Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grand Blog Opening

Hi everybody. Welcome to my entry into the world of baseball card blogging. I'll tell you right now I won't post everyday-- probably weeks between posts, even-- but I hope to have some enjoyable posts in the time to come.

Some background on me. My name's Gavin. I live in Portland, Oregon but I'm originally from San Diego-- so yes, the hapless Padres are "my team". I won't make this blog too homer-centric, however, as I consider myself more of a general "baseball fan", especially when it comes to cards. I only really discovered baseball card blogs within the past couple years or so, starting with the seminal "1988 Topps" blog, then working through Andy's subsequent blogs, then moving on to Night Owl's "1975 Topps" blog, and currently working through Kevin's 1965 Topps Project, Wobs' 1974 Topps Pennant Fever blog, and Brandon's 1983 Topps blog. Oh, and I also am a somewhat loyal reader of Night Own Cards.. I don't always agree with him, but he's a good writer, so his blog is usually a good read, even when he's getting hung up on the Dodgers. I've never really done much blogging before, but have been creating/running websites of my own since the 90s (usually music related, e.g. fansites for bands I like). This'll be my first baseball-themed web project. A while back I considered doing a blog covering 1990 Topps, but that got derailed when I realized someone had beat me to it. I started collecting baseball cards in 1990, hence my sentimental appreciation of the infamously ugly set. It was the first set I remember collecting (1990 Donruss was pretty much right there with it). I was a pretty heavy collector from then until around 1993, when my interest turned to music and girls. Then I stopped collecting, but kept interested in baseball, especially getting excited during the Padres' playoff runs of 1996 and 1998. In the later 2000's, I stopped caring much about baseball. The Pads just broke my heart too many times, plus I stopped getting TV service. In the recent couple years, my interest in the sport has returned a little, but mostly to the past, such as by collecting old cards and reading old set blogs. Honestly, I don't think I watched a full baseball game in several years, and I'm not very familiar with today's players outside of the big-name stars.

Anyways, I hope to have a nice interesting & amusing blog here which hopefully a couple people find and enjoy. Baseball Card Breakdown will be my main, general topic blog (baseball cards), but if it goes well I plan on eventually starting blogs to cover a couple of my favorite sets that haven't been exhaustedly-featured on any blogs yet. So yep, if you wanna, please follow, read, comment, share, and enjoy.


  1. Just came across your blog after you commented on mine, glad to find it! I'll definitely be looking forward to more posts. I grew up in San Diego, but was actually born in Portland (Dad married a San Diego girl). Loved 'em in '96, but they broke my heart in '98 with that World Series sweep, and I ended up taking a break for a while. Back for more punishment, though. Glad to have you on board!

  2. My blog's first comment! Thanks, man! :) Cool that we sorta crossed paths like that.

  3. The 1990 Topps was the set I cut my teeth on as well. Though the first packs of sports cards I ever bought were from 1989's Topps set, 1990 was when my dad and I would go to card shows and buy rack packs and boxes. I have a great memory of he and I in our living room sorting the massive amount of cards.

    The 1990 set was also when I learned that cards looked different from year to year. We got a friend of mine a few packs of '90 for his birthday, and as he opened them, I was surprised when I saw that they looked different from my '89 cards.