Sunday, December 22, 2019

Holiday Card Exchanges

Time to check out the holiday generosity of the cardsphere with some incoming cards from the past week or two.

Murray Christmas!

The first bunch of cards is from Dennis. As he was prepping a package for me, he asked if I'd be interested in a less-than-mint Eddie Murray rookie, a card on my Desperate Double Dozen. I said heck yeah, and now I've got this big card checked off in my 1978 Topps setbuild. Wouldn't mind an upgrade someday (crease around the helmet), but it's totally cool for the time being. (I've got a worse-conditioned copy in the Steady Eddie PC already, which I believe was a surprise from the Junior Junkie a few years back.)

There was a big lot of Padres, with plenty of keepers among them.

A pair of sweet Marcus Giles parallels, each numbered to 200-something!

Oh my! A near-complete set of 1990 Donruss! This is a set I've felt I needed to add to my collection for a while now, for sentimental reasons if nothing else. If I recall, 1990 Donruss were the first pack of baseball cards I ever opened... might as well bring that to its natural conclusion.

Flipping through it, it's short these few cards: 20, 241, 270, 276, 326, 337*, 347, 470*, and Yaz puzzle pieces 10+11+12, 16+17+18, 19+20+21, 28+29+30. (* upgrade wanted)
It also doesn't include the many error cards the set had. I might try adding these at some point, so if anybody has any available, I'd be up for them.

Gavin hits! I think that's my 8th Gavin Floyd printing plate now.. wowzers!

And just in time for Christmas! Sweet 12/25 Gavin Escobar auto/relic!

Thank you so much, Dennis! Awesome stuff.

 -  -  - -- ❄️

Next up is a surprise PWE from SCC.

It's a half-dozen Michael Sam refractors! Shiny!

Thank you, Matt!

 -  -  - -- ❄️

Earlier this month, I helped Chris The Collector out with Starting Lineup custom cards for a blog series regarding NHL guys he was doing. He sent me back a nice bunch of cards to return the favor.

A couple '57 needs!! And Yankees at that, often pesky to track down.

Nice batch of cards for my Early 90s Black Gold collecting project.

Chris sent in this 1993 Leaf Gold Rookie for consideration for the project.. but I don't know. That's more of a Charcoal Gold than Black Gold. Don't think it quite counts. But appreciated all the same!

And a few Xanders round out the package. Very cool.

Thanks again, Chris!

 -  -  - -- ❄️

Lastly for today, a one-card envelope from Matt Prigge. He had a special custom made of Bob Uecker on the Rookies App and I was lucky enough to score one.


Thanks again, Matt! I plan to get some thank-you Brewers sent your way soon.

Thanks again to Dennis, Matt, Chris, and Matt for the wonderful cards.

Happy Holidays, everybody!


  1. Nice Ueck! But WTF? I could have sworn that '90 Donruss set was complete! Sorry about that, I guess we're even now. Anyway, Merry Christmas!

  2. Nice Murray! Crease doesn't show in the photo so it can't be too bad. I only need two 78s left for my build but that (and the Molitor/Trammell) is one of them.

  3. I actually have some stuff to send you as well, hopefully I will remember where I put it soon...but it's not as nice as this stuff.

  4. That 12/25 Escobar is fantastic. Where does Dennis find such gems?

    I'm glad I could hit a few of your wantlists, even if Gerald Williams doesn't make the cut :)

  5. Sweet Escobar auto card. Love the1990 Donruss and the 90's Diamond Kings.

  6. The generosity of our community is truly something special... just like that Gavin "2 for 1" Escobar autographed relic.