Saturday, April 21, 2018

I'm wearing Brian Giles' pants right now

Yes, I'm wearing Brian Giles' game used pants right now, no joke, but that's a topic for another day. Lots of incoming cards n' stuff lately piling up, waiting for its moment in the sun on the blog, then to be filed away. Time for a blast of awesomeness.

Oh first, I made a couple new baseball card gifs to show off! I really should do more of these; they're fun and seem to get a good response. I spent some time this morning (took longer than I care to admit) on this Ken Caminiti in honor of what would have been his 55th birthday. He's a favorite of mine.

I also whipped up this Mark Fidrych gif last night to help plug yesterday's post. Love it.

1980 TCMA minor league cards are neat. Just showed off the Fidrych from this set yesterday, and here are a couple other favorites of mine I was happy to pick up. The red borders make me think of McDonald's, though the Julio Franco card is decidedly affiliated with a rival chain.

The Julio Franco card was an eBay win. I took a look at the seller's other items and snagged a couple bonus cards for a buck each including this beautiful Hank Aaron refractor reprint.

The other combined-shipping add was the gold Hoffman. And then the other day I got another minor league card of his for the PC. Still ecstatic he made it to the HOF.

A couple nice new Gavin cards. Score an assist to Doug at the Dollar Store for emailing me with a heads up about upcoming hockey guy Gavin Bayreuther. I was able to pick up this autographed custom for a few bucks. Always cool to add a new "autoGav" to my collection. I wish him a successful career on the ice! And I was also happy to score that Gavin Sheets acetate Leaf Trinity auto for cheap recently. Take a closer look at the upper right corner... Christmas Card, baby!

I got a sweet deal on this lot of 1987 Bohemian Hearth Bread Padres. All the cards are in less-than-mint shape, and I only needed the Gwynn, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. And now I've got dupes for my Templeton and Garvey PCs, with the rest available for any Padres fan who might want to trade. I'm down to just needing Dravecky and Flannery to finish off this oddball set.

Speaking of my Garry Templeton PC, here's my first managerial card of the man.

Another Padres fan favorite, here's a Bip Roberts card from his last year as an active player, bouncing between Detroit and their AAA affiliate before being traded to the A's to wrap up his career in 1998. (I struck out trying to get Bip's early minor league cards from back when he was property of the Pirates.. but one of these days.)

And here's the last Rod Beck minor league card I needed. (Actually, there's apparently a "glossy" version of an '89 San Jose Giants card that I still need.. grrr, can't even escape parallels when dealing with minor league issues.)

And let's close with this lot of Vince Coleman minor league cards. Two from his early days when the world was his oyster, and two from the twilight of his career when he was struggling to stay in the game. Great cards to spice up my little VC PC.

Thanks for reading! I'm going to go take off these pants now!

Friday, April 20, 2018

And this bird you cannot change: My Mark Fidrych PC

I recently made a couple more minor league-heavy orders online, so expect to see a bunch of them on the blog over the next couple weeks. Included was what I believe to be a complete run of Mark Fidrych's minor league cards (for a great price, too). I'd be tempted to nickname them "Baby Bird" cards, but in fact they are post-MLB cards (not pre-), so that doesn't really fly [pun].

Love old school minor league cards!

This pair is from 1997.

And as long as I'm showing these minor league Fidryches, I thought I might as well turn this post into a "PC post" and include everything else I've got from him. For such a big character in 70s baseball history, he doesn't have all that many cards out there (thanks to the very short peak, I suppose), so being a Mark Fidrych supercollector probably wouldn't really be all that hard.

As far as his playing-days MLB cards, I've got most of them. Well, the mainstream ones, anyways. He's got some oddballs I need (1977 Kellogg's, 1977/78 MSA Discs [and variations], 1978 Sportscasters, and all his OPC cards). Also need his 1977 Topps ERA Leaders card shared with John Denny. And surprisingly I need all his 1981 cards (Topps, Donruss, Fleer). I guess I don't technically have "most" of his mainstream cards after all.

I've got some post-career cards, though I'm sure there are plenty I'm missing.

I don't have a certified autograph of his (yet), but I do have a signed 1978 Topps card I got in a package from Tony L. two or three years ago. I believe it was a TTM success from when Tony was young. Love this card! Mr. Fidrych tragically passed several years ago at the age of 54 in a farming accident.
Rest in Peace, Bird.

Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Card Show Warp Zone

Of course I expected to come home from the card show with some decent cards, but when I bumped into Padrographs Rod shortly after I arrived and he surprised me with a box of a couple hundred various cards, it was like I had entered a card show warp zone, instantly adding an hour or two's worth of bin digging to my haul for the day.

Before '18 Heritage came out, if you said the word "Transogram" to me, I'd assume you were talking about a guy in a dress who delivers telegrams. (Sorry, un-PC joke.) But now I know it as these endearing yellow inserts born in 1969 (named after the toy manufacturer who made proto Starting Lineup figures with such cards on the box). While I'll stop short of saying I'd like to collect them all, I would definitely be happy to receive these in trade, in case my trading buddies have any sitting around.

Very excited to add more Alexa Bliss cards to my sadly small PC of hers. Looks like I've got dupe, if anyone needs that one.

Moving away from baseball for a second, here are a couple Celtics legends, plus a custom of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Does he sign TTM? That would be a cool signature to get!

I've never ripped any Tek, but I'm happy to see them pop up in trades and discount boxes. A couple guys I collect here in Piazza and Stanton, with the rest up for trade.

Man oh man, Bowman refractors always make me smile. Some decent names in this bunch.

Great to check Reggie off my little '87 Fleer Update setbuild.

Here are some additional appreciated cards.

Now for some Padre-centric cards including a black bordered Margot and top prospect Tatis.

A ton of Gwynn cards, including a few new to me.

Also a bunch o' Bips, most of which I had, but I think 2 or 3 needs in there.

And the rest!

Thanks again, Rod! Much appreciated. I'll get working on that little custom project you asked me about and should have it ready for you by the next card show.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In the crosshairs: 1984 + 1985 Donruss

I've never completed a Donruss set, but now that I've gotten into the groove of being a part-time set collector, I figured I'd go after my favorite offerings from them. I think 1984 has a real nice, simple design (with today's collectors being reminded of it thanks to its inclusion in 2018 Donruss). Though there are probably too many boring headshots, there are also some neat photos in there as well. Plus apparently the print run that year was a bit lower than other major sets of the era, which-- can't lie-- appeals to me.

ARPSmith kicked off my setbuild a few months ago with a little starter lot. Then recently, Larry in Alabama sent me a nice big chunk of the set. Turrdog then came in with a bit of a brick to fill some holes and bring me to a manageable wantlist to officially post.

The Mattingly RC is probably the key card in the set. Big thanks to Larry for taking care of that one for me.

Larry also gave me the Sandberg, with Turrdog completing the trio of sophomore stars with the Gwynn and Boggs.

Thanks again for the trades, Larry and Turrdog!
I'm down to less that 100 cards to go. (Note that I'm not bothering to go after any of the many errors/variations; I'll be happy with one copy of each card number, regardless if it's an error or correction.) My 1984 Donruss needs are now on my main wantlist, so if you think you might be able to help and want to trade, please take a look at get in touch!

And now for 1985 Donruss which I'm working on concurrently. I always thought it was a cool "bad boy" set with its "Knight Rider" design, though I never owned many cards from it. But now thanks to the trading tandem of ARPSmith, Larry, and Turrdog, I'm in spitting distance of finishing it.

Again, Adam got me off the ground with a starter lot, then Larry did some heavy lifting with a few hundred cards, and then the Turrdog topped it off with important needs, including the two biggest rookies in the set, Clemens and Kirby.

It's a nice looking set!

Just 15 cards to go with 85D! (again, unconcerned with variations.) Check my wantlist for the up-to-date needs if you think you might be able to help me out.

Thanks yet again for the trades, Adam, Larry, and Turrdog! I should be able to knock out the rest of these two sets before long.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Card Show Chiropractic

As I mentioned yesterday, this was the first card show I didn't drive to. This threw off my usual routine where after about an hour or two and a purchase or two, I go back to my car to drop off my first batch of buys and rest my aching back for 5 minutes or so. Just a little intermission to get off my feet and relax. So this show didn't afford me that luxury (though I suppose I could have at least found a bench to sit on for a few minutes). After 2 and a half hours hunched over boxes of cards, my back was unhappy. But I toughed it out and picked up a nice bunch of cards.

Three bucks for each of these HOF certified autos! I'd take that deal over and over and over again! Bob Gibson and Willie Stargell are a couple A-listers, no doubt. Sure, these are unlicensed Nabisco cards, but still! I was kinda shocked they lasted the whole show (priced at $10 in a "70% off marked price" display) without anybody else snatching them up. I already had the Stargell, but this one has a slightly bigger and bolder signature, so I'll count it as an upgrade. You can see in the photo that they have the separate original COAs behind them, too. They're in great shape (The mark around the Gibson auto is just a reflection on the top loader).

The rest of the cards in this post were from the 50¢ bins. This hologram looked pretty cool. I might try sending it out to 2 or 3 known dependable TTM signers such as Ron Cey.

Neat additions to a couple recently-started PCs of mine, Votto and Hosmer.

Really like this Kirby insert from 1996. It's got a textured feel to it and is #'d /5000 on the back, which is fairly limited for the mid 90s.

I'm a sucker for serial-numbered recent Bowman parallels. They look nice, and (if I don't trade them) I put them away and check them down the line to see if any of these kids panned out.

Some more Bowman to close us out.

That's it for this show (also got a decent amount of trade fodder, not pictured.. and can't forget about the surprise box from Rod I'll post about soon).
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

1st time taking public transportation to the card show

I've said it before, but the worst part about only having one car since my wife's car got totaled last year is playing Russian Roulette that the monthly card show falls on the same Saturday as her monthly pedicures with her folks (which she needs the car for, since her folks live out in Hillsboro). And unfortunately there was a bullet in the chamber for this weekend. I'm not going to stand in the way of my wife and her parents (you've seen the high-end boxes they gift me for Christmas, right?!), so my options were either sit out this card show or take public transportation.

I was on the fence down to the wire, but ultimately decided to go. I know I'm spoiled having a solid monthly card show that's a 15-minute drive from my house, meanwhile lots of collectors out there either have no shows, or have like a couple shows a year they have to drive 4 hours both ways for. So I can't complain too much about a 20 minute ride on public transportation plus a 10 minute walk.

The only hiccup was that I just missed the homeward train afterwards and had to wait around 17 minutes for the next one. But in this era of smartphones to occupy your time, it's not really a big deal.

Anyways, I made 2 purchases: $30 from the old vintage guy and $30 from Bill's bins. I also bumped into Rod and he graciously surprised me with a nice box of various cards, too.
Let's cover the vintage pickups today.

Probably my best deal of the post. Not long ago, I thought I already had a Phil Niekro rookie card since he's got a 2-player rookie in 1965 Topps, which I completed last year, but turns out he's also got one in '64. And it's a tough high-number. This one is a bit off-center, but I was through the roof (pun intended) to score it for just $4. Looking at eBay sales, this card in this condition would likely sell for over $20.

Also a few more cards for my '64 setbuild. (Accidentally grabbed a dupe of Art Fowler.)

And I found 16 needs for my '57 Topps setbuild. Not a lot of familiar names, but there were a couple from the tough 4th series plus Bob Friend who was an All-Star a few times. This lot officially pushes me past the ⅓ complete mark with the set! (Now at 33.81% complete.)

Some various fun stuff I threw on my pile. I'm getting near the end of reading Jim Bouton's Ball Four.

And here's a trio of cards I already owned, but they were in too nice of condition to pass up for a buck each (actually I think the '71 was from the 50¢ box). Upgrades headed to my Killer PC, '71 set (and I collect all 3 of those guys, so the dupe will have a home), and '73 set.

Not a bad haul! More card show pickups to feature later. Thanks for stopping by.