Monday, February 19, 2018

1984 Fleer and 1983 Topps wantlists

I recently swung another trade with friendly reader Larry in Alabama, leaving me with very manageable lists of needs for 1983 Topps and 1984 Fleer.

1984 Fleer needs:
17 Cal Ripken (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
46 Pete Rose (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
48 Mike Schmidt
93 Milt Wilcox
131 Don Mattingly
143 Dave Winfield
215 Don Sutton
239 Nolan Ryan
298 Dave Dravecky (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
392 Wade Boggs
439 Tom Burgmeier (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
447 Rickey Henderson
504 Ryne Sandberg
514 Doug DeCinces
520 Reggie Jackson
595 Tom Seaver
638 George Brett/Gaylord Perry HL
641 Gaylord Perry HL
642 Steve Carlton HL

Definitely a do-able list left here, though some big names, with the Mattingly RC being the toughest one.

1983 Topps needs:
30 Jim Rice
55 Mookie Wilson
60 Johnny Bench
70 Steve Carlton
71 Steve Carlton SV
83 Ryne Sandberg
100 Pete Rose (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
101 Pete Rose SV
125 Leon Durham
146 Don Sutton SV
163 Cal Ripken Jr.
180 Rickey Henderson (thanks, Matt Prigge!)
200 Rod Carew
201 Rod Carew SV (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
280 Bert Blyleven (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
350 Robin Yount
360 Nolan Ryan
371 Mike Richardt (pending.. thanks, John H!)
390 Reggie Jackson AS (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
393 Carlton Fisk AS (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
397 Pete Rose AS
401 Dale Murphy AS
406 Steve Carlton AS
421 Al Oliver SV
422 George Cappuzzello
463 Gaylord Perry
464 Gaylord Perry SV
498 Wade Boggs
566 Manny Sarmiento
610 Steve Garvey
652 Butch Hobson
699 Lee Smith (pending.. thanks, mr haverkamp!)
702 Reggie Jackson, Gorman Thomas, Dave Kingman LL
705 Steve Carlton, LaMarr Hoyt LL
771 Kent Hrbek, Bobby Castillo TL (pending.. thanks, John H!)
786 Ralph Houk
788 Dane Iorg
789 Bryan Clark (pending.. thanks, John H!)
792 Chris Chambliss (pending.. thanks, John H!)

Still a healthy stack of missing '83s here, but a good starting place to officially count this as a set I'm working on. The big 3 rookies weren't included, though I happened to have an extra Gwynn, so can check that off, and I've got a Boggs RC in the Chickenman PC that I could reluctantly pull out if I must, so really the key need for me here is the Sandberg.

My plan is to not make spreadsheets for these sets, but rather I'll update this post crossing off cards as I get them. Please get in touch regarding a trade if you can help me out.

Had a fun holiday weekend at the coast. It was chilly, and the snowy drive through the mountains to get there was a little dicey, but otherwise great weekend. Annie got lots of quality playing in.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Ghostbuster Sunday Part 3: the big one just pops in there

The Ghostbusters theme month here continues with another positron-blast from to the past.

Dan Aykroyd is the biggest name on the 2016 Cryptozoic Ghostbusters autograph checklist, so I was very happy to land the big one among the autos in the lot I bought a few weeks ago. Gotta love Aykroyd for his work on the early Saturday Night Live episodes and notable movies such as Blues Brothers. And of course mad props to him for Ghostbusters, not just for his portrayal of Ray, but since he also co-wrote the screenplay with Harold Ramis.

Real quick: While I haven't mentioned the 2016 female-led reboot during the theme month so far, just let me say that I'm among the minority of diehard Ghostbusters fans who don't hate it. Sure, I'd rather have had a true Ghostbusters III with everyone available from the original(s), but it wasn't that bad. I know lot of fans have a burning hatred for it but have never bothered to watch it. It's a fun movie, worth a watch! I don't get all the needless hate.

Here's the 2nd of the two Real Ghostbusters toys I've managed to hang onto over the past 30 years. Slimer here is in pretty good shape other than some paint loss on the tip of his tongue. Still kicking myself for all the 80s toys I got rid of over the years, but glad I've at least held onto some.

Winston! Was glad to land this Ernie Hudson auto among the lot. I still wonder how the movie would have turned out had Eddie Murphy played the role, as the writers originally had in mind. But can't complain about Ernie's rock-solid (if undoubtedly lower-key) performance, displaying both the tools and the talent.

I've already showed this Arsenio Hall auto on the blog a while back, the first Ghostbusters autograph I ever scored, but might as well show it again here during the theme month. Did you know that Ernie Hudson originally auditioned for the voice of Winston in the cartoon but lost out to Arsenio Hall? Seems crazy the producers would turn down THE ACTUAL GUY for a guy who sounds kinda like him. But I guess Arsenio had a hipper, more youthful voice. He left the show after a couple seasons and went onto stardom as a late night talk show host.

I was feeling prolific this week, and cranked out three Ghostbusters sketch cards over the course of an hour on Friday night. (and yes, I wish the Ghostbusters would assassinate Donald Trump.) 

A week ago, I showed off a glow-in-the-dark pajama top I still have from my childhood, but now here's a real shirt! I had forgotten about this, but found it when I was putting the PJ top away. I think I wore this a lot circa 4th grade through 6th. Hell, it might even almost still fit me! Tempted to wear it out one of these days.

And yes, it glows in the dark!!

That's all for today. The big finale of Ghostbusters month is in a week and you won't want to miss it!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dimebox Debauchery

Had to keep things tight at the card show this morning, as I had a noontime appointment. Got in and did my thing; picked up some cool cards. Two purchases: first a stack from Bill's 7-for-$5 bins, then dropped them off at the car and rested my back for a couple minutes, then went back and hit his dimeboxes. Today's post will feature the latter haul.

Much of my time was spent squinting my eyes at the tiny text indicating "class" (1, 2, or 3) on 2017 Topps Gold Label cards. I generally tried to stay away from the more plentiful Class 1, but gobbled up Class 2 and 3 cards, especially a ten cents apiece. Perhaps my best score of the day was this class 3 black parallel Anthony Rizzo, which according to "book value" (current best price on COMC) is a $9.25 card.

More Rizzo and fellow Cubs. Some of these Gold Label cards are really suffering from curvature already. In a couple more years, they'll be cardboard taquitos.

More Gold Label. Oops.. Got an extra Reggie if any trader buds want me to set it aside for them.

A couple 2017 Stadium Club cards.

Blue Fire is very hot. Like a welding torch. P-town Tom, do you need that Ryne?

I've quietly started a little Joey Votto PC recently. Feel free to send me your Vottos.

#1 Padres Prospect Fernando Tatis Jr!! I already had that International Ink card, but for a dime, I'll do some "prospecting investing" and add another.

A couple pudgy legends from the protective coating era. I might already have the Gwynns, which if so means I get the tactile pleasure of peeling off the protector. One peeled and one unpeeled equal two unique cards for me.

So incredibly shiny!!

Plucked a couple neat vintage cards out of the dimeboxes. The '71 Sparky is a seventh series high-number (#688).. cheapest one on COMC right now is $8.24, right up there with the Rizzo at the top of the post for my best score of the day, even considering the worn edges.

Cards from some mid-80s sets I'm gearing up to build one of these days. In fact, expect a 1984 Fleer wantlist from me sometime this coming week.. just got a big lot of them in from a trade the other day.

Pops and Macho Man.

Some dudes I collect. The Bonds is serial numbered (out of 9799, but it still counts!)

Really, though, I will pretty much never turn down serial-numbered cards for 10¢. Even if they don't quite fit in my collection, they make for good trade fodder. Most of these are /499.

That's it for today. I'll show off the other part of my card show haul in a few days. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A one-two punch from the Plankmaster

Matthew Scott recently loaded up his cannons and lobbed shots across the bows of several cardbloggers, with myself luckily being included.

Kris Bryant! My man! Seems like his hype with collectors dipped a little bit in 2017 after being ROY in 2015 and MVP in 2016. Probably just overshadowed by rookiemania of Judge and Bellinger. His power numbers were down a little, but his batting average and strikeouts were career bests. Should be back with another MVP-caliber season this year, you gotta assume.

Be sure you didn't miss that "1st Day Issue" stamp on this card! While not serial numbered, these are very rare parallels, with an announced print run of only 10 of each card.. Easily my most scarce card of his now. Not sure how Matt lucked into it, but I will gladly welcome it into my respectable KB PC, joining an auto and some Transcendent Party exclusives adorning the collection's crown.

And he piled on with a second big card in the package...

Beautiful Manny Margot Triple Threads RC featuring a nice on-card auto, plus brown and gold swatches. Love it! Hoping for a big sophomore season from Manny in 2018.

Thanks so much, Matt! I've loaded up some return fire to hit you back with ASAP.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Booby Prize

A while back, I was the lucky winner of a contest over at Collecting Cutch during his month-long salute to boobies, raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer. And hey, it's Valentine's Day and romance is in the air, so seems like a good time to show off the prize and do my own little tribute to a few of my favorite busty ladies. [Because that's something a caring husband would do, right? Ogle other women on Valentine's Day? LOL. Sorry, honey.]

Very happy to have won this Pete Rose auto #'d /60 (hey Leaf, should have been out of 69, the sexiest number). Great card of the Hit King with a cheeky inscription and on-card signature. Nice addition to the PC.

Thrown in as bonus were several Brian Giles cards and a handful of 2017 Topps.

Thanks again for the contest, Brian! That was a fun month on your blog. Super cool for me to score the prize!

-  - ---♥

Now for my own little tribute lovely ladies with a trio of my best "girlie card" autos.

Melissa Rauch is a really funny actress, best known for her role on Big Bang Theory. I had a celebrity crush on her from way back during her time as a contributor to VH1's Best Week Ever. She's somewhat small, but big where it counts (her heart and talent, I mean, obviously!) Definitely a cutie.

I've never seen True Blood, but whilst watching her film, The Bronze, I went searching for any auto cards of hers on eBay and ended up landing this one. She's got a nice signature and it's on-card. I've been thinking about making a custom overlay for this using a photo I like better (not that this one is horrible), but I haven't gotten around to it.

I've shown this Jaime Bergman auto off before, but here it is again. Loved her on Son of the Beach. No custom overlay needed for this one.. yowsa!

Loooove Christina Hendricks!! Best known for her work on Mad Men. I recently saw a commercial for a new project she's in and will definitely have to check it out.

Again, this card isn't new to my blog, as I picked it up a few years back, but it's a jewel of my collection for sure, so let's check it out once more. Not an ideal photo of Christina, but not bad either. The big, on-card auto is nice. Not really a candidate for a custom overlay. I tried watching Firefly once but couldn't get into it. She was only on for a couple episodes. But yeah, she's a favorite of mine, probably my #1 celebrity crush.

That's it for today. Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Who's Johnny?

I was recently the lucky recipient of a box of cards from the awesome John Miller of Johnny's Trading Spot fame. He had earlier commented he was gonna knock off my 1980 Topps needs, so I was somewhat expecting that, but there was more good stuff too.

John valiantly took my 1980 needs to task, slashing off numbers with reckless abandon, plus many upgrades and wanted dupes for my PCs. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite able to deliver the deathblow. Seems he made a clerical error and included the Dave Stieb RC I already had (#77) instead of the Ruppert Jones card I needed (#78).

So now somebody has the chance to steal the glory and shoot me over Ruppert to complete my set. Anybody?

John also sent me a partial set of 1987 Fleer Update, which combined with the other partial set I got recently, leaves me with just 15 cards shy of the 132-card thing.

1987 Fleer Update needs:
13 Ralph Bryant
15 Ellis Burks
17 Steve Carlton
31 Cecil Fielder
33 Willie Fraser
39 Albert Hall
49 Reggie Jackson
51 Dion James
68 Greg Maddux
69 Bill Madlock
75 Fred McGriff (found a dupe of this in my Crime Dog PC)
76 Mark McGwire
80 Greg Minton
85 Randy Myers
129 Matt Williams

Maddux and McGwire are probably the big ones here. (Wow, poor Fleer really missed the boat not including Big Mac in their '87 base set, the Aaron Judge of that year!) The complete set w/box can easily be found for under $10 shipped on eBay, so I'm hoping for traders to help out rather than me getting nickel and dime'd picking up these needs.

I was also super stoked to get this sweet lot of Glow Stars. The big one for me here was the Kirby, as I've got the others already, but don't mind dupes for PCs or just sticking.

I'm now down to only needing the Ryne Sandberg (1993 UD Fun Pack #80 Glow Star) to complete this subset! So please let me know if you've got one to trade.

Here are highlights from the rest (John, I think this is the 2nd time you've sent me Ben Petrick cards, but I don't collect him; must've gotten me confused with JediJeff or ARPSmith. I also don't need anymore Gavin Floyd base cards. But thanks for thinking of me!). Needed that Gavin Lux Pro Debut, as well as the Scott Gavin Erickson minor league card. I was a little confused why Fernando Romero was included in the package until I turned it over and saw he's a fellow 12/24 birthday boy... nice.

Sorry for the corny title of this post, but I was just looking for an excuse to include one of my favorite pop hits from the 80s.

Big thanks for the cards, John! I'll be dropping off a return package for you soon.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ghostbuster Sunday Part 2: Electric Boo—galoo

Ghostbusters theme month continues here on the blog.

Leading off with a sketchcard this time. Why spend $20 for a professional, official sketchcard when you can just crap out a shitty one for free?! Lol. Ok, this one isn't that shitty, if I say so myself. It's Egon blastin' Boo, the ghost from the Super Mario universe. This one is sparkly and glows in the dark.

Bobby Brown had a bit part in the sequel, but more relevant is that he did the soundtrack's big single, "On Our Own". Gotta admit that was my jam back in the day (both Ghostbusters soundtrack cassettes got a lot of play from me as a kid). He had some early hits with New Edition, then a successful solo career including chart-toppers such as "My Prerogative" and "Every Little Step". Ran into hard times and tragedies as the years went on, but I think he's doing better these days. Anyways, cool to have his autograph now.

Scored this hand-painted animation cel for a few bucks from COMC in my latest order. I think it's pretty cool, featuring a pair of creepy bat demons, though then I really wanted something with a main character, so I went to eBay and picked up the Peter Venkman cel I showed off last week. As I watch the The Real Ghostbusters on Netflix— my first time going through it since childhood— I'm trying to keep an eye out to figure out which episode these bats are from, but who knows if I'm ever able to pinpoint it.

"Cut—it—out!" Here's another neat auto. Dave Coulier is best known as Uncle Joey on Full House—and to a lesser extent as being the likely inspiration for the Alanis Morissette song "You Oughta Know"— but he was also the voice of Peter Venkman on the later seasons of the show, taking over for Lorenzo Music. I also loved his Nickelodeon show Out of Control in the mid 80s.

I don't really remember Kurt Fuller's character much— I gotta admit it's been years since I've watched Ghostbusters II. I loved it as a kid, but I watched it once as an adult and didn't think it held up anywhere near as well as the original film. I plan to give it another viewing sometime this month— but I'm familiar with the actor. He's been in lots of stuff, including Wayne's World and the shows Psych and That's My Bush!

A few days ago, I dug out a suitcase of old clothes looking for a specific shirt I thought I might wear to a space/future-themed party and I stumbled upon this old pajama top of mine. Good timing, as that means I can feature it on the blog as part of Ghostbuster Sundays! I sure loved that top— even accidentally wore it to school one day as if it was a real shirt; that was embarrassing!— and of course a big part of the appeal for me is that it glows in the dark.

On that note, as a fan of stuff that lights up, the big annual work party the other night was a lot of fun for me. It was a crazy day— very scary moment earlier in the day during a big company-wide presentation when a guy in the back had a seizure, though thankfully looks like he'll be ok. But yeah, the party was a good time to blow off steam and get stupid-drunk with your co-workers, which can be fun but dangerous. I think we made it though unscathed, though.

Thanks for reading! More Ghostbusters stuff next Sunday.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Minor League Classics

Moore recent minor league pickups.

Legend Jim Moore. Very happy to add this iconic card to my collection.

Julio Franco still had a few decades left in his career at the time.

This horribly-designed card can't decide what's the correct orientation. Nice addition to my Crime Dog PC, all the same. Dale Holman was a decent hitter in the minors but never made the show, sadly. Fred McGriff belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Baby Benito.

HOFer pre-rookie! I already had a couple Trevor Hoffman minor league cards from back when he was an infielder. This is a transitionary card for him, with the position listed as pitcher, but still with hitter stats on the back.

(I got an extra copy of this and am giving it away on my Padres Breakdown Twitter account. Also a couple more cards in this post in my main twitter account. Follow and RT to enter.)

I've mentioned before, but I still consider Pete Rose, Jr the top-rated prospect in MLB. The second coming of Pete Rose?! Slam dunk! Sign me up!

I've got a mess of Dick Cummings on my hands after this recent load from a seller with a huge minor league selection. Seemin' to me that the 1992 card is a Junior? (Or else Dick really shaped up over those few years.) According to Linkedin, Dick Cummings (II?) is still sticking around inside the Cubs' organization today.

Thanks for reading this shit.