Sunday, September 3, 2017

Willie Stargell PC

Pops is easily one of my favorite old-timers to collect. Great combination of both a bad-ass and a teddy bear.. Gotta love him.

Recently picked up this nice autograph. I already owned a couple different Stargell autos, but they're both unlicensed plus one is sort of faded. So it was nice to "upgrade" to a card with logos and a sharp, bold signature.

Well, they're not that bad.

While I'm showing these off, might as well turn this into a Player Collection Post and show off the other Stargell cards I've got.

1960s. I need to pony up for a '63 floating-heads RC one of these days.


Early 80s, the end of his playing days. Among my needs are his two "sunset" cards: 1983 Donruss and 1983 Fleer.

Some 80s miscellany.

Front Row 5-card set, plus 2 promos. Seems that unlicensed cards could get away with more back then. Wish Panini could at least sneak in some partial jersey lettering these days.

Some stuff from the 90s. I'd like to complete that '91 Donruss puzzle someday. Maybe even two of them so I could have one to punch-out and put together.

2000s represented here.

2010s Part 1: Topps retro designs (mostly Archives).

And the rest of the 2010s.

Raided from my vintage sets/setbuilds. Depending on how strict your personal collecting rules are, these cards might not technically be "in my Willie Stargell PC" but the bottom line is they're Willie Stargell cards that I own. But yeah, wouldn't mind getting doubles of these three someday so I could keep one with the set and one with the PC.

And from out of my Archives Reserve Master Setbuild, twin blasts from 2001 and 2002 Topps Archives Reserve, base card plus jersey relic.

Here's the only "1/1" type item I've got in the Stargell PC, an original color negative from the Topps Vault. From his stint as a coach with the Braves. Maybe you remember it from the time I tried to make it into a meme...

And here are my dupes.. available for trade. Want any?

I'm definitely interested in any Willie Stargell cards I need, so hit me up for a trade if you've got any available.



  1. Love the SP Signature, and that's a Pops collection that pops!

  2. nice pops! i like the front row cards (hadn't seen them before) especially the reverse negative card! i am happy to have seen him play, and more impressively, take batting practice before the games. he hit the ball real hard.

  3. I will have to see if I have any Stargell cards to add to your next stack of cards for trade.

  4. Stumbling upon Stargell's '64 Topps card in a dollar box a few months ago is still one of my better finds of the year thus far. He, too, has always been one of my favorite older guys to collect, and the '73 has long been a centerpiece in my binders.

  5. Sweet collection of Stargells! I've recently started to reorganize my collection and was thinking about putting together a list of my favorite autographs. The 1999 SP Signature autograph would definitely make the list. I love the design (Top 5 all-time in my humble opinion).

  6. Great collection, thanks for sharing. I have all of his regular Topps cards from 71-82, and some others from that time, like the 1972 card of the HR leaders. Outside that timeframe, I don't have many; my oldest, though, is the 1965 Topps, not in great shape.

  7. Love the Pops PC. I'll have to send you some in the next shipment I send out.