Sunday, October 23, 2016

Card Show Haul: yards of cards

It was a big weekend for me. I was at the card show for around 4 hours Saturday, which might be my personal record. My back and feet had had had enough. Popped home for some lunch and a quick post showing off my vintage pickups, then it was off to the Brian Posehn show that my wife won us tickets for. He's that big ogre monotone comedian. He's been in some of my favorite shows over the years, such as The Sarah Silverman Program, Mr. Show, and Mission Hill, so that was cool to see him. Very funny. Like with the last stand-up show we won tickets to, it was also a taping for a Comedy Central special. It's tentatively titled 25 x 2 and I'll be looking forward to checking it out once it airs. We were kind of in the back, though, so I don't think we got any camera time.

Oh, but my point was it was like a 45 minute wait standing in line.. which combined with the card show made for a big day for me standing. I'm getting too old for that shit, lol. Then Saturday night after some drinking, I crapped out a drunken Cubs-centric post and ended up going to bed after 1:30 in the morning. Then I woke up at like 7. Ouch. I even took a nap on Sunday.. first nap I've taken in quite a while.

Anyways, I've got a lot of posts in the pipeline (several nice trade packages came in last week), so let's crank through the rest of the highlights from my card show haul.

I picked up this /99 black refractor auto of Luke Jackson with Judson of My Cardboard Habit in mind. But silly me, I forgot Judson jettisoned his Jackson PC a while back. Oh well, guess I'll hang onto this and hope Luke gets back on track and develops into an ace.

And I had Tony L. in mind when I came across this auto/relic of top Brewers prospect Orlando Arcia.

Cheap Archives autos! I already have the Eckstein and Tewksbury cards (both former Padres), but couldn't pass them up for less than a buck, so those are available for trade. The Baylor and Mayberry cards are pretty nice looking and am happy to throw them into the "misc autos" portion of my collection though I don't collect either guy.

More cheap autos. I remember Phil Plantier from his days as a hot rookie on the Red Sox, then hanging on with the Padres for a while.. but had no recollection of his A's stint. I love this style of Leaf Signature autos (often use it for TTM customs) and will pick them up whenever I seem them for under a buck. Didn't Fuji complete the set recently? Maybe that'll be me someday. I don't really like when they changed the design for the second series with the names on the sides, though.
Ronald Guzman had a solid 2016 in AA, but struggled after getting promoted to AAA.
And as for the Randal Grichuk, I just thought it was a funny that it's a cut auto of what seems to be a canceled check.. like he's fucking Ty Cobb or Shoeless Joe. He's still very much alive and cranked 24 ding-dongs for the Cardinals this past season.

Trouts from the dimebox!

Altuves from the dimebox!

Goldschmidts from the dimebox!

Bryce and Correa from the dimebox. Yes, I purposely grabbed a couple of the same Stadium Club card. Remember back when I pulled the Member's Only parallel? What a great day that was. Anyway, now I've got the base version too. The dupe is available for trade. Recent SC is always good for trade fodder since lots of guys work on the set, and rightfully so.

Machado and Beltre.

And some more dimebox pickups that I'm too lazy to delve into much here. Oh wait, the Trea Turner Rated Rookie parallel wasn't from the dimebox.

A couple shiny Xander cards. But wait, one holds a terrible secret....

Didn't realize it till working on this post. Some dipshit card dealer ruined it. Dealer Bill recently bought out a guy, and much of his new inventory came from that buy. You guys-- never write with ballpoint pen on a penny sleeve with a card in it. Duh. Rookie mistake right there. And "-6"? So you'll give me $6 if I take this card off your hands? WTF? This card was in a 7 for $5 deal, so it didn't cost me that much. But still pisses me off.

Some trade fodder including a couple #'d Braves.
The 89UD style card? That's So Taguchi. (Yep, spent 10¢ just so I could make that joke.)

So there you have it. Solid card show haul for me this month. Thanks for checking it out.

Card Show Haul: Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!

Cubs vs. Indians!

I'm totally down for the Cubs to finally win it all again. My mom's side of the family is old-school turn-of-the-century Chicagoan, so I've got it in my genes. Call me a bandwagon jumper if you must, but I'm carrying the torch for the family name from a long line of Cubs fans. If I were to list my allegiances, my hometown Padres would be first of course, but the Cubs would be right there fighting for second. It's too bad my grampa didn't live long enough to see Chicago finally get back to The Series in either league (he passed in '03), but I gotta think he's smiling down, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the 2016 World Series.

I also watched a lot of Cubs on WGN back in the early 90s when I first fell in love with baseball. Loved listening to Harry Caray and Steve Stone.

(And condolences to my Dodger-fan buddies, Night Owl, gcrl, and Stealing Home.)

(And all that said, I won't be heart-broken if the Indians win, as they've been waiting a long time too, though I don't have any personal connection to The Cleve. So really for me, this WS is a win-win.)

While it was a few hours prior to the NLCS-winning game, my card show haul this past Saturday was heavy on Cubs cards. It seems like nearly half of the dudes I trade online with these days are Cubs fans, so if I came across a good Cubbie, onto the pile it went!

But first, some for me.

Mark it down. October 22, 2016, not only the day the Cubs finally won the pennant again, but this was the day I officially added Anthony Rizzo to the list of guys I collect. I resisted for a long time-- partially bitter at my Padres for trading him away for an inadequate return-- but dang it, he's just a great guy as well as a great player, and so I reluctantly had to finally make him a guy I collect. Sorry, Cub-collecting buddies of mine, but going forward I'll be hanging onto my unique Rizzo cards. Most of these were plucked from a dimebox, besides the centermost fishfractor, which was among a 7 for $5 lot.

But don't worry, I'll still be looking out for Cubbie trade bait. In fact, the rest of this post features cards which are up for grabs. (And don't none of you call dibs on all of them unless you've got a damn fine card to offer me in return! Gotta spread them around some.)

Relics. Grace /25. Prior /325.

Autos. Bruno /499. McNutt funny name.




Legand. Yes, Vance Law is a Cubs legend. ...Ok, maybe not. But still. Sportflics.

Again, besides the Rizzos, these are available for trade.

Congrats again to the Cubs and their fans! Best of luck against Cleveland.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Card Show Haul: Vintage

Pretty solid card show haul today. Let's check out my vintage pickups. Unfortunately I came up empty with my dwindling 1971 needs, which was my main goal (I found 3 cards I needed, but not at the price I was hoping for, so I'll probably try my luck on eBay).

My biggest pickup of the day was this Tony Perez RC SP for my 1965 Topps setbuild.

The Podres was another nice addition. That was a buck while Ron Brand was 50¢. Thanks to these 3 cards, I'm now at an even 70% complete with 1965, plus I've got a few more additions on the way via trade.

37.5% complete with 1964 Topps now thanks to these 10.

I'm not working on 1959, but I know some of my trader buddies are, so I picked up a few colorful names with the intention of rehoming them before long.

And some PC pickups for me.

I'll be showing off more of my haul throughout this coming week. See ya then.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dumb boxes

With this post, we'll wrap up my recent splurge on boxes from Dave & Adam's.

My cart was a bit short of qualifying for free shipping, so I threw in something else interesting to bump me over the threshold:

Hit Parade seems to be a card outfit that throws together higher-end and/or vintage repacks. This ran me the price of like 1.7 blasters. I figured I'd get a several various cool cards from the decade of the 60s. I should have probably read up on it more before adding it to my cart, though, because it sucked.

Here's what you get when you open up the box. It's a team bag with a few loose cards in it.

And there's the entirety of the cards. Eight commons from 1960 Topps. I could have plucked these from the 25¢ or 50¢ boxes from the vintage guy at the monthly card show. What a disappointment. The biggest name here is probably (the original) Frank Thomas, which also happens to be the worst-conditioned card. The only card that interests me at all is the Dodgers celebration card because it's bizarre and funny and has beer.

So yeah, this was the first Hit Parade repack I've bought and will likely be the last. You suck, Hit Parade. (More like Shit Parade, am I right?!) Not that I was expecting Willie Mays or anything (which I could have gotten for the price of this box, graded 3.5), but damn. Give me some value.

Anybody working on the 1960 Topps set? I definitely don't have plans to ever do so, so these are available for trade. (Update: Joe Morgan and Frank Thomas are no longer available.)

For my "free gift" I went with a 2014/15 Panini Prestige Basketball hanger box. I barely collect basketball cards at all, but it was the most interesting to me of the limited options.

Sorry the names are hard to read. Klay Thompson is the only guy who rings a bell with me here.

And a couple inserts. The Kyle Anderson clear card is kinda cool, though I don't know him. And everybody knows Dwyane Wade, so that's cool. But yeah, no hits for me in the basketball box.

All these are available for trade.

So that's it. This whole order was kind of a bust, for the most part. Really only the sweet Bo Jackson 5/5 Archives Signature autograph salvaged it. And the 2014 Prizm Draft box was ok, I guess. Otherwise, my boxes were underwhelming and overpriced.

It's hard to fault collectors who don't open packs and instead focus their dollars on specific cards they want on the secondary market. But dang it, it's fun to bust boxes! I suppose it's not that far removed from a gambling addiction, but as long as you don't go nuts...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Down to single digits with 1971 Topps

I've been aggressively working to finish off my 1971 Topps setbuild by the end of the year (because why not?). Counting several cards sitting in my COMC inventory (waiting for Black Friday free shipping), I'm now down to just 9 wants left.

1971 Topps needs as of 10/19/16:
648 Rookie Pitchers (Jon Matlack)
661 Chuck Tanner MG *
664 Rookie Pitchers (all named Reynolds!) *
680 Don Mincher
692 AL Rookie Pitchers
698 Brewers Team
724 Tom Tischinski
740 Luis Aparicio
750 Denny McLain

* Update: these two are now pending thanks to the generous mr. haverkamp!

If you can help out with any of these nebulous nine, in any condition, please let me know. I'll trade you generously! But let me know ASAP, because there's a card show this weekend, and I'll be on the hunt for these.

Currently in limbo is #751 Al Weis, which I won on eBay a couple weeks ago but hasn't shown up yet. :/ Might have to get a refund there. Update: this card finally showed up the day after originally posting this!

Anyhoo, let's check out a couple highlights of my recent pickups that are currently in-hand.

#700 Boog Powell is a nice card. I mocked up an "If they were full-bleed" version last year.

This is a great looking Dave Cash card. He's about to smack the little man off the All-Star Rookie trophy.

Once I finish the set, I'll have to decide if I want to try to upgrade some of those lower condition cards. When I started this project, I declared I wouldn't bother trying to upgrade at all, since those black borders make it a frustrating set to complete in "high grade" and it would suck the fun out for me to have to worry about that stuff. I think perhaps I'll eventually try upgrading stuff like writing/marking and really bad creases/rips and ridiculously miscut cards. But as far as typical rough corners/edges, off-centeredness, and minor creases, nah, that's fine with me. So Dave Cash there is safe in my set despite being far from mint.

And of course the 1971 Ron Cey #753. Oh wait, sorry, no, that's not a real card.. it's for a different project. A gcrl thing. I bet Night Owl wouldn't mind getting thrown a copy of this one, as well.

Well, thanks for visiting, the few of you guys who will read this admittedly not very exciting post.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Awesomeness is a Virtue

Daniel from It's Like Having My Own Card Shop was the lucky winner of my latest contest (for the Stranger Things customs), and while he definitely didn't have to, he very kindly sent me a thank you gift:

Ka-Boom! It's not often you get surprised with a card of that magnitude. And I know Daniel is a huge Dbacks/Goldy fan, so for him to part with this card says a lot!

Paul Goldschmidt 2014 Five Star auto Rainbow Foil parallel #'d 12/25. Christmas Card of a top tier guy I collect: direct bulls-eye for my collection! Thanks so much, Daniel!

He even threw a few Gavin Floyd cards along for the ride. Sweet!

Again, huge thanks, man! I really appreciate it.

-  - -- ---o

I also recently got a great package from Mark Hoyle.

Check it out! 1939 Play Ball #60 Schoolboy Rowe Detroit Tigers RC. I sure love getting neat old pre-war (or thereabouts) vintage cards. Mark told me he recently came into a lot of Play Ball cards and ended up with a few extras to spread around. He picked this one to send me because Schoolboy Rowe has San Diego ties, finishing his pitching career in 1950 with a stint on the PCL Padres. Very cool.

As for the Yaz.. could you fill me in, Mark? The back is a standard "peel here" sticker thing, with no real identification or anything. The corners are perfectly sharp, so I'm assuming this isn't a true vintage sticker..? Regardless, it's a nice addition to my Yaz PC.

Some Sox, with a 2016 Paw Sox pocket schedule featuring Travis Shaw and Mookie Betts. Plus a Bowman card of current Padre Manuel Margot.

Goldy makes his second appearance of the post, this time on a 2016 National Baseball Card Day card I had been hoping someone would send me. Also a Dick Williams senior league card and a Garry Templeton tattoo, great oddball additions to those respective PCs.

While I try to limit my collection to cards-only, I make exceptions for top-tier dudes I collect, and Dick Allen is definitely one of them. Terrific to add these vintage Sports Illustrated magazines to my collection. The one on the left is a badass photo of Allen juggling in the dugout whilst a cigarette dangles from his mouth. And the issue on the right features a cover photo from his one year in St. Louis. Dick Allen as a Cardinal is something you don't see very often these days. Love it!

Great stuff.. huge thanks, Mark! I just dropped a package off for you the other day, so expect it soon.

Thanks again to Daniel and Mark.. a couple of the cardsphere's awesomest mofos and we're lucky to have them in our little community.

Monday, October 17, 2016

a box of 2016 Diamond Kings

Here's another box from my recent splurge of unopened product.

Yesterday I featured a box of 2014 Panini Prizm Draft. Well, here's some yin to go with that yang. 2016 Panini Diamond Kings. Both logoless, but DK aims for more of a vintage feel, so less shiny than Prizm, and obviously there are more recognizable names here than the draft pick product.

The first thing you need to know about Diamond Kings is the cards smell like damp ground after a fresh rain. That's kinda cool, I guess.

I got a blaster of 2016 DK a few months ago, but I still had a lingering hankering to bust a hobby box, hoping for something cool. So let's see how I did.

Let's kick it off with the winners of yesterday's big playoff game. I'm rooting for the Cubs, but credit where credit's due. Really I'm just excited that no matter who wins at this point, it's a team that hasn't won in a long time (especially with the Jays on the ropes). The Joc is an Artist's Proof parallel #'d /99.

My 2 promised hits left something to be desired. Stephen Piscotty is a decent pull, I suppose, and this relic/stickergraph is #'d /99. And this would have been a good box for a D-backs fan.. The Yasmany dual relic is #'d /49 (would have been cooler if they had slapped an auto sticker on it). And the black framed Socrates Brito is /99.

The pointless photo variations are kinda lame. Set collectors must hate this product. Same numbering on the back of each pair. Is one of these rarer than the other? No way to tell. I'm not gonna bother googling to try to find out.

Some decent inserts. And my luck pulling Pirates continues, as the lowest numbered card of the box was the Starling Marte mini, #'d 7/25 on the back.

And a few other keepers.

That was a fine box, I guess. But I definitely feel like I got my fill of DK this year now, and don't plan to pick up any more unless maybe if it's a screaming deal.

Thanks for stopping by.