Sunday, December 27, 2020

Phil Niekro PC

We lost yet another baseball great this year with the passing of Phil Niekro last night. :(

Figured I'd pay tribute by documenting my Knucksie PC on the blog today.

There was a time not too long ago when I'd ask for high-end baseball card boxes for Christmas/ my birthday (oh, and thanks for all the birthday/holiday well-wishes in the comments of my previous post, btw!). I pulled this auto from a box of Tribute a couple years ago.

These Rookie Stars cards aren't technically in the player collection, but I've got them in my 1964 (in-progress) and 1965 (completed) Topps sets, so let's show them off here. Ha, did Topps really just reverse the negative for Phil's picture to make it seem different? Hadn't noticed that before. I guess you can do that when the logo on the cap looks the same backwards.

Here's a nice assortment of vintage from the 60s and 70s.

80s Topps (and an OPC).

Modern Topps.

Some playing-days cards from Donruss/Leaf.

And some more modern stuff. I snagged that stickergraph for a good price a while ago (and the similar jersey card came with it) thanks to the numbering on the back...

Christmas Card!

Upper Deck getting into the mix.

Wrapping things up with Fleer and the rest.

Love the '88 Score, his one true sunset card with complete career stats on the back.

So that's what I've got. Only a little over halfway to my standard "100 unique cards" goal, and I wouldn't mind adding to the PC, but I'm pretty much satisfied with how it stands. I've got what are the big bullet points in my eyes:

  • rookie card
  • memorabilia card
  • autograph card
  • christmas card
  • sunset card

The one thing that'd be on top of my Phil Niekro wantlist would be a card from his short-term stop in Toronto (just 3 games near the end of his long career), but I think 1988 Classic Update Red Travel Edition #199 might be the only option there, and update: I just snagged one on Sportlots for a buck, so hopefully that'll be showing up in a week or so.

Another update: nearly forgot about the 2003 Retired auto.

Thanks for reading.

RIP Knucksie


  1. Pretty comprehensive Niekro collection! Beautiful Tribute at the top.

  2. Man, the New York Daily News did an article the other day about the six Hall of Famers who died this year (, but 2020 wasn't done. Yeesh.

    That Tribute auto really is great. I do have a Niekro auto, but it's from one of those Nabisco auto sets from the early 90s. Happy to have it, though. I think my oldest card of him is 1970 Topps.

  3. That first card is truly a beaut! RIP Knucksie.

  4. 5403.2 innings pitched. That's an incredible number. And here's a funny quote from Rich Hebner: “Hitting Niekro’s knuckleball is like eating soup with a fork.”

  5. The back of the ‘88 Score card is epic, really puts his career and stint with Braves into an amazing perspective.

  6. Wow. Incredible Niekro collection. Love that red bordered classic card. Definitely reminds me of Eddie Harris.