Monday, August 25, 2014

A 12/25 Tony

I collect any card serial numbered 12/25.. "Christmas Cards" as I call them. On the 25th of each month, I like to pull out something from this eclectic minicollection to show off on the blog.

Tony Gwynn has had a renaissance lately, jumping back to the forethought of the baseball world, with renewed appreciation for what an outstanding ballplayer and human being he was. The bad news is it was his untimely death that brought it on. Us Padre fans, especially, still really miss the big guy. But as with most cases of losing someone you care about, it's best to joyously celebrate their life rather than to be down in the dumps mourning their death for too long. When you're dead, wouldn't you want your loved ones to smile about the good times, rather than be bummed out everytime they remember you?

But anyways, here's a cool Tony Gwynn card I bought a while back.

I really love this card. Vintage young Tony in those gorgeously garish brown & yellows. Nice 12/25 serial number emblazoned on the front. Sharp looking wood frame design, making the card look like a tiny plaque. The only knock against it is, obviously, the fact it's a sticker auto instead of on-card. But in this instance, I'm willing to overlook that. Still love it!

Tony was a guy who liked to "go big" when autographing cards, but he was courteous enough to restrain himself when signing stickers, keeping everything tight and within the boundaries. It's that same precision that helped him average just 29 strikeouts per 162 games over his career. He was the best. Love you, Tony!


  1. Dude, that's an awesome subset to collect. Sweet.

  2. Man, that is a sweet card! Not enough newer cards of Tony in the brown and yellow. One day, I will have a Gwynn certified auto. One day…

  3. That is such a killer card! I can admit, I've never seen this in the "base" version, let alone the auto /25. SP nailed it with this one and you have a gem in your collection. Congrats on a beauty!

  4. Thanks, guys! Yeah, it was the first time I saw it pop up on eBay and I jumped on it.

  5. You still needing them cards from 71

    1. Yep, my 71 Topps wantlist is updated and available here. DJust drop me an email if you want to work out a trade. Thanks!