Monday, January 8, 2024

A Completed Page of Wallet Cards

I'll nearly always "like" any social media post that pops up in my feed with the #walletcard hashtag. I love to see meaningful cards out there playing an active part in someone's life. 

I still think of myself as "the wallet card guy", but nearly a decade on, I realize I'm probably alone there and most people today don't make the association anymore. Sure guys were putting cards in their wallets since the tobacco card days, with the most famous example being Bob Costas doing so with a certain Mickey Mantle, but for what it's worth, the "wallet card craze" wasn't a thing in the modern hobby until my post on January 2, 2015, which took off further thanks to attention on social media and was really buzzing for a hot minute there. I had made it into a contest those first two or three years, sending out heavy-hitting cards as prizes to the Junior Junkie and Bo Rosny, but I don't try assume any "authority" over the concept anymore. 

But yeah, I still keep a card in my wallet and am happy to see other people doing so, too. 

It's now been 9 years for me having an annual wallet card. You know what that means: Completed page!

Looks great, fuzzy corners and all!

Tony Gwynn's 1987 Fleer was my co-pilot for 2023, and while it didn't get into a ton of adventures, it does have the distinction of being my first international wallet card, accompanying my wife and I to Greece this past September. I'll go ahead and post some photo "outtakes" that weren't good enough to be included in my big Trip to Greece post recapping the vacation, but are fine for this walletcard-centric post:

lol, I was trying to center the card.

Good times!

As for 2024, welp, I'm back with a 10th wallet card. I decided to stick with Mr. Padre, why not.

What the heck, guess I'm going for a second page!

That'll do it for today.
Are you carrying a wallet card these days?


  1. In June of 2023 we went to the White House, and I had an Allen & Ginter mini of it which I put in my wallet during the trip. There was a rubber stamp at the tour center which I stamped it with and then I put it back in the wallet. I had planned on taking it out and putting it into my highlights binder but never got around to it until the end of the December so I guess I technically had a wallet card for half of 2023.

  2. Annual page of wallet cool!

  3. Yeah I think you went way too easy on the 87'.

  4. Congratulations! Filling up a 9-pocket page is darn impressive. I've been carrying around a wallet card since you started this trend among bloggers. The only difference is that I haven't swapped them out nearly as often. In fact there's no pattern to when I'll make the switch. The last time I did it was at the end of January in 2023... so I'll probably keep using my current wallet card for at least another year or two.

  5. I don't do wallet cards, but I always enjoy seeing the "adventures" they go on!

  6. I've had a lot of fun with this idea - YOUR idea. Can't believe it's been nine years. A lot has changed since then. A fair amount of the signs and buildings I took photos of early on are gone now, so I'm glad I got them when I did.

    Your page is very cool. I've kept the same card as a wallet card, but I'm on my second copy.

    I like the new card too!

  7. I still have my one and only original wallet card in my wallet.

    I always remember you as wallet card guy, glad this has continued

  8. Your wallet card posts are ALWAYS a highlight when they appear. The Topps Gwynn All-Star from your 2020 post is the one that inspired me to start carrying my own wallet cards. The Greek trip looks great.

  9. Aside from you and Bo, and the occasional other blogger, I've not seen anyone else doing this. I guess I wasn't looking in the right places while I was still on the Twitter.