Sunday, April 14, 2019

Card Show Quarterboxing from the 60s

Time for another batch of cards I snapped up from a quarter box at the card show.

Before we hit the '60s baseball cards, I wanted to show off this Tiger Woods card numbered 19/35 that was also among my 25¢ bounty. He just won his first Masters since 2005, which is pretty crazy. I don't follow golf or collect golf cards, but couldn't pass up a low numbered card of an all-time great for that price (though it's a thick card and the corners are a bit dinged.)

Happy with this 1960 All-Star Rookie card of Jim Perry, who would win the Cy a decade later. The card had some wax spots on the front, but it cleaned up real nice after a minute with the hair dryer.

1961 features a sweet trio.. HOFer Robin Roberts, rookie of future MVP Zoilo Versalles, and an LL highlighted by Warren Spahn.

Just one 1962 card, the Red Sox team card.

No 1963 card caught my eye, but I got a few from 1964. Note that the Harmon Killebrew LL was not from the 25¢ but rather I from another dealer's $2 box...

I'm over 72% complete with 1964 Topps now.

I pretty much ignored all 1965 Topps in the box since I've already completed it and didn't want to take the time to check for upgrades for me. Nice trio of '66 Topps.

I ended up with several '67 Topps cards. Vintage Willie Mays marked checklist card for a quarter! A couple big rookie trophies, too. I first picked up a poor condition Bobby Murcer rookie, and later dug up a better condition one but forgot to take the worse one out of my stack.

More '67s. I already had that Richie Allen, and probably didn't need to grab this water-damaged one, but couldn't pass it up.

Some from 1968. I put Ed in my stack because it was a somewhat high number (#552). Many of these pickups are intended as trade fodder, but some will find a place in my collection. The only set I'm working on out of these is '64 Topps.

The '68 Brooks Robinson All-Star might have been the card I was most surprised to see in the quarter boxes.. it's in pretty good condition, too!-- for that price, I'd expect there to be a kid's name scribbled on the back, but no! Accidentally picked up 2 of the '67 ERA Leaders card, but not a bad one to have a dupe of.

A cool thing about picking up Pirates team cards from the 60s is you're also getting a playing-days Clemente!

We close out the decade with five cards from 1969. Al Oliver rookie-- I already had one, but couldn't resist grabbing another, even if it's creased in the middle. And I think I might already have the strikeout leaders card in both my Bob Gibson and Fergie Jenkins PCs, but I'm not going to pass up a third copy for a quarter. Pilots cards are always fun. I might have to start a PC for the great No Neck Williams. As for John Donaldson, I think this is one '69 Topps card that went to Woodstock. Whoa.. far out, man!

Thank you for reading and all the best to you.


  1. Pretty sweet cards to find in quarter boxes!

  2. Great pickups. Enough to talk trade? I picked up a ton of '76-'80 in a pickup I haven't blogged about yet. I'd be happy to send a lot over to you, a little bit less to catalog and put away. Send me an email!

  3. Me thinks that you're gonna start hearing from a lot of people who are gonna be interested in trading for some of this stuff :)

  4. You had me at Zoilo Versalles' rookie card!