Monday, August 21, 2017

Picking up some laundry from the card show

Ok, let's crank out the last of my card show pickups. I'll lead off with the most expensive card I bought at the show:

My first laundry tag! Pretty neat. Wish the "M" in "Majestic" could have squeezed in there, but still a great addition to my Gavin Lux PC.

Here's the only other card I paid more than a buck for at the show. Cal Quantrill is the Padres #2 prospect and I didn't really have any nice cards of him, so this fit the bill. I love shimmer refractors. This orange one is #'d 6/25. The back mentions he's a fan of Game of Thrones.. oh man, what a good/brutal episode last night. I love the show but I want it to hurry up and end.

Here are some more Padre-centric cards.
The Gwynn is a "Before They Were Great" insert.
Luis Urias is cool.
Surprised to see Hunter Renfroe sent down to AAA, as his 20 taters are second on the club to Wil Myers' 24.
Fernando Tatis, Jr. recently got promoted to AA, impressive for an 18-year old. Padres made a good deal getting him from the White Sox for James Shields.
Jhoulys Chacin has been a solid starter for San Diego this season.

Here's the only football card I bought on the day. (Didn't even find any good football trade fodder [specifically kept an eye out for NY Giants cards for SCC].) It's my second John Matuszak card. I like him because he played Sloth in The Goonies.

These might seem like standard 2016 Topps cards at first glance, but they're actually the New Era cards. I regret paying way too much last year for an ill-fitting Padres hat I rarely ever wear just so I could get a pack of exclusive cards. I pulled the McCutchen, Stroman, and Posey in my pack. I ended up selling the Posey for a few bucks to recoup some of the money. Fast forward to the show and I bought these for a dime each. Cutch and Stroman are dupes available for trade, if anybody needs them.

Hey, howbout that eclipse today, huh? That was kinda cool. Anyways, on the topic of blacked-out stars, let's close out with this.. a sweet cache of 2011 Topps black Walmart parallels of big names. I believe these were also from the dimebox. Even picked up an extra Stanton at that price so I can have one for the PC and one for the 2011 Topps parallel frankenset.

So there you have it. Also grabbed some trade fodder, not pictured, some of which should be hitting mailboxes soon. It was definitely a good show for me and I came home with a lot of quality cardboard, even though my main dealer guy wasn't there.
See ya next time.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Card Show Cacophony

Ya'll ready for a bunch more card show pickups? The cost of each of these ranged from a dime to a quarter.

Pujols refractor. Beltre framed #/99. Big Hurt #/699.

These crazy Metal Universe cards are a trip. Where is Wade going with that bee hive? Gonna put some honey on his chicken? And is Rickey running underwater? Bizarre!

1993 Topps Gold. Carter (+ McGriff), Thome, Pedro.

Michael Jordan & Friends oddballs.

The backs. I think these are basically semi-professional customs from the early 90s. Anybody have more info on their origin?

More 90s craziness. Pacific loved to get as shiny as possible. And love the wooden-textured Piazza.

Cards of big guys back before they... um, expanded. That's Bartolo on the end, if you have trouble reading it.

A couple O's. It's a rare day that I pay money for a Rafael Palmeiro card, but it's #'d 090/100 and was only 10¢ (or maybe it was a quarter.. can't remember) so I reluctantly threw it on my stack as future trade fodder.

I don't collect Alex Gordon very passionately these days now that he sucks, but couldn't say no to these 2 refractors.

Here are some young dudes. Strasburg had a solid outing in his first start off the DL the other day.

Here are more cards. Among the cards I passed up at the show after much deliberating was a Stargell bat relic #/99 for $4. It was very tempting, but it was a tiny piece of bat and an unlicensed Panini card. Still though, I've got some minor regret letting that one slip away. When I think about it, I make an expression like Willie has in this Heritage flashback insert.

I showed off most of my vintage pickups yesterday, but here are a couple I picked up from a different dealer. Pretty sure I already have that '74 Vida, but this might be an upgrade. Such a classic "happy card" from the 70s. And I don't collect Elston Howard, but couldn't pass up that '67 for a quarter, even with it being miscut.

I know all that glitters isn't Goldschmidt, but I like these shiny refractors.

Boggs doing his thing.

Parallels. The rainbow foil Bryant for 20¢ was a pretty good score. Cheapest on COMC right now is $5.50.

2016 Archives "Super" inserts for a dime each.

Let's stick a fork in today's post with Vlad & Son. The Fleer card is a gold parallel, #/150.

Thanks for reading. Still more from this weekend's haul to show another day.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Card (Show)

Bill, my "main guy" dealer at the monthly card show didn't make it to today's show. He's based in Salem, and I don't blame him for not wanting to drive up to Portland and back. The pending total solar eclipse on Monday is doing a number on central Oregon, with packed freeways and tapped-out gas stations thanks to folks coming from California and elsewhere trying to get a good look at the celestial event. I think this is maybe just the second time that I've been going to this show that Bill wasn't there. It's not unusual for me to spend an entire show just at his bins. So yeah, that threw a monkeywrench in my usually card show plan, and I ended up checking out some new dealers. But it all worked out and I found some great stuff. I think I made 3 or 4 different purchases. Today, I'll show off my score from the old vintage guy, who kindly let me have these 19 cards for an even $10.

I don't have many '54s in my collection. Grabbed a rough Yank and Cub.. both available for trade, if anybody needs them.

A couple Twins legends.

Red Sox Royalty. The Yaz is an oddball from 1984. These and the above Twins were in the quarter box.

Happy to find a couple semi-stars I needed for my 1965 Topps setbuild. I've been hitting it pretty hard lately and am starting to think the goal of finishing the set by the end of 2017 is within reach.

And landed a solid lot for my 1957 Topps setbuild. Creeping passed 15% complete there.

So yeah, not a bad haul for a Hamilton.
Many more card show pickups to follow in the coming days. Thanks for reading.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Another cardblogger encounter in the wild

Kerry at Cards on Cards is a prominent card blogger in Portland I've traded with through the mail a few times, but hadn't crossed paths with in person. Well, a recent return package I sent him got returned to me because I was a dummy and forgot to include the apartment number in his address. Rather than face the humiliating fate of paying postage twice for the same package, I reached out to him about a quick meet-up. Turns out we work just a few blocks away from each other in downtown, and his building is right by the post office I hit for work a couple times per month. Today, we were able to swing a meet-up on my way to drop off some outgoing work mail.

I thought it was a funny coincidence that this morning on the Max, there was a guy wearing a Padres hat with Cardinals colors, almost foreshadowing a meeting between a Padre fan and a Cardinal fan later that day.

Anyways, that was cool. Kerry, nice meeting you, and yeah, if you ever want to do in-person trades to save a few bucks postage, just let me know.

I'm not typically a very social, outgoing guy away-from-keyboard, but I do enjoy meeting fellow bloggers and other online buddies of mine. Let's list the bloggers I've met...

Padrographs Rod (met him at the card show a few times, plus he's dropped cards off at my house a few times)
Ken at Cardboard Hogs (met him at a card show once)
gcrl at cards as i see them (met him in the lobby of my work building while he was in town for work)
Dimebox Nick (met him at his work in O'Hare while I was in Chicago on a layover)
Kerry at Cards on Cards (met him by his work in downtown Portland)

So that's a whopping 5 cardbloggers I've met in person! Can anyone top that? (Feel free to use that as a prompt for a post of your own.)

I'd love to add to the list, too. You know, it's the old collecting gene.. "gotta get them all!" LOL
I was a little hurt when Fuji and Raz each visited Portland recently and didn't give me a shout. Come on, guys! Next time you're up here, we should get together for a drink or something.

Speaking of work, American Idol was outside yesterday auditioning for the next season. Word must have gotten to the producers of how I crushed it at karaoke last weekend.

Let's cram a couple cards in this post, even a Cardinal to help tie the post together. These are both recent eBay pickups, as I inch toward completing 1965 Topps. Bob Uecker is a big collectors' favorite thanks to his colorful post-playing days, so his cards can be tricky to find cheap. He's a guy like Vin Scully who definitely deserves more love from card companies these days. Put him in Archives and/or Ginter, damn it. And of course Juan Marichal is among the greatest pitchers of his era. These are both in rough shape (the Marichal is kinda dirty on the back), so I scored them for a good price.

That's gonna do it for today. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. I'm excited for the card show on Saturday. Say hi if you see me!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kirby, My Enthusiasm

I liked collecting Kirby Puckett during my initial stint in the hobby as a kid in the early 90s. Great player and seemed like he had a lot of fun playing the game. Then, you know, the health problems prematurely ended his career on a sad note, and he got into some trouble in his later years, and it seemed perhaps he wasn't the sweet teddy bear fans thought he was. Then he tragically passed away not long after. When I prepared to move out of state years back and it came time for me to hack down my dormant collection into a manageable couple boxes or so, the Puckett PC was among the cards to get the ax. And when I eventually re-entered the hobby, he was nowhere to be found on my wantlist.

But you know, I'd occasionally wind up with a Kirby here and there, and well, I liked them. He's got fun cards, damn it! And so I eventually forgave him for whatever lingering issues I had with him, and dove into collecting him again, even bumping him up to a "high priority" guy I collect.

When talking with Brian from the Twins-leaning Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary, I mentioned I'd be a receptive dumping ground for any Kirby dupes he was looking to shed. Then a while later when he had a chance to sort out his collection, he delivered a terrific lot which I'm showing off here today.


A couple notables here. The "big bat" Sports Illustrated card from 1993 Topps is a classic. The Upper Deck card features a great photo from Kirby's very limited experience patrolling the infield.

Here's some late 80s Donruss cards with different border colors than we're most accustomed to.

A bunch more cool Kirby cards.

Some hologram action. Pretty sure I need that foldable card with Gwynn in my Tony PC, but I think I'll keep it with his buddies in the Puckett lot.

At first glance this is just a typical 1987 Fleer, but nope, it's a much harder to find Wax Box Bottom.

Very cool. Big thanks for all the Pucketts, Brian! I've got some cards set aside for you, and I'll be keeping an eye out for more at this weekend's card show and plan to send you out a package next week.

Oh, and Brian also included a bunch of non-Kirby cards for me, but I'm going to save those for another post so I can keep this one just for my Puckett PC and can link it on my wantlist.
So yeah, let's take a look at the rest of my cards of his.

Of course here's the centerpiece, the auto that I just showed off less than a week ago.

Some cards I already owned. I believe most of these came from the time(s) I bought an entire dimebox for cheap.

And some more.

Here's the only remnant from my childhood Puckett PC, a personally pack-pulled 1986 Leaf card that I held onto among my other "good cards" that used to be worth a few bucks back in the day.

And a last minute addition, a micro 1991 Topps, part of a big micro trade package from Hunter that I'll cover more in an upcoming post.

So there you have it, my Kirby Puckett PC as it stands as of 8/17/17. Thanks to Brian, looks like I'm already over halfway to my standard player collection goal of 100 different cards. I'd enthusiastically accept any cards I'm missing in trade.. even the overproduced likes of '90 Donruss and '89 Topps. Always a rare occasion when you can actually want such cards! lol. As for specific notable cards I'd like to add one of these days, definitely need at least one 1985 rookie card. There's also his 1984 Fleer Update "XRC" but that's pretty expensive and if I was gonna spend that much on a Kirby, I'd probably rather go after another auto instead (2003 Topps Retired and 1996 Leaf Signature being atop that wishlist). But who knows. Anyways, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dropping Hamiltons? I'm your guy

I like Billy Hamilton. Exciting on the basebaths and many awesome catches in the outfield (which in turn means he has many neat looking cards). His hitting needs improvement, sure, but if he could just get his bat going, he'd really be a badass. To me, he's sort of a throwback to a guy I enjoyed collecting back in the day, Vince Coleman.

SpastikMooss of the blog The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame recently decided to focus his collection by selling off many PC items to fund a big purchase for his Seneca Wallace supercollection. I asked about his Billy Hamilton PC. He suggested a very fair price, and we quickly had a deal.

Kicking off some shiny Bowman minis.

More shiny.

Howabout some die-cut shiny?

A couple relics. And check out that dirty swatch on the Ginter! Normally I'd be skeptical of it (due to stories of artificially-soiled swatches), but Billy is a guy who's known for getting his uniform dirty, so I'm more willing to accept this as legit.

I think these are now my earliest cards of his.

Yet more shiny.

A couple #'d Bowman parallels.

And a bunch more. I think my Billy Hamilton PC has been doubled thanks to this lot.

And a sweet RC auto.

SpastikMooss threw in some bonuses too, including a couple Topps wax packs and a stack of blank dummy cards. These are nice to have around for turning into sketchcards, though I do have quite a surplus right now. I should crank out sketchcards more often but I'm lazy about it.

And one last card I asked him to include in our deal, this sweet Vlad Guerrero patch card. Easily becomes one of the more impressive memorabilia cards in my collection now.

Thanks a lot, man.

He's probably still got more stuff to part with, so check out the PC links at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame and don't be afraid try working out a deal with him if something catches your eye.