Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stargell, Star Wars, and Sopranos (trades n such)

Here I'm watching the finale of The Sopranos. I hate watching more than one "heavy" show at a time, so really wanted to finish it off before Game of Thrones comes back this weekend.

Some good fellas sent me trade packages I couldn't refuse this past week, over here.

Love these customized penny sleeves from Brian at Collecting Cutch from this runner-up prize for posting my favorite PC guy Top 10 Cards a few weeks back. These are going into my Cutch PC as-is!

Trouts and a Harper. Nice!

Xander! So close to a final All-Star spot. Keep it up, kid!

Nice selection of recent random Padres.

And the hits from Brian include a random auto (Ji-Man Choi, currently on the Yankee's bench) and a beautiful Christmas Card of Willy Garcia (made his MLB debut with the White Sox earlier this year).

Very nice. Big thanks for your generosity, Brian! I'll keep an eye out for rare Cutches for ya.

-  - - ---o

Next up is a PWE from Sport Card Collectors.

Loved this Billy Williams red parallel from '17 Archives when I saw it on SCC's blog and said I'd be happy to take it. I think it's a great looking card. I essentially traded a base Aaron Judge Archives RC for it. Will it turn out to be a dumb deal on my part? We'll see! Oh well, it was a dupe for me, anyways. This Sweet-Swinging Billy is #'d 11/25 (Sometimes-Thanksgiving Card?).

A couple Wils and an Anderson. Think I've already got the Myerses, but lovin' that Espinoza refractor (/499).

(Oh good, a main bad guy just got killed. Was hoping for that. #Sopranos)

SCC also threw back to a couple old-tyme Padres. While I don't like buybacks that much, one cool thing with them is they allow you to add cards to dormant PCs of guys who haven't had new ("new") cards in decades. As is the case with that Dave Staton '91 Bowman.

And when I first saw the back of that '71, I was excited to get an upgrade to my 1971 Topps set, and funny to say but I was a little disappointed when I turned it around and saw it was autographed. LOL. (Nobody ever sends me vintage set needs!) Don't really know the name Bob Barton. But nice card, anyway.

Big thanks, SCC!

- - - ----o

Next is a PWE from reader T. Henson.

Good stuff. Needed that Altuve. Think I might've needed that Bryce. Pretty sure I've got the Floyd.

And a few more Myerses. Pretty sure I've already got these, but I appreciate the thought regardless. In fact, inspired by this trade package, I'm going to go ahead and move Wil Myers off my active wantlist into my 100 Card Club (I haven't actually counted yet, but I'm pretty sure he's in.) Boom.

Thanks, T! I'll get some Indians off to you ASAP.

- - - - --------------o

(Tony Soprano always reminds me of my old friend Chris, and not just because he's a big, balding white guy.
I can't believe Jr. lasted the whole series! #sopranos)

Last pack for the day is from Matt over at Heartbreaking Cards. I think this was our first trade, though I've read his blog for a long time. I hooked him up with cards for his freshly started Bill Madlock PC. He hit me back with a great selection:

Fantastic lot of Willie Stargell.

(Oh shit, "Don't Stop Believing" started. #Sopranos)

Kitty Kaat! Pretty sure I needed all these.

Love Dick Williams. Think I had that '88, but the All-Time Sox card is new for sure.

Dick Allen in the house! Some upgrades for me here, including the Kmart card with a clean back (my previous copy had a gum stain on the back).

And the centerpiece of the package: a bunch of Star Wars 40 needs. Would love to finish off his set before my big b-day coming up near the end of the year. I'm now 30 cards short. Anybody with available cards to trade from this set, check out my wantlist and drop me a line!

(quick cut to black. The end. #Sopranos)

Thanks, Matt!!

RIP Tony. RIP my Uncle Joe.
Thanks for reading.