Thursday, June 22, 2017

big fun game - post 19: Turrdog hawks Dawson; Rod returns

Turrdog was sad to see the Boggs get snagged from his clutches, but comforted himself with plucking the Andre Dawson auto away from Rod.

That brings up Rod once again, the whipping boy of the game so far, with multiple steals against him. Will he exact some revenge and pull off a steal himself (everything's available besides the Boggs and Dawson), or end things here by picking #10?

1. Wade Boggs simpsons auto (stolen twice - locked)
2. Al Hrabosky auto
3. Jesse Orosco auto
4. vintage lot
5. JR Richard auto
6. Mister Fister
7. Charlie Hayes auto
8. Andre Dawson auto (stolen once)
9. Tony Oliva auto (stolen once)
10. ?
11. die-cut lot
12. customs lot (stolen once)
13. mini lot
14. George Foster auto
15. Sy Berger contracts

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