Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tony Gwynn collection

Organized my T. Gwynn collection a bit today, weeding out dupes and roughly sorting by brand. Here are some photos. I'll link this post on my wantlist so prospective trade partners can have an idea of which cards I have/need.

Topps flagship

Notable needs: some later-career cards. Many OPC.

Topps other

Notable needs: whatever


Notable needs: Donruss 84, 85, 86. Later career cards. Lots of Leaf.


Notable needs: Fleer 84, 86, 87, 88, 92-up.

Upper Deck

Notable needs: UD 89, later career cards.

Score, Pinnacle, Mothers Cookies, etc

Notable needs: Score 90, 92-up.

So there you go, my Gwynns as of 8/31/14. Another 3 or 4 are not pictured because they're in complete sets. Not a bad lot, though this definitely can't hold a candle to big-time Gwynn collectors out there (Fuji, Rod, Marcus, Duff, Underdog, etc.)

My collection has gone through a coupe purges over the years. My best friend Doug was a big Gwynn collector when we were kids, with the bulk of his collection being swapped back and forth a couple times between us. That autographed 89 Score was a card Doug bought at the LCS for $20 or so back in the day. Looks legit to me. One cool purged item I wish I had back was a 1990 UD card preserved in a slab of lucite an inch or two thick. That thing was a trip.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I'm up for trading for Gwynn cards not pictured here.


  1. Right on, your Gwynn collection is looking great!

    I'll try and sort through what I've got here. I'm sure I've got at least a couple to help fill in some of your needs.

    What the heck is that Gwynn card of him looking in the mirror?!

    1. Thanks a lot. That dis card ("Tony Twynn") is some weird oddball. Got it from Ethan a while back; better photo of it here

  2. Man, just when I think I've seen all the Gwynn's. More than a dozen here that I need to track down. I've got a package heading out to you that I've already sealed (actually has ZERO Padres), but I think I might have a few I can PWE to ya.
    Is that an Islanders card in the last pic? If that's legit, I'm super jealous.

    1. Yep, that's the crown jewel of my Gwynn collection, along with the RC trifecta and 3 autos. I showed it off (well, actually a representative pic from eBay since I was away from my cards) that fateful day two and a half months ago when I was coincidentally on my way to Hawaii.

      Looking forward to the cards!

    2. I thought I remembered seeing it at some point, but I couldn't remember if it was you or Fuji. I think it's probably both. Yeah, that is totally rad.

  3. Wow. Anyone would envy that collection.

  4. Fellow Gwynn collector.
    I collect year round, but mainly update in the winter.currently around 1500 different and 7500 doubles of just Gwynn.
    If you still collect, I could help you out