Thursday, March 13, 2014

Parallel Universe: 2014 Heritage innovates and astounds

[Grandparental Advisory: These are obviously fake, photoshopped cards. Just some silliness. For fun.]

Now let's enter the Parallel Universe and take a look at some of the incredible parallels that are in store for us in the brand-new 2014 Heritage set.

Parachute-allel /25

These parallels are printed on combat-used U.S. military parachutes. Pretty bad-ass.

Heritage Farm cookie parallel /5

Heritage and Pepperidge Farm have combined forces to bring collectors the most delicious cards to date. Milano Rivera? Paul Goldfishcracker? They're all here! The only question is will these edible cards make it into your binder or your tummy?

Micro /25,000

Minis for today's generation! If you don't have a powerful microscope handy, you'll just have to take Topps' word for it, but each pack (allegedly) contains upwards of a dozen micros, each a tenth as wide as a human hair. And look for Atomic parallels, /5! (You won't find them! They're a very tough pull! And they're too small to see!)

So go out there are get you some 2014 Heritage, boys!

And we'll see you next time.. in.. the Parallel Universe!


  1. Great post....I need to hit the outlet store and get me some Milanos now...

  2. I sure hope I pull a Tommy Milano. If I do... it's definitely going into my belly.

  3. As tough as the Atomic Micros are to pull, you can actually see them with an electron microscopes. Word on the street is that Topps sealed the redemption cards for said electron microscopes inside the box tops of hobby boxes.

  4. Topps is so tricky! First they hid Ginter 1/1's in the box lids, now they're hiding Heritage Micros in between specks of dust. Bastards!