Sunday, April 21, 2019

Thanksgiving on Easter

I got a bunch of cards over the past week from generous trader buddies.

First up are some cards Padrographs Rod kindly handed off to me at the card show last weekend.

Sharp looking Yelich insert and/or parallel from 2019 Donruss! He's been crushing it again this year. Of course every time I hear about him hitting a homerun, it just bums me out because he went homerless on the day I entered in a "Topps Home Run Challenge" code for him earlier in the season. LOL

More 2019 Donruss.

GQ in the house.

Cool to see the tarot cards back for another year.

740 home runs between these two legends of the game. Ok, maybe Joe Pepitone isn't quite a legend, but still a neat name from back in the day. Before getting this custom from Rod, I wasn't aware Pepitone was ever in the Padres organization. Turns out his MLB career ended in 1973, but he attempted a comeback in 1976 with San Diego, but wrapped up his career after 13 games in AAA.

Padrographs! Especially cool to get that iconic Tim Flannery surfboard card with a signature. I know Rod was on a quest to get a few of those signed for a binder project, so he must have ended up with an extra.

Rod's stack of cards concludes with this imported Brian Giles. Very cool addition to my PC of the best baseball player to come out of my hometown. 2006 Konami cards are tough to find these days-- only one card from this set is currently available on COMC (Mark Teixeira).

Awesome stuff.. thanks, Rod!

-   -  - ---o

Speaking of additions to my Brian Giles collection, gcrl surprised me with a one-card PWE featuring this cool Cracker Jack auto.

Much appreciated.. thanks, Jim!

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Another one-card PWE, Mike at Wax Pack Hero got in touch letting me know he had a card on my Double Dozen and would be happy to send it over in exchange for checking out his blog and adding it to my blogroll. Sounds like a good deal to me!

This is a card I wanted because it's a perfect upgrade for my We Didn't Start The Fire binder for the "Moon Shot" entry. (I still need a good Woodstock card and unfortunately the Woodstock card in this same insert set doesn't say "Woodstock" on the front, so it's not ideal.)

Thanks again, Mike!

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Last up today is a mailer from cardsphere treasure Dimebox Nick. Nick's note mentioned he hadn't sent me anything in a while, but by my records, he sent me a nice package just back in January that I still haven't hit him back for, so I'll have to dig up a decent return for him soon.

The Brian Giles theme continues with a pair of cards here, plus little bro, Marcus. Kevin Maas minor league cards always make my heart sing.

Gwynn and some oddballs. Very nice.

2019 cards on good cardstock.

More '19 Donruss and some older stuff. The '70 cards of a couple top guys-I-collect are Canadian imports.. Ya down wit' OPC? Yeah, you know me!

Today's top sluggers. Bummer to see Judge back on the DL (or "IL" as it's been changed to this year, which I'm not happy about because I keep getting confused thinking players are going to Illinois.)

Sweet '19 parallels/inserts.

I've still yet to rip any 2019 cards-- fighting the urge to buy retail (or hobby, for that matter)-- so I appreciate the PC needs I get from guys like Nick and Rod. Young stud Juan Soto shown here in both original and Opening Day flavor.

Springer and Snell.

Fan favorites gone too soon, Kirby Puckett and Rod Beck.

Been a while since I've gotten new cards to add to my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset. All 3 of these were needs. The trio has gotten me past the 600-card threshold, though I'm still not to 50% complete yet. Geez!

BTW, did you see where recently the Mike Trout 1/1 canary parallel (yellow diamond) was just recently pulled from an old pack of 2011 Update? Wow, that's a modern card that's right up there with the T206 Honus, if you ask me.

Last card from Nick is a Nomar. The real story here is on the back..


This Christmas Card wraps up my Thanksgiving on Easter.
Very cool. Thanks again, Nick!

Thanks for reading, everybody, and Happy Easter! 🐣


  1. Have to disagree with you only about one thing. Joe Pepitone is a legend....and he's my cousin too, so I have to pick up a copy of that awesome Padres card! Had no idea he tried a comeback with them...

  2. Obviously I don't read so good. Cool custom of Pepitone. I'm jealous.

  3. Glad you enjoyed! I picked up the Nomar from a dime box without checking the back -- once I saw it was numbered 12/25, I knew where it had to go!

  4. I have a home run challenge card of Bryce Harper, but I've been skeptical of using it for a little while. I used one last year and the game got rained out. Nevertheless, the card counted for that game and I couldn't use it again.

  5. Some great cards there. I am with you on the not buying retail/hobby packs or wax boxes this year. At least not any 2019's. So far I haven't caved on any boxes or packs. Happy Easter!

  6. Happy Easter and great additions!

  7. Wow, lots of goodness there. I really like the Giles auto.

  8. I hadn't heard about the canary Trout but good god, that could command some serious coin!

  9. Awesome cards! Do you have a Trout for the Frankenset?

    1. Sadly, no. I may have missed the boat there. If I'm ever gonna finish this project, I'll probably have to pony up painfully, or wait for the chance his card prices drop, like if he has a down/injured year sometime.

  10. Do you know what type of parallel/technology that Yelich highlight card is? I’ve been looking for a card with that technology for my shiny binder, but can’t tell if it is the regular version of the insert, and photos on eBay lead me to believe that it’s some type of parallel, but I have no clue what it is called.

    1. Sorry, I'm not sure. I poked around a bit, but didn't find what it's called. Good luck.

  11. I think I may have found it after doing some more googling. I believe it is a Vector parallel.