Friday, November 21, 2014

My first bad Sportlots experience (Archives 2001)

First, I'd like to announce that I'm abandoning my setbuild of 2001 Archives. I got nearly 40% of the set, but I've since realized my heart isn't in it. What really kills it for me is the backs. Yep, I'm one of those collectors who cares about backs. The cardboard used for that set is too dark and the backs are too hard to read.. even worse than the vintage originals. It would bring me down everytime I flipped through the set or added new cards to it, so it's dumb to continue trying to complete it.

Huh? What? I can barely read that.
I'll pick out the guys I collect for my PCs, but I'll have about 150 cards from the set available for trade, so let me know if any of you guys are working on that set.

But I'm still very much working on 2001 Archives Reserve! It's a similar reprint set, but smaller (100 cards) and all refractors. Plus, the backs are bright and very legible! JOY!! I'm up to 89 of the 100 cards.

Yes! That's more like it!
I recently picked up a few singles from Sportlots, and here's where we get to the bitching. First, one seller I bought the Clemente from (and nothing else.. even with shipping, was still the best deal I found) backed out of the sale quickly, but at least he was cool and gave me a quick refund. But another seller I bought several cards from.. well, first 2 weeks went by with nothing. I finally opened a report on Sportlots about it. Then the next day or so the guy responded with a tracking number. He had obviously just finally gotten around to sending. No apology or explanation or anything. Then when the cards finally came, 2 were missing. If even included a note that acknowledged this, and said he had reimbursed me. But he didn't. And the several times I tried to open a report on Sportlots about it to request a refund on the missing 2 cards, the site gave me a message that "this issue has already been submitted." They must have been talking about the previously-submitted issue of not receiving my order after 2 weeks, but now this was a new issue! So with no other way to contact the seller, I had to give negative feedback for one of the very few times in my life. I didn't bother trying to email Sportlots about it. I was only out about a buck fifty, but still! Very frustrating, both with the lame seller (CCCards1) and the Sportlots website. I had a previous Sportlots order once where the guy couldn't find a card or two, and he was cool enough to throw a couple bucks cash into the package, more that covering the cost of the missing cards. Now that's customer service, right there! But this CCCards1 guy obviously didn't have his shit together.

Anyways, rant over. As I say I'm 11 cards away from completing 2001 Archives Reserve.

Can anybody help with these nefarious 11?
2.     Brooks Robinson 57
5.     Hank Bauer 52
8.     Bill Skowron 54
11.  Roy Campanella 52
14.  Gary Carter 75
16.  Orlando Cepeda 58
17.  Roberto Clemente 55
18.  Dale Murphy 77
22.  Don Drysdale 57
39.  Harmon Killebrew 55
56.  Roy Face 53

I'm thinking I'll probably go after 2002 Reserve next, another 100-card refractor reprint set.. though sadly, the backs use a grey base instead of white, meaning they're not as bright as 2001 Reserve. Lame.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nothing splendid about these Ted Williams cut autos

I was poking around on eBay recently looking at Ted Williams autos, dreaming of the day I might be financially irresponsible enough to drop a paycheck for one, and I noticed a couple hilariously bad cut signatures.

Seriously, Topps?! Your cut auto is a CUT auto!-- blatantly cutting off a big chunk of the man's signature. I can picture the Topps crew groaning, "If only he signed his checks Ted instead of Theodore." This autograph is essentially worthless to anyone with a shred of respect thanks to Topps chopping it to fit in their card design. Just sad. They should have made it into a box topper or maybe even a booklet to fit the full signature.

Now, how about this one..

Ah, here we go. Hey, who wants to pay a few hundred bucks for a nice autographed picture of a man's crotch? You're in luck! Thanks for putting out this 1/1 crotch auto, Leaf! And you just gotta shake your head thinking about the perfectly fine signed postcard or whatever they butchered in order to make this "card."

So which would you rather have? The partial signed check or the crotch shot?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wilhelm Wednesday (Feelin' Hoyt, Hoyt, Hoyt)

More Hoyt.

Here are a couple Pacific Legends cards. The one on the right is notable for being a rare instance of Hoyt's time in Anaheim being documented on cardboard. He was only an Angel for the first part of the 1969 season, so Topps missed the boat on featuring him in a non-airbrushed Halos uniform.

It's funny how the stat boxes on the backs disagree on which was Hoyt's best season. In 1988, whoever was in charge of the backs gave the nod to 1964, when Wilhelm tallied a career-high 27 saves. But in 1990, they thought it over and decided to go with his impressive rookie year of 1952, with that nice winning percentage and ERA crown.

Hoyt bounced around with a lot of teams, especially later in his long career, and here's a rare instance of Topps getting a real photograph of one of his short-term stops. He was only a Cub for 3 lousy games to close out the 1970 season. I suspect the back photo might be a doctored Braves uniform, though.

It took till his 8th time on the ballot, but Topps got it right when they called him a future Hall-of-Famer. It's funny how the backs of later Pete Rose cards say words to the effect of "No way in hell he doesn't make the HOF! Bet you a million bucks!" There are probably a few Bonds, Clemens, and McGwire cards that make Cooperstown boasts, as well. That'd make for a sad little minicollection: cards that mention the guy is a HOF lock, but he ended up not making it.

Here's a reprint of 1954 Topps. I'd like to get a vintage copy someday. It's a nice card.

Gotta love when a card has a comic strip on the back. Not just a cartoon, but a whole strip!

This is a cool card I got from Dimebox Nick a while back. Hate to admit it, but I'm a sucker for a serial numbered card, even with a large print run of 1500.

Let's close this week's Wilhelm Wednesday with a sweet hit..

These Fleer Greats of the Game cards are great for getting affordable on-card autographs of many.. well, greats of the game.

Hoyt passed away the following summer at 80. He definitely lived a full life, that's for sure.

That's it for today. We'll close out Hoytember next week with a few more cards.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trade with Alex nets me some Ortiz, A-Gon, and more

Alex from Chavez Ravining sent me a nice bunch of cards recently, including a craptonne of birthday boy David Ortiz.

Just look at that big stack of Big Papi! I should feature each lovely card, but I'm tight on time. My modest Ortiz PC is less modest now thanks to all these cards. I think I may've cracked 100 unique cards with the help of Kerry and Alex. He's not exactly a top-tier guy I collect, but I like him well enough to put together a decent assortment of his cards.. which are very plentiful thanks to his long and distinguished career.

And the key cards of the trade were these Adrian Gonzalez hits..

Very nice!

Alex was kind enough to throw in some surprise bonus cards too, such as a gaggle of Padres: well as some other cool cards..

That McGwire is a super neat hypnotic holographic dealy, which I'll need to make an animated gif of sometime when I have time to kill.

Great cards.. thanks again, Alex! Much appreciated.

I tried to send out my return package for Alex last Saturday, but some douche was hogging the automated machine (and the counter is closed on Saturday) and he wouldn't let me hop in, even though I only had the one package. The guy literally had around a hundred packages he was mailing, it was crazy. I tried walking my dog for an extra 15 minutes or so and circled back.. he was still at it, now with a long line of frustrated people waiting behind him. What a prick. All the packages seemed to be the same (likely a CD of his shitty hipster band), so he probably could have just figured out the postage he needed and printed out a bunch of stamps for that amount (rather than weigh each package and type in every zip code, going through the entire cycle for every package). But whatever.

Man, I complain about the post office so much on this blog! At least this time it wasn't the postal workers' fault.. just a local a-hole.

Anyways, I went back to the post office after work on Monday and things went much smoother that time.. Return cards are on their way, Alex!

Monday, November 17, 2014

I bought a dimebox: the quantity kings

Man, the next card show is this weekend and I'm still working on showing off the highlights of that box I bought last show. It's taking me a while to sort through it all, but I guess that's a good thing because I can stretch out the "new card fix" while I try to curtail my online card spending.

Of course you're gonna expect a few duplicates with something like this. A few cards in particular popped up pretty frequently. Luckily they were star players, so I wasn't complaining too much.

Yu Darvish

Darvish seems to be up and down with collectors. Pitches some great games (up!). Goes on DL (down). Repeat.
I like him, and passively collect his cards, so I'll definitely keep one of each of these.

Stephen Strasburg

Strasburg is kinda similar to Darvish in that his hype has died down, but he definitely hasn't been a bust for his young career. I was kinda surprised to learn he led the NL in strikeouts this past season, in fact. I probably could/should collect him as a local East County SD guy (He went to a district rival of mine, West Hills High, as well as my alma mater, San Diego State University). Yeah, I guess I'll start gathering my Strasburgs together.. though one of each is good for me.

Cam Newton

Aaron Rodgers

The kings of this particular dimebox are these two football QBs. Lots of Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton cards, particularly 2013 Topps Chrome. Hey, there are worse guys to get a bunch of cards of for about a penny each! I'll Listia off these (and most of the football cards from the box) here and there over the next few months. With the baseball season over, I'll likely focus on selling small lots of football and basketball cards. (Pardon the plug, but you can check out my current Listia auctions here.) And of course I'm up for trades.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I bought a dimebox: the refractin' highlights!

Let's take a look at some more highlights from that dimebox I picked up at the most recent card show. Today we're looking at the particularly shiny baseball cards. If you have epilepsy, you should probably click the back button now.

2011 Topps Diamond parallels. PC hits for me here include Vlad, Big Hurt, Robbie, and I should start collecting Pat Neshek because he's pretty cool.

2011 Topps liquorfractors. (Man, 2011 Topps may have been a "meh" base design, but it's got a couple great parallels! I'd love to put together a parallel frankenset someday of 2011 Topps that's a combination of the diamond and cognac and/or xfractors and/or whatever other parallels that set had. The Trout would be the tricky card to acquire there.)

Here're some Xfractors and a couple 2012 gold foil or whatever it's called (A poor man's liquorfractor is what I call it! Moonshinefractor?)

And some various stuff. That's a heck of a checklist with the Cal headshot. I was excited to come across that Bonds in the box, believe it or not.. I ain't joking when I say I want to complete that whole 1993 Topps Black Gold insert set, and that's one I needed. Speaking of gold, those Gold Label cards are pretty snazzy. Hamilton, Maddux, and Junior.. nice!

So there are some shiny pennycards I was happy find in the box. I hope you were able to make it through this post without a seizure! See ya next time.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Trading locally, blogging globally

When I first started up this blog, the first blogger I reached out to was Rod at Padrographs. I was very excited to meet another card blogger in Portland.. and a fellow Padres fan, at that! He was really nice and gave me a good plug on his blog, helping me get my first few readers. It wasn't too much longer that I came across Cards and Cards and realized the author was also in Portland. That was very cool, too, even with Kerry being a Cardinals fan.

I gotta admit that I had dreams of us three, the Portland Baseball Card Bloggers Triumvirate, getting together for in-person trading, regular box-break nights, recording podcasts, and becoming bestest buds. That hasn't happened, but it's cool. People got their own stuff going on. It hasn't been since the early 90s that I had "IRL" friends to trade and talk cards with. That would be nice, but I'm grateful for you awesome folks of the cardosphere that I can interact with, even if it's not face-to-face.

Anyways, Kerry has a reputation of being a great trader, so I've been trying to work out a trade with him for a while now, in-person or otherwise. Took a while, but we recently completed our first trade. I shot him a PWE with my extra Target Topps coupons over the summer after he expressed interest in them. And then after I hadn't heard/received anything back after a while, I sent him a reminder in the form of a few random Cardinals cards he might need. He responded with a nice mailing of a bunch of guys I collect. Let's take a look!

Some Bryces and a Puig!

A couple Clementes!

Nice Gwynn assortment!

My Big Papi PC has grown exponentially this week, not just we this sweet batch from Kerry (that "when they were young" photo is mind-blowingly insane!), but also a bunch from Alex Markle which I'll show soon.

Here're some more cards of dudes I collect.

And some more Padres. Very cool.

Lastly, here're some modern Mickeys and Reggies.

Great cards! Thanks again, Kerry, my fellow Portlandian!  I hope we can trade again sometime, perhaps even in person someday.

Comments question time:
Have any of you guys met up and/or traded in person with somebody you met on the blogosphere?