Friday, July 8, 2016

A gift from Rod

When I didn't get any cards in the mail Saturday, July 2nd, I figured I was in for a dry spell thanks to mail-less Sunday and then the Monday holiday. But no, local collector/blogger and fellow Padres fan Rod from Padrographs knocked on my door to surprise me (and my dog Annie who gave him many greeting licks) with an incredible bag full of cards n' such.

This mess of cards in the above photo is comprised entirely of Tony Gwynn cards! Several new to my collection in here, plus plenty of dupes to spread around.

Bunch o' Bips!

Some highlights from the many other miscellaneous Padres include this Alan Wiggins minor league card from the Hawaiian Islanders (always love old school minor league cards!), plus the Will Ferrell Padres card. I scored the Ferrell in a trade a while back, so this one could be available for trade if anyone needs it.

Some super premium cards of 90s SD sluggers.

Rod also hooked me up with some dupes from his project to get a signed Padres card of anyone who ever suited up for the Padres. I believe these are all customs save for the minor league Fritz. There were even a couple more that didn't make it in the photo because they were sticking behind other cards. Good stuff! Love the Horace Clarke.. with the name so nice he signed it twice.

In addition to those IP/TTM autos, Rod even had some certified autos to share with me. Very cool.

Changing course from all the Padres cards, here's a nice trio of additions to my Greatest Gavins minicollection.

Even a Gavin cup! That's a trading first for me, LOL.

Let's close out with this beauty. I've never owned a copy of Wade Boggs' iconic 1983 Topps rookie before, and I had been hankering for it so I added it to my Desperate Double Dozen a while ago. Rod graciously helped me check that one off the list.

Big thanks again, Rod! As always, just say the word if I can ever return the favor with any cards or customs/photoshop work for you.


  1. It's been a mini-goal of mine to track down that Wade Boggs rookie at a show one of these days. No such luck yet, but nice to see you land one for your collection. (Also, mind setting that Will Ferrell aside for me?)

  2. Nice cards with the James Shield my favorite of the post. Thanks for the post