Monday, April 13, 2015

Caving for a pack of 2015 Donruss

I'm not shy in saying that I hate the base design of 2015 Donruss. I don't know if a baseball card design has ever brought about anywhere near the violent rage inside of me that this design does. I'm not going to go as far as to say I want to punch the design team in the face.. but if there were a YouTube video of a guy punching them in the face, I would watch that clip a few times.

It's especially frustrating considering it could have easily been so much better with just a couple tweaks.

But screw it, I hadn't purchased any cards from my grocery store yet this year.. and I love to support the fact that my local grocery store carries sportscards.. so I dropped $5 on one of those 30 card jumbo packs. Plus, hey, even if I hate the base, some of the inserts are pretty decent.

Well, here are the inserts. No autos or relics (it seemed like all the packs had been felt up).. not even any serial numbered cards.. kind of a bummer. I'd like to hang onto the Reggie and Kershaw, but the rest are available for trade.

Here's that ugly base I hate. At least I got a few guys I collect, including cover boy Tony Gwynn (yeah, props to Panini for putting Gwynn on the wrapper.. that was cool.)

And here are the rest. These 15 are available for trade.. just let me know.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Greg Maddux 100x

Greg Maddux is now off my wantlist and into my Hundred Card Club! I did some sorting over the weekend, and discovered that thanks in part to Junior Junkie sending me a stack of cards a couple weeks ago, I've reached the magic number of 100 unique cards of Mad Dog.

Are you ready to look at 100 Greg Maddux cards? Let's do it!

My collection seems to be sparse in the years 2001-2003.

2008 is my biggest year for Maddux cards, including the only 2 relics I've got of him.

Here's my best Maddux: an auto /25. And yes, I realize counting a scratched-off redemption card as a "card of a guy" is a stretch.

By my count, that makes an even 100. If you're a purist who doesn't think I should count the redeemed redemption as a real card, well, here's one more card to make up for it..

(It currently resides in the Christmas Cards minicollection, not the Maddux PC, hence it not being included in the above 2008 photo.)

Greg Maddux is a guy I liked/collected even back in my early days of collecting (1990-1993), and in fact, much of these early (87-92) cards in my PC were salvaged from the part of my original card collection that wasn't jettisoned when I moved out of state. While it wasn't exactly "prospecting", it was pretty cool when he went on to win a bunch of Cy's and craft a HOF career. He further endeared himself to me with his late-career stint in San Diego.

Per my current Hundred Card Club method of player-collecting, I'm no longer actively collecting Greg Maddux, technically speaking. But I definitely won't reject any of his cards I don't have that I may get in trades or pull from packs.

Thanks for swinging by.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Goldschmidt Happened

A couple months ago, Dawgbones over at Schmidt Happened posted some 2015 Topps he had just ripped and he pulled a sweet Paul Goldschmidt manicoin that was up for trades. I made my intentions known, he said cool and I sent him a bunch of Phillies. A while later he sent me back the Goldschmidt coincard plus a bunch of other good stuff. Let's take a look!

Here's that coincard. Pretty cool. This is my first one of these modern manicoin things, though I do have a couple 90s Griffey cards with coins built into them.

If the coin wasn't enough, Dawgbones also gave me a schmidtload of Goldys. Love 'em!

He also put a big hurtin' on me...

Awesome bunch of cards! This lot helped push my Frank Thomas PC over the hump into 50 Card Club territory.

And for good measure, here's a Piazza.. Seems to be a special National Trading Card Day 2004 release. Pretty cool! (though my scanner didn't seem to like it and added a bunch of nonexistent lines all over it.)

Big thanks again to Dawgbones for the GReat mailday!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun with Caminiti dupes

Is anybody out there wacky enough to consider these variations? Hey, the message on the protective coating is placed totally different! One of them is upside-down, even!

Well, I went ahead and peeled the upside-down one (With my luck, that's an incredibly rare variation worth a lot of money unpeeled)...

Ah, a freshly molted card. And yes, I consider these 2 different cards in my Ken Caminiti PC (and its quest for 100 unique cards): one peeled, one unpeeled.. totally different animals.

Here's another look. I gotta say I'm glad card companies don't do the "protective coating" thing anymore. (do they?)

Oh wait-- I think I was mistaken and actually peeled the right-side-up card instead. Whew! So I still own the mega-rare* upside-down protective coating variation! Nice.

* may only be ultra-rare, not mega-rare

Ooh, here's another Caminiti dupe I can play with.

Stickers are for sticking, after all. --well, if they're dupes, that is!

The Caminiti PC currently resides in my "other Padres I like" box. So that's a good place for his sticker to be stuck.

Looks good.

(I think I need to chuck my Mat Latos PC. Not that I ever sought out his cards.. just compiled them as they fell in my lap. Heard he got shelled the other day.)

Some of the other stickers from that Caminiti card are now decorating a package I've got ready to send off to Dimebox Nick. He's gonna be crushed when he sees a little Collector's Choice sticker on the package and opens it up to find no Collector's Choice cards inside! I didn't think this through. Oh well.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pat Venditte, the switch-pitcher

Recently, I read a couple articles online about a guy who was in spring training with the A's, Pat Venditte. His is a neat story about growing up with a dad who was so supportive of his love for baseball, that he built lil' Pat a state-of-the-art batting cage in his backyard. As sort of a long-term experiment, Pat Sr. taught his kid to pitch with both hands growing up. It worked to make Pat Jr. a true ambidextrous "switch-pitcher." He's got a special glove so he can switch hands depending on who he's facing.

Being a fan of quirky stuff like this, I thought that was pretty cool. While his pro career hasn't exactly been a fairytale-- he's now 29 years old, with 7 years in the minors under his belt (b-r stats)-- he seems to be on the cusp of making the show, I believe currently with Oakland's AAA affiliate. I went looking to add a good card of his to my collection, and ended up bringing this auto home for a few bucks:

Despite being a sticker auto, it's a really nice looking card, with some purdy refractor shine on the front and #'d 041/199 on the back.

Best of luck, Pat! It'd be pretty neat to see you switch-pitching in the majors sometime soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Another successful dimebox dig

Let's finish up with my haul from the card show a couple weekends back. Last time was the vintage cards, but now these here are the more-modern cards I picked up from the dimeboxes.

Here are the neat looking cards of the bunch, with the shiny on top, clear on the bottom.

Rickey only has a little bit of translucent area behind the headshot. The Adam Jones is a 2013 Pinnacle Clear Vision insert, my first one of these things. There are 4 versions with "single" being the most common, through "home run" being the rarest. So this "triple" is a reasonably tough pull and hard to pass up for a dime.

Man oh man, I love me some 1993 Topps Black Gold!

Here's some more from the junk era. A couple newly-inducted HOFer Big Unit RCs, and the iconic football/baseball Bo Jackson special from '90 Score. I already had one from back in the day, but sheee, for just ten cents, I'll pick up another. Maybe I'll sacrifice it to an arts & crafts project, such as making it glow in the dark or something.

Picked up some modern cards of old-timers, per usual. Cool picture with Clemente giving a nod to his 3000th hit, but sad to think that it's possibly the last time he was photographed in his Pirates uniform. The Ozzie card pictures him in his college uniform from Cal Poly.

A couple minor league cards: Derrek Lee and Vlad Guerrero.

Sorry for the blurry photo. Here we've got Ortiz, David Price, Tyler Austin, Caminiti, Maddux (frozen pizza oddball), Strasburg, and Gavin Floyd.

And I got 3 glow-in-the-dark cards:

I've actually bought all 3 of these cards previously. The Robbie Alomar I had ordered from COMC but due to a mixup on their part, I ended up with the non-glowing version. Glad I could rectify that. As for the other 2, they're dupes, but I love glowing cards, so if I see them that cheap, I pretty much gotta pick 'em up.

"And the rest." A vintage football card. A numbered Giants card. Hakeem. And John Elway painted in a minor league uniform from his brief stint as a pro baseball player.

There you have it. Pretty successful dimebox dig, I think!
Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dimebox Nick drops a psychedelic PWE

Hey, second post in a row recapping a nice PWE from a Cubs fan. Yesterday it was P-town Tom, and today it's Dimebox Nick.

This is not a blurry photo on my part! Nick sent some help with a new minicollection I'm trying to get off the ground: The Drunk Binder (tentative title. If that doesn't stick, maybe LSD Binder? Trippy Binder? Or hey, howbout the Bender Binder!? I like the sound of that one.) The idea is to have a binder full of nothing but trippy misprints.. not miscuts / off-center cards, but rather cards like this that seem to be drunk and/or high thanks to the printing plates not being properly aligned or whatever. If anybody has any more blurry/trippy cards like this available, I'm your guy. (Wait, one more potential name: The Tripping Balls Binder. Get it? LOL, I might have to go with that one. Or how's this for the official binder title: Tripping Balls: The Bender Binder. It is decided! I may go ahead and add more psychedelic cards to it too, like particularly hypnotic inserts and extra weird miscuts like that Kevin Appear from a few days ago.)

Here are some great Padres cards from carefree days of yore. Not to bring everyone down, but Eric Show (rhymes with "How") was apparently a bit of troubled nut who died young from drug abuse. And to ruin another fine card.. Fred McGriff's son (I'm assuming he's the toddler on the card) would-- years later as a young man-- get into legal hot water for leaving his dog in a car on a hot day with the windows rolled up. If you're scoring at home, that's a dog crime by the son of the Crime Dog. And to top it off, Rickey was picked off third moments after that photo of him was taken (ok, I just made that last one up.)

Here's a nice refractory Jake Peavy card I haven't seen before.

Here're a couple outstanding cards that my eyes lit up to find in the envelope. That minor league issue is my oldest Caminiti now. And love the Seals throwback on Rod Beck.

Legends! All appreciated PC additions.

Here's a cool Giancarlo.

And of course some Hoyt! Nick is the cardosphere's foremost Hoyt-head, and I'm lucky enough to occasionally get his dupes. Very appreciated!

Thanks again, Nick! I'll be dropping some cards your way very soon.