Sunday, August 20, 2023

Soaking up the Summer Sun

Ok, here's the card I got with the eBay cash I recently won from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts. I'd been after this "King of Junk Wax" for a while.

I think we're alone now; there doesn't seem to be anyone around, so I'll show you the back where it's easier to see it's the tiffany version. Pretty sweet. 

I should have picked up one of these a few years ago for less money probably, but better late than never. And Jon and I kinda hobby-bonded over Bo Jackson, specifically a '91 Fleer mod earlier this year, and so I thought it'd be fitting that I turn my winnings from him into a nice Bo card, giving it a little extra oomph. Took me a week or so to make it happen, but was able to score this one for a best-offer that factored in the shipping to use the code to cover it to the cent.

Thanks again, Jon!

Hey, on the topic of my 1991 Fleer mods (and Bo Jackson), I've got some "new variations" I'd been meaning to feature on the blog.

Getting fancy with the '91 Fleer bleaching.. New gradient fade style mixing the old and new. Nicknamed the swirl (banana/vanilla).

I also figured I'd modify the ProVisions inserts that are the highlight of the '91 Fleer set. The lines and text below the artwork are typically bold yellow, matching the base cards. So I figured.. why not? ..made a homemade variation with lightened text. It's something. Maybe it enhances the image to be freed from the distracting yellow? Granted, that was kinda boring, but then I got a fun idea...

Alternating colors kicks things up, yeah? Unfortunately I already used up both my Bo's by then, so only Big Mac and Donnie Baseball made it into this style, but I think I'll do more of these as I get ahold of more ProVisions. But this summer at my house, '91 Fleer has been taking a backseat to another set I've been messing with in the sun. Yes, this post is a hint! "Woodgrain variations" in the works, lol. Stay tuned!


  1. I personally find the alternating colors a little distracting. I don't love it in '60 Topps. I may well be in the minority with that opinion.

    I have a couple extra ProVision Mattinglys if you need.

    1. Yeah, I don't think that alternating colors would have been the right choice for Fleer or anything, just that if one were to bother modifying the cards, it's a more interesting way to do it.. helps them stand out from the official versions. And sure, please feel free to set aside any ProVisions for me.. thanks!

  2. I like the fading. I like the darker to light from top to bottom most, I think.

  3. I was looking at that Tiffany a year or two ago and thinking the exact same thing; I should've bought this sooner. Of course, I find myself thinking that with just about everything these days.

    It's nice that the '91 Fleer's have provided such an outlet for your creativity. I like the white lettering on the Pro Visions. The white/yellow lettering is an interesting look too. Like you said above, it certainly makes them stand out more.

  4. Nice work on the 91 Fleer variations!