Sunday, June 17, 2018

No Sleep till Brooklyn greats are checked off my '57 needs

More big name pickups for my 1957 Topps setbuild!

My first playing-days card of the great Roy Campanella! PSA 8! Check out those corners! You could floss your teeth on them babies!

This is his last card as an active player. He was tragically paralyzed in a car accident in January 1958, and didn't get a card in '58 Topps (though they did salute him with a special Symbol of Courage card in '59).

Searching eBay completed (sold) listings for PSA 8 versions of this card gives you this list:
$50.00 +$4.00 shipping
$228.73 +$3.00 shipping
$239.50 +$6.00 shipping
$240.50 +$6.00 shipping
$338.00 +$4.00 shipping

The fact that I'm bragging about this buy should clue you in to which one was my purchase. Sure, the other cards might be better centered, but still, I'm happy to save a couple hundred bucks comparatively.

Also picked up Roy's teammate Pee Wee Reese! This one is "raw" (ungraded) and has some creases and rough corners, but was a very fair deal, so I'm ok with it.

Thanks to a previous owner, possibly a kid in the late 50s (though that ink seems pretty bold for being 60 years old) reminding us all Reese was an All-Star. Ten time all-star, in fact! This is his penultimate card, getting a final card in '58 Topps.

Speaking of Brooklyn Dodgers greats bowing out.. I love '57 Topps, but the biggest bummer for me is they didn't include a final card for Jackie Robinson, who retired after the 1956 World Series rather than be traded to the hated rival NY Giants. That would have been a great card, with complete career stats on the back 'n all. Sigh. Oh well. One less expensive card for me to chase, I suppose. (If/when I complete 1957 Topps, I should whip up a custom Jackie [similar to Bob Lemke's effort] to supplement the set.)

HOF '57 Dodgers still on my wantlist include Koufax and the Drysdale RC. If anyone happens to have one available for trade (or other '57s I need), please let me know.

Thanks for reading. Last call for my big "Manniversary" contest! I'll keep it going for a little while longer to give time Monday to folks who don't have the chance to read card blogs on the weekends, but the entry period will come to a close soon.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Mr. Cub in the house

Really happy to add this one to my 1957 Topps setbuild. You gotta love Ernie Banks if you're a baseball fan. Terrific player and one of the nicest guys you could meet, by all accounts.

This is now, and will likely always remain, my earliest Ernie Banks card.

Let's turn this into a PC post and show the rest of my little Mr. Cub collection.

Plucked these out of my complete sets for the sake of this post, though I don't have dupes for the PC.

Still need the Banks for my '64 Topps setbuild. (And I'm still on the fence about going after '59 Topps or not, but I guess I'll decide after I finish off '57 and '64, the 2 vintage sets I'm currently working on.)

Some more vintage here. The '73s are from the PC (not the set, this time). I sorta count them as variations for the difference in rust color and picture contrast with the coaches. The '58 All-Star was part of a Summer of '74 contest win a while back.

A few modern Topps cards. I'll bite my tongue making a political comment, though I will say last night I had a freaky nightmare about a federal goon squad attacking my home with a flamethrower because we were seen as not being loyal to the current administration.

Some minis and a Gold Label.

A couple numbered cards from the aughts.

I think these were card show pickups where I originally figured I'd trade them to a Cubs fan at some point, but ended up keeping them for myself.

If you're a fan of unlicensed cards, here's a selection of cards just for you!

My best Ernie Banks card is probably this 2004 Topps Retired auto. Still keeping an eye out for the refractor parallel.

My first auto was from back in the early 90s with this Nabisco mail-in offer. I actually got two of these (and Don Drysdale). I've since given the extra away in a contest on the blog a while back. And hey speaking of contests, "let's play two".. I've got a dual contest going right now, so go get in on the action if you haven't already.

Ernie Banks has never really been a top tier guy I collect, not for any knock against him other than I already collect so many players, though I do passively collect him. Maybe now that guys like Tom Seaver and Mike Schmidt have made it into my Hundred Card Club, I should put more of a focus on Mr. Cub and work toward getting him into triple digits in my collection, too. Still a ways to go, with just a little over a quarter of the way there so far.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Manny Machado PC (1300th Post and a contest)

Well, dang it, I've come to another big round number. This one is a little scary for me, as I'm an admitted semi triskaidekaphobe. I'm not super militant against it, but like when my car stereo had a numeral volume level, I would set it at 12 or 14, even though 13 was the optimal setting.. and at the gym when I ride the exercise bike, I never set the resistance on 13, just because I'm weak minded and think maybe it will bring bad luck (like a douchey guy will enter the gym. Full disclosure I don't like most of the other regulars at my work gym, but I'm just easily annoyed.)

As far as baseball players who were brave enough to wear jersey number 13, the best active player is Manny Machado (I guess Hanley Ramirez isn't officially retired yet.. but.. you know.)

(Edit: whoops, missed Greinke up there. But he no longer wears #13, so whatever.)

So I figured I'd use this as an excuse to sort out my Manny Machado PC and show it off.

Here are my earliest cards of him. His "1st Bowman" is in 2010.. would be nice to add one someday. And he's got some Team USA cards in 2009.

Lots of 2013 RCs.

2014 pt 1, featuring my only relic card of the guy.

2014 pt 2.

2015 pt 1

2015 pt 2

2016 pt 1. Here's another look at the only Manny Machado auto I've got.. I like it! Another nice pickup from 2016 Topps The Mint.
And check out those 2 cards on the bottom.. Sure seem to be from the same photoshoot, but one has a real background, and the other has an "enhanced for Heritage" background by Topps. Funny.

2016 pt 2

2016 pt 3.

2016 pt 4

2017 pt 1

2017 pt 2, featuring a plastic Jackie "patch".

2017 pt 3.

2017 pt 4, including a half-assed sketchcard I made.

And finally 2018.

By my count, that's 97 unique cards. And I know for a fact I've got other cards from him sitting in 3 complete sets that I didn't bother digging out for this post, so I think I can now consider him a member of my Hundred Card Club. As such, I'll likely bump him off my official wantlist soon, though I'll still be happy to accept any cards of his I don't have, via trades or opening packs. He's an exciting young player and fun to watch. Doesn't look like he'll be with the Orioles much longer; it'll be interesting to see where he ends up.

Here's a pile of dupes I weeded out while sorting the PC. Available for trade!

I'd hate to do a milestone-number post without a contest, and it's been a while, so let's do it. Just leave a comment on this post to enter, and I'll random off a winner in a few days. The prize will be some solid cards tailored to the winner's collecting preference. I'll do a little shopping if necessary. If the winner hasn't commented on any of my other posts so far in 2018, the prize will be a PWE. (Come on, guys, don't be afraid to comment on non-contest posts! I know I'm not always the best at replying to comments unless I've got something to add, but the interaction/feedback is much appreciated.) Otherwise it'll probably be a more substantial package.

Thanks as always for reading and have a great weekend!

Holy shit. I just remembered today is my blog's anniversary. Seriously, I typed up this whole thing and then it hit me. Baseball Card Breakdown turns 5 today! What a coincidence that it's also the 1300th post. (Funny enough, my 500th post was on the 2 year anniversary, though I sorta planned for that one to coincide.) Ok, I guess I'll have to pick a couple winners, one celebrating the 1300th post, and another celebrating 5 years. So yeah, comment below to be entered in both. Thanks!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Father's Day '57s

I went on another '57 kick recently, scooping up some more needs for this ambitious setbuild of mine. I used the "Get a gift for Dad" eBay coupon code that popped up the other day for 20% off $50+ to find a couple graded HOFers to get me into the discount threshold.

I'm not concerned with condition for my set, though I am concerned with avoiding counterfeits, so with big name players, I often like to find PSA graded cards, even if the grade isn't great. Yogi Berra here looks good other than some light pencil marks over his face. Hey, just adds more character to a face that already had character to spare. lol

Great to pick up a vintage Yogi. It's my first playing-days card of him (unless you count '65 Topps and his 4 games with the Mets that year.)

And here's a fine looking Richie Ashburn.

Another great from yesteryear and "one of the real 'pros' of the game." Nice to check that one off.

I've got other neat '57s on the way, so expect to see more popping up on the blog over the next week or two.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Superfractor Supercollection

Boom! I was excited to see the 2014 Bowman Draft Gavin LaValley superfractor pop up for auction last week. I put in a healthy bid and ended up winning it for surprisingly less than I was expecting. This is a card I've rainbowed pretty hard the past few years, with nothing left to chase but a frustrating number of 1/1s. So yeah, this is an awesome card to highlight not only the rainbow, but my LaValley PC as a whole.

Plus now I can do this...

There are currently 3 superfractors of Gavin LaValley in existence, and I've got all of 'em. Nice!
2014 Bowman Draft, 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini, and 2018 Bowman.
Seeing them side-by-side emphases how unimpressive 2018 superfractors look compared to how bright and shiny the 2014 versions are, especially in hand. The '14 cards have a nice "spinning wheels" effect, while '18 just sits there.

Signs point to LaValley being included in 2018 Bowman Chrome (the separate product, not to be confused with the Chrome segment included in 2018 Bowman [Regular]), due out in September. And perhaps 2018 Bowman Chrome Mini, assuming that's still a thing (factory set). So my LaValley superfractor supercollection won't likely stay complete for long, but I'll enjoy the supercompleteness for the next several weeks, at least.

The only other superfractor I own is Brian Humphries (Guy From Granite). The first three I bought set me back a decent chunk of change, while the latest was only about a third of what I was used to paying. Maybe it's because LaValley has been hovering around the Mendoza line most of 2018 in AA. Hopefully he turns his season around.

But still, very happy with the pickup. It's a pain there are so many 1/1s left out there before I can officially complete the rainbow for 2014 Bowman Draft + Mini:
o Topps Vault First Edition blank back 1/1
o Orange paper 1/1
o Black paper 1/1
o White Ice 1/1
Plus several printing plates.

I'm not hitting his 2018 Bowman rainbow nearly as hard, but still keep an eye out for good deals, such as a few parallels that were being sold together in a lot. Always love atomic and shimmer refractors.

Also snagged the magenta paper printing plate.

That brings me up to 3 magenta plates for LaValley.

But yellow is still on top..

..with 4 plates!

I've only got 1 cyan plate.. and surprisingly zero black plates. But I'll keep an eye out.

Since I'm showing off all my LaValley 1/1s in this post, let's go ahead and revisit his 2014 Panini Prizim Draft auto Black Finite Prizm (that set's version of a superfractor). Nice looking card I scored a couple years ago.

And let's wrap up this post with another look at the "1st Bowman" superfractor. Terrific addition to what's probably my most impressive player collection. Now he just needs to turn into the next Mike Trout and I'll be set for life! LOL, nah, he's a fun dude for me to collect, without worrying about any "investment" stuff. But I'm hoping for the best for him in his career.

Thanks for swinging by.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Trio of HOF Traders

I know I talked a big game about doing a trade bait post today, but that'll have to wait because I've got an incoming trade roundup to get out.

First up is a great "farewell" package from JBF Wes.

Love this pair of Padre Winfields. Been wanting that 1980 Burger King card for a while now.

Very nice selection of Michael Sam cards just in time for Pride month.

Some Gavins highlighted by a blue Escobar.

A couple solid Chargers. The team is dead to me, but hey, I can still appreciate nice cards.

And some cool Padres to close out the package. Zech Lemond couldn't get it together in the Padres system, but has been pitching well in the Marlins' chain this season. Andy Ashby /150. And some sharp vintage.

Big thanks, Wes! I'll try to scrape up a decent return for you soon, and I'll be hoping this isn't our final swap.

-   -  - ---o

Next up is Zippy Zappy hitting me back for those Bowman guys I set aside for him recently.

Tatis Jr has been on fire after a slow start. Loving this Heritage Minors card from last year.

A couple RCs to bump up my little PC of hometown guy Quintin Berry.

A bunch of Bowman Padres.

Philip Rivers and Gavin LaValley.

Thanks a lot, Zippy! Always a pleasure.

-     -  - - --o

Last for today is a PWE from Sport Card Collectors.

Everybody get up for these Aaron Judge cards! Matt also collects Judge and had some dupes to share with me. Sustained!

But what really banged the gavel was this Tim Duncan jersey card. Love it.

Thanks, SCC! I'll be dropping you a return ASAP.