Sunday, March 29, 2015

VIP Zapping. In da club.

Zippy Zappy got me again! I ended up sending him the Luis Torrens auto that I picked up at last month's card show. And he got me back with a very nice zapping to return the favor. Let's take a look at the highlights.

A custom girlie card #'d 3/6! The back congratulates me on receiving a VIP zapping! The slabbed mint 10 Cabrera is pretty cool, too.

Autos! Kolten Wong, Jason Vargas, and Nolan Reimold. Neat stuff!

Joy! A couple shiny Ren & Stimpy cards! Loved that show back in the day.

A bunch of shiny baseball cards! Since I'm not a strict team collector, Zippy dumps some teams on me that he doesn't have regular trade partners for, such as the Florida teams, and apparently Cardinals and Reds. Hey, if it gets me cards such as a David Price parallel /63, I'm totally cool with that!

He also gave me a big stack of these Star Wars Rebels cards. I'm not all that familiar with this arm of the SW universe, to be honest.. but looks pretty cool and I'll have to check it out. Hopefully it's streaming on Netflix one of these days.

Here're some more keepers from America's wang (Florida).

Some non-cards.. with a White Sox pin, and chipz of Cabrera and Harper. Nice.

And here's a big ol' bunch of Giancarlos!

And now for this zapping's crown jewel...

A T206! Zippy was gracious enough to welcome me into the T206 club! Very cool. Thanks, man! This here is the White Sox's Frank "Yip" Owen, 3-time 20-game winner and a World Series Champion with the 1906 AL Chicago squad. It's now my oldest baseball card.. and neck and neck with my T30 Arctic Scene as the overall oldest trading card in my collection.

Awesome stuff all around. Thanks again, Zippy! You're the best.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

card show or bust

The card show today was a bit of a bust. The main discount bins I frequent weren't really discounted.. they were standard dollar bins. Later, I did ok in the dimeboxes. But today's post features the $20 worth of cards from the dollar bins.

I love cheap vintage. Here we have some 1954 Bowman and a Fleer. I like to bring home a Hoyt from each card show, but today I had to bend the rules a little bit and go with Waite instead of Wilhelm.

Love the trivia question here. Wow, back then one decade between .400 averages was a big deal. It's now been over 7 decades.

Some vintage Willie Mays oddballs.

Bob Gibson and Al Kaline.

A couple #'d cards of Giancarlo Stanton.

Here are some more numbered, shiny cards. Darvish, Kaline, C. Davis, Kershaw.

Here are the backs of those previous cards. I'm bummed Yu is out for the year.

Some neat, yet unnumbered, modern cards. Trout, Gallo, purple Gyorko, Puig diamond king.

Here are the final two cards. I had bought that same Clemente "prospect" card from the same dealer a few months back, but realized it was creased when I got home. So now I've upgraded to a better copy. (Anybody want the creased copy?) And that Lance Berkman bat relic was picked up as trade bait, as I thinned out much of my tradable Astros on a recent package to Bru, so figured I'd pick up something.

That's it for the dollar cards. If these were 50 cents each, I'd be more stoked on this purchase (and would have bought more cards), but still, not bad. Again, I did better in the dimeboxes, which I'll show off another day this week.
Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Clubhouse Collection group break haul

Earlier this week, I featured some highlights I got from Fan O' Freds Nachos Grande's 2015 Heritage group break. Chris also threw in a 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection box to beef up the break. And I'm very glad he did, as I ended up with 4 great bonus hits in my haul.

Off the top of my head, I'm not sure if I had a Gwynn bat relic before this beauty. I know I've got 3 or 4 jersey relics, but don't think I had a wood chip. So this is a very cool addition to my collection, rounding out my Gwynn PC nicely.

A game-used on-deck circle relic! Never heard of such a thing! It features Vernon Wells and is #'d /90. The back states it was used in the 2003 All-Star game. And I don't think each player got his very own on-deck circle, so this relic could essentially be considered a relic of all 2003 American League All-Stars, right?  Ichiro stood on it! Edgar Martinez, A-Rod, Hideki Matsui, Carlos Delgado, Posada-- that's some sick early '00s mojo right there.

And then not 1, but 2(!) Robin Yount bat relics. The one on the right is a parallel #'d 84/99. While I usually funnel most of my Brewers cards to Tony L., I'll try to hang onto at least one of these for my meager Yount PC. (Please tell me you already have at least one of these cards, Tony!)

Here are the backs in case you want to see them.

Here's another look at the back of the on-deck circle card. It might be a first for my collection-- well, not just the 1st on-deck circle card, but also the 1st card I have that's a refractor on the back. The front of the card isn't refractory, just the back. I thought that was funny.

For fun little bonuses, Chris also threw in a few low-end packs to rip in the break. Among the junk, I ended up with a Fred Lynn 91 Donruss I think I needed. The Pujols chip was nice, too, though I'm kinda glad Chipz aren't returning in 2015.

Hopefully he's received it in the mail by now, so I'm not spoiling anything, but I wanted to share this little "thanks for the break" gift I sent Chris a few days ago:

LEGO® stuff and Barry Larkin cards are both atop his collecting list, so I thought I'd get cute and combine them on a sketch card. I didn't have much in the way of cards on his wantlist, so whipping up a special "1 of 1" was my next best bet for an easy yet thoughtful gift. Not my best artistic work, but it came out fine by my standards. And even though Chris is historically unimpressed by glow-in-the-dark cards ("I don't think there's any good reason to have glow-in-the-dark baseball cards" --A blasphemous statement to me! but to each their own.), I had to stand by my core values and make the card glow regardless.

Thanks again for the fun break and great cards, Chris!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My LaValley rainbow just got jollier

Let's get a quick update on my Gavin LaValley rainbow.

There's a gold mini (/25), mini refractor (not numbered), Orange Ice (/25), and Orange Refractor (/25). Those rusty parallels were tricky buggers to track down, but I've got 'em now!

Here are the backs. Look at all those /25 cards. Sadly for me, nary a Christmas Card among them.

But wait a minute! WHAT's THIS!?

The elusive Red Wave (/25!)!

Ah, HELLZ YEAH:// Merry Christmas, bishes!!

My First LaValley Christmas Card. Don me now my gay apparel.

Gavin LaValley 2014 Bowman Draft+Mini MasterRainbow Checklist
x Base paper
x Base paper NNOF error
o Base paper Topps Vault First Edition blank back 1/1
x Blue paper #/399
x Green paper #/75
o Orange paper 1/1
x Red paper #/5
o Black paper 1/1
x Asia-Exclusive Black
o Black Printing Plate 1/1
o Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
o Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
o Yellow Printing Plate 1/1
x Silver Ice
o Silver Ice NNOF error (on the way!)
x Red Ice #/150
x Purple Ice #/99
o White Ice 1/1
x Orange Ice #/25
x Chrome base
x Chrome Refractor
x Chrome Blue Refractor #/399
x Chrome Green Refractor #/150
x Chrome Black Refractor #/75
x Chrome Gold Refractor #/50
x Chrome Orange Refractor #/25
o Chrome Red Refractor #/5
o Chrome SuperFractor 1/1
o Chrome Black Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
x Chrome Yellow Printing Plate 1/1
x Chrome Black Wave
x Chrome Blue Wave
x Chrome Silver Wave #/25
x Chrome Red Wave #/25
x Chrome Shimmer #/15
o Chrome Mini
x Chrome Mini Refractor
x Chrome Mini Black Shimmer Refractor
x Chrome Mini Gold Refractor #/25
o Chrome Mini Blue Refractor #/20
x Chrome Mini Green Refractor #/15
o Chrome Mini Orange Refractor #/10 (on the way!)
o Chrome Mini Red Refractor #/5
o Chrome Mini Indigo Refractor #/3
o Chrome Mini Superfractor 1/1
o Chrome Mini Black Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Mini Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
o Chrome Mini Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
x Chrome Mini Yellow Printing Plate 1/1

I have one /20 card left (mini blue refractor-- which I had actually won a while back, but the seller lost it.. grumble grumble), but after that, all that's left is the scarce /5-and-under cards. Oh, and the base mini (which I'm kinda holding out on, hoping someone will trade me for it rather than me having to buy it since it's just a base card, geez. Who buys base cards in this day and age, am I right?)

Thanks for finding a minute or two for my little ol' blog! Catch ya next time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Creepiness of Topps 3-D Baseball Stars

1985 Topps 3-D Baseball Stars is an odd little set.

And from certain angles, they can look rather creepy.

They can be made even more creepy with some photoshopping.

LOL, sorry for the dumb post.

More info on this set can be found at this recent Off-Hiatus post.

See you next time.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Coaches rusting on the vine

To date, I've never completed a flagship card set in my life, but I'm slowly working my way with a couple of my favorite vintage sets. Let's check in with my progress on 1973 and 1971 Topps.

I took the time the weekend before last to seek and destroy a particularly annoying group of needs for my 1973 Topps set: the manager variations. I could never remember which versions I still needed.. and many of them I would not even be able to spot unless looking at a side-by-side comparison. So I took to COMC and figured out which I needed and bought 'em. (I also got a few more neat cards as long as I was paying the $3 flat shipping rate, which I'll show in future posts.)

Feels good to have those annoying manager variations knocked off my list. The differences all revolve around the backgrounds in the coach pictures (some are rusty-orange, while others are orangey-rust. Or something like that.. yeah, it's kinda silly but oh well, the completist in me has to get 'em.)

But in my investigation, I found a couple other variations that I didn't have on my checklist. Stan Bahnsen and Buddy Bell each have "error" cards with a small break in the black line border, Stan on the left, Buddy on the right. I guess I'll be completist enough to include them in my setbuild too, even though many collectors (and COMC) don't seem to differentiate them. So now my master checklist goes from 699 total cards to 701.

I recently picked up the Bell on eBay when I dug up a copy without any mention of it being a variation (While COMC has probably around 100 copies of the corrected card in their inventory, I couldn't find any of the error sneaking around). I haven't pulled the trigger on the Bahnsen, though there are a few on COMC mixed in with the more-common corrected cards, so I'll probably pick that up next time I place an order.

Here's where I'm at with 1973 Topps:
87.87% complete
as of 3/23/2015

If anybody out there would like to help me crack 90% complete, please check out my 73 wantlist.

Now onto 1971 Topps:

These four were from a PWE trade with Mark Aubrey at Mark's Ephemera. I think our trade was initiated by me sniping a 71 away from him on Listia, funny enough. Glad we were able to help each other out with some dupes.

And here's a big lot of 71s from reader Kevin thanks to a recent trade. Kevin's also working on 71 (he's also working on 72), and we were able to help each other out with several black-bordered cards exchanging hands. The cards he sent we in considerably better condition than the one's I sent. But I threw in some bonus cards for him to help make up for it.

So let's check the big board:
68.88% complete
as of 3/23/2015

Pretty close to 70% complete. Not bad for such a huge set. Again, any help would be great! 71 Wantlist here.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Heritage group break haul from Nachos Grande

Once again, I played the role of "group break bottom feeder" and swooped in at the last moment to pick up unclaimed teams in a group break at a discount. While I did pretty decently in Nachos Grande's 2015 Topps group break last month, I really did well in his recent 2015 Heritage break.

Thankfully, the remaining teams were different than the three I ended up with the previous break, so my trade box won't get too bloated with certain teams.

I worked it out with Chris for these leftover teams:
  • Diamondbacks
  • Brewers
  • Orioles*
  • Angels
  • Athletics
  • Padres
  • Blue Jays
*our deal specified Chris would get to keep any Cal Ripken, Jr cards pulled.

Here were my reasoning/hopes with landing these teams:
  • Diamondbacks (Goldschmidt!)
  • Brewers (trade bait for Tony L.)
  • Orioles (shrug)
  • Angels (Trout!)
  • Athletics (shrug)
  • Padres (hey, my team! Too bad all this year's new guys are pictured on their old teams)
  • Blue Jays (shrug)
Let's get into it. Chris also threw in a Clubhouse Collection box into the break, and I did well there too, but I'll save those highlights for another post.

Landed a couple nice Goldschmidts, including a relic and SP! Love these cards.

From the front, an ordinary Chris Tillman card.. but it's actually a 1-in-3-cases hit!

Since I don't currently have any Orioles collectors in my trading circle, and I don't particularly collect this guy, I've got it up on eBay now for $30, which seems to be about the going rate. (Maybe I should have posted it for sale before I had it in-hand, as prices on these seem to have been higher shortly after the product was released, as you might expect.)

Got a couple Machado SPs. I got a bunch of Brewers SPs, but all of them besides this dupe have already been packed up for Tony L.

The Angels were probably my best performers in the break, netting me a bunch of SPs, plus some chrome parallels, and a buyback.

Also a gum-stain variation and a blue back.

A bunch of Trouts, too. (He also has a LL and a couple combo cards with Pujols and Miggy that I didn't scan.) The action variation might be my favorite card from the break.

The A's did ok for me, with a couple Chrome parallels and a couple Sonny Gray SPs.

Some Blue Jay SPs.

More gum-stain variations. I don't really care about these too much, to be honest, and will probably list all 3 in an eBay lot soon.

The Padres landed me nothing of note in the Heritage break (besides base cards of a couple dudes I collect, above). But there was a sweet hit in the Clubhouse Collection box. (Spoiler alert: Gwynn bat relic!)

And the non-team cards I got thanks to the randomizer.

So there are the highlights. Most of these are available for trade (besides the Goldschmidts and Trout non-dupes). I also have lots of base cards. Base team sets have already been packed up for Tony L. (Brewers) and Daniel Wilson (D-Backs-- sorry, didn't get a Goldschmidt SP dupe). Anybody else working on completing the set or whatever, please let me know, as I've got 3-5 copies of each base card for these teams.

Thanks a bunch for the break, Chris! I've already got a little "thanks for the break" gift PWE ready to drop in the mail tomorrow. I did so well, I was starting to feel a little guilty! So hopefully I'm able to balance the scales a little.