based on Piersall's life, Fear Strikes Out, he was played by Anthony Perkins, who of course was the lead in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

You'd think I'd have a Dylan Bundy card to be a temp for Dylan.
The Lawrence of Arabia movie poster card from Fuji is pretty cool.. doesn't show up in the photo, but it's textured and sparkly.

Milhouse Van Houten subbing for Richard (Milhouse) Nixon (back again) might be my biggest stretch in the binder so far, but I'm happy to squeeze in a Simpsons reference, at least for now.
I'd love a Ramones or Sex Pistols card for the punk rock slot.

Last page. Alan Wiggins was the first baseball player to die from AIDS. I looked for a Steve Howe card for crack, but came up empty and settled for the Straw. I liked Bo's suggestion of a SF-era Barry Bonds card for hypodermics on the shore, but I didn't have a good dupe for it and was reluctant to pluck a card out of the PC. I'd like to fill up the page with a couple more of those "melty" Bowman die-cuts. It'll still burn on, and on, and on...

Thanks a lot to Nachos Grande and Fuji for the assist getting this project airborne. I'll try to repay the favor next time I send you cards. I'm thinking maybe to encourage folks to help out, I'll run a contest where you get entries or points for every submission that sticks in the binder, then at the completion of the project (or rather, once I get to the point where I throw up my hands and create customs for the remaining cardless spots), I'll give a prize package of cards to the person with the top point total, and perhaps another prize randomed off between the non-winners who contributed. (I'm keeping track of my source of the cards on the checklist spreadsheet.)

So if you got any cards you think would make good additions, please send 'em over. Thanks!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Aaron Judge PC

This morning I was digging through a box of my cards labeled "Various stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere in my collection" looking to dig up some additions to my "We Didn't Start The Fire" binder. I must not have gone through the box since the 2017 baseball season kicked off, because I came across not 1, not 2, but three Aaron Judge cards I didn't realize I owned. Sweet! Since I didn't quite finish the post updating the Billy Joel project yet, I figured I'd post my Aaron Judge PC today instead.

The cards I rediscovered today make up most of my early cards of him. The "tall boy" was a lucky card show pickup for cheap last year.

Here's part 1 of my 2017 Aaron Judge cards. A lucky pull for me a few months ago, the fishfractor has got to be my best card of his; there's only one on COMC right now, and that one is priced at fiddy bucks! I realize his card values are very unlikely to sustain their 2017 heights, and I could have cashed in when the getting was good, but dang it, I'm a sucker for some good rookiemania, and can rarely bear to part with cards of a hot young player.

And part 2 of 2017, the horizontal cards. A couple pulls from my '17 Archives boxes, plus a Heritage dual rookie I snagged at the card show early in the season before he really took off. The "1990 Fleer" card with Cody Bellinger is a custom I whipped up a couple months ago; can't remember if I've posted it here yet or not.

It's sort of a subtle homage to Kevin Maas' 1990 Fleer rookie (shared with George Canale), a favorite card of mine as a kid back then.

It'll be interesting to see how Judge does in his sophomore campaign. Will he go the way of Maas and fizzle out after an impressive rookie year? Or will he keep on cranking mammoth dingers and lead the Yankees to another championship dynasty? We'll just have to wait and see.

I'd be happy to land any Judge cards I don't have in trade.
Hey, I made it through the post with no judge/law/courtroom jokes!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Feeling

I was fortunate to be included in Fuji's recent mail-blast. In fact, this post had the working title of "Fujenerous" but I just thought that was so bad that I couldn't publish it, and I had to wait until I got another trade package in and combine them under another title (not that "Friday Feeling" is any better, but what are ya gonna do). Thankfully, Reds Cardboard came through with a great box of cards I called dibs on from his cleaning house tradeathon. Some good stuff that caught my eye had already been claimed by the time I got to the post, but there were still many cards I was happy to score.

The Cecchini was my first look at 2017 Topps Fire; it's a parallel #'d /99 on the back. Bellinger RC is a sweet card. Didi back before he went by Didi. Wil Myers 42 "patch" thing. Jeter cd-rom; I didn't have a chance to rip the video contents of this, but nudge me if you want me to at some point.

Terrific selection of Billy Hamilton cards.

Robert Stephenson is a young pitcher I kinda-sorta collect for no reason. Matt hooked me up with a nice lot of what must have been dupes, all of them wonderfully shiny.

And my Tony Perez PC got a nice bump.

Six-pack of Bryce.

One of my newest PCs and already looking good with help from these 3.

Part of me would love to "retire" from vintage setbuilding once I eventually wrap up the 2 or 3 sets I've currently got in the works... though another part of me doubts it'll be easy to kick the hunting-down-old-cardboard habit, and I've penciled in 1959 Topps as one I'll probably chase at some point down the line. So I'm happy to pick up cards for it here and there when I can.

The ol' birth-year set is another one I'll probably bust out before too long.

I also asked for any 2011 Topps parallels he was looking to part with. There were a couple needs here as I trudge closer to halfway with this big franketset project.

Matt filled up the box with a bunch of extra Reds, hitting some PCs along the way. I can use these, as the Boone Brothers are originally from my old stomping grounds of East County San Diego.

But the bulk of surprise additions were all these Reggie Sanders cards. He's a guy who I rarely seem to get cards of in trades for whatever reason, despite his heyday being in the go-go early 90s. So these are very appreciated in spite of their nominal book value.

Thanks a lot, Matt! Dropped some return Reds in the mail for you today.

- - - ---o

Ok, now it's Fuji time!

Here are a couple shiny "irregular" cards of top PC guys of mine. The Rod Beck is #'d /160, and looks great though it's got a weird black splotch at the top that I had to look up to make sure it wasn't supposed to be there. The Lindor is a very nice card, though it does have a nasty gash on the left side that thankfully didn't show up in the photo. Both still very appreciated!

Nearly a complete Topps run of Nate Colbert! While I've got these cards already, I'll bet there's at least a couple upgrades for me in here.

And a whole bunch of Kirby Puckett (and a Stargell)! Love 'em!

Thanks a lot, Fuji! Very kind of you.
Oh! And he also then sent a separate PWE of cards for my We Didn't Start The Fire binder which I'll show in a post soon updating that project.

That'll do it. Have a great weekend, everyone.