Friday, July 3, 2015

A Garvey rookie, some 71s, and a drop in the Marquis bucket

This post is similar to yesterday's post.. leading off with an iconic RC of the 1970s.

My trader bud Kevin G. is also working on 1971 Topps and we swap our dupes sometimes. He recently hooked me up with the gorgeous Steve Garvey rookie card. Not only is this a key need for my setbuild, but a dearly-wanted card for my collection in general. Growing up in San Diego and becoming aware of baseball right around the time of Garvey's 1984 heroics leading the Padres to the World Series, he's always been a bit of a mythical figure to me, held in high esteem.

But yeah anyways, this is an incredible card. This one happens to be in excellent condition (by '71 Topps standards, at least). If this is the card Kevin upgraded, his new copy must be friggin' pristine!

The back looks great too.

Kevin kept the hits coming...

A Reggie third-year! I already have this card in my Reggie Jackson PC, but it's great to get this other one from Kevin so I don't have to share it with my setbuild. This one is a bit beaten up, but not too bad besides the paper loss up top. As I've stressed in the past, for my 71 Topps set, I will not care at all about condition. If an upgrade falls into my lap, great, but I don't plan on actively working to upgrade any cards.

I'm tempted to commit a collector sin and take a black sharpie to that spot up top just so it won't be such an eyesore. Thoughts? (Talk me out of it?)

Back doesn't look too bad.

More 71 needs!

And more!

I'm now on the cusp of hitting the 75% complete mark with this set. Thanks a lot, Kevin! I will continue to try digging up cards you need in return.

Before we wrap things up, here's a bonus 1-card PWE that arrived the other day from Nate at Big 44. We just traded a couple weeks ago, but he had forgotten to include this 90 UD Marquis Grissom for me.

Always love adding another copy of this card to my silly quest of 1000 copies. I've still got a long way to go and every one is appreciated.

Thanks again, Nate and Kevin!

And thanks for reading.. Hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Go America!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Yount rookie, some 71s, and a 2x3 contest win

Mark Hoyle sent me some great vintage cards recently, as he's wont to do. Though he already owned one, he picked up this iconic card below at a recent card show for a good price figuring somebody could use it.. and happy to say, I was the lucky recipient!

Sometime in the past 40 years, somebody seems to have attempted to touch up the corners with a marker and they weren't all that precise about it. But hey, I'm very happy to have the card, regardless!

I'm only just now noticing the facsimile autograph says "Rob Yount." Didn't know he ever went by Rob.

And speaking of names, what's the "R." stand for? The internet is telling me that R didn't stand for anything, his middle name is just "R." (or maybe "Rachel"? But that might be an unsubstantiated urban legend. No parents could be that cruel. Robin is already a gender neutral name.)

I have this song in my iTunes.

"Does Robin Yount have a brother?" LOL at the question. It'd be funny if the answer was "No." and there was just a cartoon of a guy standing alone. "Larry Yount" isn't the proper answer to the question. It should be, "Yeah, he does. His brother's named Larry."

I wasn't familiar with Larry Yount, but turns out his was a pitcher who has a very odd MLB career stat line of 1 game, zero batters faced.
He has one of the stranger lines in the Baseball Encyclopedia. Yount was injured warming up on September 151971. Since he was announced, he entered the game, but he did not throw a major league pitch. He was never recalled to the majors after that so he is listed with 1 game played but no batters faced. (
But yeah, things worked out better for Robin, and this is probably one of the best cards of the 70s and I'm very happy to now own it!

Mark also hooked me up with several 1971 Topps cards he had recently upgraded in his set.

A few postseason highlight cards, a couple unchecked checklists, and a couple LL cards with some big names.

Great stuff! Thanks a lot, Mark!

Let's wrap up this post with a contest win from 2x3 Heroes. I didn't exactly have the correct answer to his question, but lucky for me, no one else did either, and at least I was in the ballpark with my answer, so the judges awarded me the prize. Here's what I won:

A couple prospect autos, plus a couple Gavin Floyd cards thrown in as a bonus! Big thanks, Jeff. You got that damn Police song stuck in my head for a week, but I think it was worth it! Sweet autos of Jordan Schwartz (#'d 749/799) and Andrew Triggs (#'d 33/50), two cards Jeff pulled that didn't fit in his collection. To borrow from Mel Brooks, "the Schwartz" has not been with Jordan this year, with an ERA over 10.00 in A ball. But Triggs seems to have solved the equation of AA batters, with strong numbers so far this year.

Thanks again to Mark and Jeff for the cards! I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Wallet Card Update (winner announced)

Hey, we're halfway through 2015! Although my blogging claim to fame may be "the guy who came up with Wallet Card" back at the beginning of the year, maybe you've noticed that I've only done like one or two real wallet card posts since then myself. Probably the biggest reason for this is, gotta admit, I don't actually own a smartphone. I've still got an old flip-phone without much of a camera in it. My main camera is big and heavy, so I don't lug it out-n-about very often. So most of the time if I want to take a picture while I'm out, I have to borrow my wife's phone. She had actually passed her old iPhone down to me, which I essentially just used as a pocket camera sometimes (no phone service or internet [unless I happened to be in wifi range]). But over the past few months, it'd been acting up, and was officially put down for good a few weeks ago as I accidentally cracked it in a desperate last attempt to fix it. Chances are I'll finally pony up for a smartphone of my own one of these years, but for now, my random wallet card pictures will be limited.

Good-bye, old friend.
But other collectors have definitely taken the ball and ran with it. There have been lots of great photos shared with wallet cards popping up in various awesome and interesting places. I love checking them all out on Twitter and the blogs and am proud to have had a hand in the phenomenon.

I don't think anyone would argue if I said that one individual in particular has risen to the king of wallet card. That's right, the Junior Junkie has been killing it. Let's see, there's been a trip to see the Northern Lights, an extensive multi-part feature at Mardi Gras (I'm still waiting on that link for the too-hot-for-the-blog photos), and meeting TV's Mr. Belding, just to name a few of the many highlights. Upper Deck has been supportive, with many re-tweets and even a blog post at the official Upper Deck site praising his adventures.

Therefore, it was an easy decision a while back when I went ahead and "officially" named TJ the first-ever Wallet Card Champion.

Yeah, I know the year is only half over, but I think it was a safe bet. Who knows, maybe I'll name another champion at the end of the year. Remember, there aren't really rules, it's just something fun to do. (And I don't necessarily have to be Official Mr. Wallet Card Commissioner. Honestly, that's more pressure than I'd like. Anyone is welcome to award prizes as they see fit.)

So what prizes did TJ win for his WC Championship title?

Check this out:

This is an amazing oversized "card" signed by The Kid himself.

Let's consider this his Grand Prize. ..though, yes, I admit, I didn't personally award it to him, but hey, that's the magic of wallet card! When you play the game with all your heart, prizes just come to you. Sometimes the "prize" is deeper and intangible, like going on a wonderful adventure, or learning a fascinating lesson or gaining a new appreciation of life or some crap like that. But in this instance, the prize was a sweet-ass autographed Griffey display piece.

I did actually send TJ some "prize package" stuff myself, though, including a few of those custom magnet cards I made a few months ago. I also made him a sketch card of one of his favorite obscure ballplayers, Bryan Clutterbuck:

 And here it is in action:

So congratulations again to TJ for his incredible wallet card performance!

And thanks to everyone else who has been going all out with #walletcard over these past 6 months! Again, it's great checking out all the photos and stories, so please keep them coming!

A specific honorable mention should go to Bo at Baseball Cards Come to Life who has been taking many great wallet card photos at various interesting places around NYC.

I'll go ahead and dump some of my walletcard photos here to finish out the post.

Here's Wallet Tony with a homemade card for my wife. I think this was from her birthday, but maybe Valentine's Day? Hey, they're both in February.

Here's Valentine's Day getting a nice flight of beers at a walking-distance-from-home brewery, even nice enough of a day to bring the dog and eat outside. That was fun.

Here's a blurry shot from another outdoor meal out with the pup. I think this was at a place called Lucky Lab, somewhat of a regular haunt for us. According to the "last modified" date on the photo, this was from January 15th.. wow, that was a long time ago. And a cold part of the year to be eating outside. Well, Annie's a cute, sweet pooch, so we love taking her with us whenever we can.

Oh, here's a crazy one.. One afternoon in April it just started hailing really hard. It was practically like snow.

Now let's close with a good one:

That was a fun little trip from a couple months ago. I don't think I'll have the chance to dip Tony in the Atlantic by the end of the year, but it'd be cool to "bookend" the country like that.

Well, that's it for today! Thanks for everything.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

buttload of trade bait

Sorry, but I thought that'd be a catchier title than "Lotsa trade bait from the card show." Well, actually most of these are trade bait, but not all. I should have sorted better, sorry.

99% sure I've already got that Goldschmidt RC. I'm keeping the McCutchen xfractor.. nice looking card. The crazy Luis Gonzalez card is #'d /100 and set aside for Daniel since he's the only D-backs collector I ever trade with. Turns out the Josh Reddick is a photo variation SP.. took a chance putting that in my stack and I'm glad I did because it's worth a few bucks.

99% sure I've got that Clemente already. This is my first of those original wooden Firebrand inserts.. kinda cool. I figured one of you Cubs fans might want that Ken Hubbs sticker. Still has the original back with peeling instructions. I didn't know anything about it, but turns out it's from 1963 Topps Peel Offs.. easily my oldest pickup of the day.

These Nat-centric cards are for me. Harper is really good. Strasburg is a SDSU guy. And Scherzer has been outstanding (and I love those emerald parallels).

Vintage basketball cards! I'm not well-versed when it comes to old school hoops, but I love to pick up names that ring a bell (though maybe I was thinking of a different Larry Miller.. like the comedian). I'll probably hang onto these, too. (Sorry I was too lazy to remove the price stickers before taking the photo.) I like how the Elvin Hayes photo and Willis Reed photo seem like they might be from moments apart.

Here are some certified autos of guys who made it. I'm willing to trade any of these, though hey, 3 of the 4 were Padres at one point, so I'd be fine hanging onto them too if nobody wants 'em.

More certified autos.. a few Dodgers, a Pirate, and a Cub. Unlike at previous cardshows, I actually passed up several autos of no-names on teams I don't get much trade action on.. focusing on dudes I've heard of and/or teams I could use more of in my trade box.

A couple funky shaped cards of guys with interesting stories.

A couple cards made out of metal and a card with a translucent area. It's probably not wise to buy metal cards as trade fodder because they're heavier and therefore more expensive to mail. Oh well, I thought they were cool.

I found it amusing that they airbrushed the jersey lettering on the back of the acetate card rather than have a true backwards mirror image. Apparently that would be too confusing for collectors.. but misrepresenting Johnny Damon as a switch-hitter is fine. lol

A few more autos, including a couple of Ben Grieve and one of Ruben Mateo. Full disclosure: some of the cards in this post were actually bought at the previous cardshow, but I never got around to making a trade bait post from that show's haul so I've doubled up a little here.

Lastly, here's a selection of serial numbered cards. Philip Humber 168/199. Wilin Rosario 190/564. Omar Vizquel 196/245. Yadier Molina 90/99. And an unidentified 2003 White Sox player 42/46.

Not pictured are cards of Yankees, Braves, Brewers, Kerry Wood, BoSox, and Pirates to be sent out shortly.

Again, I'd like to hang onto the Cutch xfractor, cards in the Nats-centric photo, and the basketball cards. Otherwise these are all available. So yeah, let me know if you want to trade! I'm hoping to take advantage of the holiday weekend to get a few trade packages together. My wantlist is here. Thanks.

Monday, June 29, 2015

dimebox dreaming on such a summer's day

Hot card show this week. My first purchase was 65 cards for $5. Here are some highlights.

I don't think I've ever owned any version of that infamous Billy Ripken card, believe it or not. Now I do, though the black box version is the most common, hence it costing me just a few cents (it's also a bit miscut, sort of angled). Thurman Munson is a neat vintage pickup, with a rough top edge the reason for it being banished to the dimebox. The Larry Walker is one of those cards made out of metal!.. I think my first such card. I also picked up some others as trade bait.. stay tuned for a trade bait post soon.

These cards are all winners in my book. Tom Seaver looks like he's straight out of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? mixing the real world with cartoons.

Reggies! Finally upgraded my Sock Card.

Here are some active guys.

Vince Coleman trying to pinpoint where it all went wrong.

I'll pretty much always grab any dimebox Clementes.

Padres pitchers.

Padres hitters. (and a Giant yo mama threw out.)

1993 Topps Black Gold. I've said it before and I'll say it again: This may be my all-time favorite insert set. Topps should revive it as an insert in Archives. It's a 44-card set. I picked up 20 at the show. Still need over a dozen, but at least I'm over the hump now. One of these days I'll finish it.

That's it for this post. Some not-pictured cards include some that are set aside for trader buddies or will be posted soon in a trade bait post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The rest of a 2015 Stadium Club blaster

For reasons I can't quite put my finger on, I'm not typically a big Stadium Club guy, but this year's set looked real good around the blogs. I like the design and I'm glad they didn't go quite as nuts with the photo filters as they did last year. So I had planned on picking up a blaster at the grocery store one of these weeks. But a dealer at the card show had some for cheaper, so I went ahead and bought one from him. I showed the results of the first pack yesterday, but now let's take a look at the rest.

Kennys Vargas seems to be a gold parallel?

Nice to see Fred McGriff in the set. Would love to see him included as a Padre in a modern product sometime, but I'm not holding my breath.

As for the Miguel Cabrera True Colors insert, it's fine. Really it just gets this song stuck in my head..

Gwynn! Happy to pull that card. Not sure why Albert Belle is getting included in sets these days.. does anybody out there get excited to pull an Albert Belle card anymore? The guy was a notorious prick. The Joey Votto insert isn't very interesting. Great photo on that Elvis card.

The Dallas Keuchel is another gold parallel, I believe. It's not numbered or anything.

Cool to pull the Rusney, though he hasn't done much yet this year. The James McCann seems to be a parallel of some sort, as the foil is black, I guess.. not the usual silver. It's not numbered so it's dirt to me.

Looking good. I think this was my only pack that was 100% base cards, no inserts or parallels.

Final pack has a nice Zack Wheeler diecut. It was super cool that the last card of the blaster was Bip! You know I love the heck out of Bip Roberts and was very happy to see him included in the set, with a fun yet headscratching photo choice.

There you have it. Much of these cards are available for trade, so let me know if you wanna work out a deal for anything. Thanks.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

brief card show recap

Home from the card show. It was pretty solid for me, though a little smaller than usual, likely due to the 100° forecast scaring off a few dealers and customers.

Here's an overview of my day.. 3 purchases from 3 dealers.

A couple blasters: a clearance 2013 Archives and a 2015 Stadium Club. Both together for $27.

Spent some quality time digging through a dimebox. Found some good stuff. Ended up with 65 cards. The guy let me have them all for $5. Sweet!

Finally, I picked up 40 cards for $20 from the discount bins of my go-to dealer. Lots of prospect autos, some vintage basketball, and other neat stuff. I'll probably cover most of this stuff in a future post or two.

Let's rip open one of the Stadium Club packs so I can get in on the love...

Not a bad pack. The Mays diecut has to be the highlight, though the Utley is a great looking card as well.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're all staying cool.