Sunday, July 4, 2021

Cards and a comic from Rod

Rod from Padrographs popped over one of the past weekends and kindly handed me a box of random cards as he's done several times before. I'm very lucky to be his neighbor!

There were a lot of fresh 2021 cards in there, mostly Heritage, which I was happy to see since I don't rip current product much anymore. Lots of PC needs for me.

And all the young dudes.

Haha.. More cheesy Cal Ripken Holiday Inn cards among the HOFers.

Here we've got a couple spare Padrographs, including a custom of Paul Quantrill (Cal Quantrill's pop), plus a nice pair of Gavins. That's my first non-sticker autograph of John Gavin. The holiday Lux RC was a very welcomed sight too.

Fun assortment of non-sports.

Happy 4th of July!

And Rod gave me one non-card item...

Nocterra comic book. Very cool, but what's really cool about it...

Glows in the dark! This will be going on display in my Glow-in-the-Dark Museum (basement bathroom).

Big thanks as always, Rod!


  1. Rod's trade packages are always great! Pretty cool comic book cover even though I know nothing about comics.

  2. Man, Heath Bell is a blast from the past.

  3. Man... Rod is one cool neighbor. He comes across some of the most unique items (like that glow in the dark comic). Hope both of you guys and your families have cooled off a little after that crazy heat wave.

  4. I think that anybody who's ever had any contact with Rod, would like to have him as their neighbor!