Saturday, April 28, 2018

A pack rip of 1990 Donruss you WILL NOT BELIEVE!!!

I've been watching a lot of pack-ripping on YouTube because I got in on a player-break for Gavin LaValley in 2018 Bowman. And all that crinkly foil sound of a ripped pack really gave me the urge to open a pack myself.

Let's see what do I have on hand..

1990 Donruss.. sure, that'll do.

Hey, that Dean Palmer rookie was a big deal at one time.

Whoo.. PC hit with the Nolan special. While I'm pretty sure I've already got it, this pack-fresh pull might be an upgrade.

Diamond Kings are always nice to spice up a pack.

Sultry Yaz lips. The Mike Greenwell is a rare "wax residue on back" parallel. (Hmm.. I shouldn't give Panini any ideas.)

Last card...


Shohei Ohtani auto!!!!

Holy Crap! It's even a 1/1!!!!!

BIG MONEY! $HOHEI!! eBay here I come!!! Easily $40k.

Man, that was the best pack of '90 Donruss EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You're right, I don't believe it.

  2. Lucky...better get it graded before you list it on eBay!

  3. Congratulations! This card is sweet!

  4. Blowout cards is waiting to hear from you

  5. It's even more cool since the Angels were celebrating Hank Aaron Day by wearing throwbacks and having everybody wear #44 for that game! Glad to see that Ohtani's many talents include rocking the stirrups. :-)

  6. I always liked this set even though it isn't worth the cardboard it is printed on. And dang i thought that was a real Ohtani...

  7. List it! If that 1990 Fleer card can be up for 5 figures, surely this could net a few bucks. Seriously though, I always felt like I won when I got a card with that star next to the name.