Monday, September 25, 2017

Retail Success! (Bellingers from the grocery store)

I had a grocery store coupon for "$10 off when you spend $40"... Which for us card collectors translates to "Buy 1 blaster, get a 2nd blaster for ½ off." The past couple weeks, they didn't have any interesting baseball cards available and the coupon went unused (booze was not applicable for the coupon, sadly). But this past weekend there were a few 2017 Topps Heritage High Number blasters and 2017 Bowman Mega Boxes. Good enough for me! I grabbed one of each.

The Mega Boxes are only $14.99 (not quite a full blaster), but after a gallon of milk, a box of cereal, and a few jalapeƱos, I was over the $40 total and in the clear for my ten bucks off.

Were the boxes good to me? Yes, they were pretty solid! Let's check out the highlights...

Hello! Commander Cody is the best base card you can hope to pull from '17 HHN, so I was happy to land it in the 2nd pack. NL rookie home run record breaker. Juiced ball or not, gotta respect that!

Turns out I grabbed a Purple Refractor hot box! Got one of these per pack. Unfortunately no marquee names among them, but still a nice treat.

A couple High Number high numbers (SPs, >700) plus a dark-back parallel.

As a Padres fan, I was happy to pull the Allen Cordoba RC (a Rule 5 fleecing from the Cardinals) and the Renfroe insert and Solarte. (Bummer that Luis Torrens didn't make the checklist.)

Some other notables. I collect Lindor, but the rest are available for trade.

Ok, I had typed up some "political" stuff here, spurred on by the Bruce Maxwell pull. But instead I think I'll just simply say that racism sucks and I hate this joke of a president Russia saddled us with.
But yeah, plenty of other cards available for trade if anyone's working on the set or trying to finish off a team set.. just let me know.

Next onto the Bowman mega box...

YES!! Two-for-two in pulling Bellingers! Chrome parallel here. Silly puffer-fish facial expression aside, very happy to pull this card.

And another! A shiny one, at that! With 3 Bellingers pulled from 2 boxes, there was no buyer's remorse to be had. Can't beat that! Those 3 cards alone pretty much covered my $25 purchase price. I've made a couple different customs featuring Cody Bellinger, but these are my first real cards of his.

The rest of my bonus Chrome mega box refractor pack pulls were decent too, with Clint Frazier, Brent Honeywell, and a #'d Ronald Guzman among them. While I'm not a huge fan of this "Autobot logo" style refractor Topps has been overusing this year, still gotta admit they look pretty cool when the light is dancing off them.

A Gavin and some other notable young'uns and guys I collect.

Some solid Chrome parallels among them.

And before we wrap it up.... Pa'DOW:

I sure don't pull autos from retail very often.. Hell, as far as non-promised autographs go, this might only be my 2nd or 3rd such pull ever! I don't think Domingo Acevedo is exactly a big-name prospect, but he's on track to make it up to the Bronx in the next year or two if he keeps pitching like he has been. I'll probably hold onto this stickergraph unless Zippy really wants it.

So yeah, I'm glad I had that $10-off coupon to motivate me to pick up these 2 boxes. They definitely provided me with some good cards. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I would say you did very well for yourself. A nice pair of boxes!

  2. Wait. You can buy baseball cards at the grocery store? Wow.
    I hear Heritage is a fun break and it seems like you did nicely with both products. Congrats!

  3. Nice Frazier. Like that!

    Nice pulls on the Bellinger

  4. I'm curious where you found the Bowman value box? I remember hearing about them in the spring but I can't remember where they're available. Looks like that coupon did you well.

    1. I thought I remember hearing they were Target exclusives or something like that, but no, this one was in the small card section of my local grocery store, which is a Fred Meyer (which is under the Kroger corporate umbrella.)

  5. You did great! The Acevedo is a very good pull. He's a rising prospect and like you said, not far off from the Bronx.

  6. Solid blasters! The coupon is the icing on the cake. Congratulations.

  7. WOOF! That ACEvedo is a great pull, is it serial numbered?

    I'd love a shot at it but first I'd need to make it worth your while and I'll need to see if I have anything good enough.

  8. Whoa!!! Congrats on the retail magic. Glad you got a couple of Bellingers

  9. Fred Meyer Mojo! (I've also had some nice pulls from packs I've purchased at Fred Meyer)

  10. Nice! If that Teoscar is still around, I could use him. Couldn't find any HHN around here this year.