Friday, May 24, 2019

A Clutch from Cutch

I've been slacking on sending out return trade packages lately, but I'm hoping to set aside some time this long weekend to knock a few names off my "People I Owe Cards To" list. And a new name to add to that list is Brian over at Collecting Cutch after he surprised me with a team bag of cards the other day.

Dig the customized top-loaders! One definition of the word clutch is "a hatch of eggs"-- hence this post title.. but instead of some eggs, it's some cards. Maybe it's a stretch, but hey, the "save the turtles" reference brings it all together. Kinda. Turtles lay eggs, after all. And I like turtles.

I'm always down to accept any McCutchen dupes I might be able to fit into my PC, but the real star of the package was this pair. The doodling probably gives away their secrets, but if you need help driving the point home...

The serial numbers are circled on the back. Both 12/25! Sweet!

Here are the cards unobscured. The Dan Uggla is a red refractor, and not only is it a Christmas Card, but also a need for my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset!

And the other card is none other than Brian Giles, a guy who went to my high school.

So these cards are both "double bullseye" hits for my collection-- not just any random 12/25 cards (which I would have still been very much into), but ALSO respectively a setbuild need and a top guy I collect. Awesome!

A closer look at the holly jolly serial-numbering.
Christmas is already just 7 months away, can you believe it?

Thanks so much, Brian! I'll do my best to round up some cards for you soon to return the favor.

Have a pleasant holiday weekend, everyone.


  1. Awesome cards! Brian is such a great dude and always thinking of others.

  2. quite fun! i don't want to think of Christmas when summer has yet to make an entrance here.

  3. I like turtles too! Lol. Thanks for the video clip. Totally took my mind off of cards for a few seconds and produced a huge morning chuckle.

    P.S. Nice CC care package!

  4. You could've had "Clutch Cardboard from Cutch" as the title to get more pageviews.

    1. No doubt! A sacrifice for artistic integrity, I guess. :P

  5. I absolutely love that custom "turtles" toploader!