Tuesday, July 11, 2017

All-Star Rod

Padrographs Rod is an All-Star-caliber trader. We've got a sweet thing going where I occasionally help him out with photoshop projects, and he returns the favor with cardboard for me. Plus he's a Padres fan like myself and the fact that he lives just a few minutes away is perfect since we can cut out the mailman from the equation.

Earlier this month, Rod dropped off a nice reusable grocery bag full of cards, highlighted by a targeted strike on my wantlist that I've already posted about, but now this post will show off the best of the rest.

Looks like Rod got in on a 2017 Museum Collection group break with the Padres slot, netting Wil Myers and Hunter Renfroe base cards and a few parallels. (Can't help but wonder if Rod scored any big hits in the break.)

I'm happy to get to "prospector" status with Luis Urias, a young stud the Padres have high hopes for.

Note that the Topps logo isn't foil on these 2017 Topps cards.. yep, this is a near-complete Padres team set.

Here are some highlights from what I assume was another group break Rod took part in, this time for 2017 Topps Series 2.

Big lots of San Diego legends Bip Roberts and Tony Gwynn.

Also included was the bulk of a '17 Archives blaster. Lots of keepers for me here.

A pair of coins, too.

And these are likely some highlights from a blaster of Series 2.

A bunch of 2017 Bowman with some good stuff in it.

And there was some non-baseball stuff that caught my eye, too. Police dog oddballs, the Dream Team, and even Vanilla Ice making a return appearance on my blog.

Thanks as always, Rod! Great stuff!


  1. The yellow Museum parallel of Wil Myers works well with the Padres uniform. Overall a nice batch of cards!

  2. sweet stuff! i already called Rod a show-off. He's just confirming it here.