Sunday, May 12, 2019

cardboard from mr haverkamp and beyond

I was graced with a surprise package of cards from friendly cardsphere reader mr haverkamp the other day. Let's take a look!

Tim Flannery 1987 Bohemian Hearth Bread! Sweet! My needs for this regional oddball set are now down to just one: Dave Dravecky. And Flan here is in incredible shape, especially considering these cards originally came thrown in with a loaf of bread. Creases, dinged corners, and staining are par for the course, but amazingly this one looks suitable for grading.

And I figured this was a good card to feature on Mother's Day since one of the first baseball cards I ever got was a Steve Garvey from this set thanks to being included in a loaf of bread my mom bought, back before I was collecting cards at all. She was never super supportive of my hobby, but she never threw out my cards or forbid me from spending my allowance on them or anything. She was reluctantly onboard with me collecting cards if it made me happy.

But yeah, this is a neat set with strong sentimental attachment for me, so I'm looking forward to finally completing it one of these days. I still have that original Garvey from back in the day, so this is my longest-running setbuild by far-- 32 years and counting.

Also in the package were 3 needs from '75 Topps, serendipitously all in my favorite color combination: "green grass" on the bottom and "blue sky" on top. Beautiful.

And a half dozen '77 Topps needs, funny enough all Expos.

Some 1980 Topps for upgrades for my set, plus dupes for PCs of Sparky Anderson and Dick Williams.

And here's an '88 Topps George Brett that was on my Desperate Double Dozen. I consider '88 Topps among my least favorite Topps flagship sets*, and so despite billions of them out there in circulation, I don't have many in my collection. So I need to fill in some PC holes like this one.

*I mean, the design is fine. There are some nice looking cards like Brett here. The backs are drab. Could have been a pretty cool set if it wasn't so crazy over-produced.. and maybe throw a Griffey "1st Draft Pick" card to give it a special boost.. Then that would have been a pretty solid set.

Big thanks, mr haverkamp! Much appreciated. I'll try to hit you back soon.

- - ---o

And here are some bonus vintage additions for this post.

I found a couple PC dupes to put towards my '76 setbuild. Great to be able to check off this pair of fan favorites.

A couple '57 eBay pickups. The Colavito rookie has a dirty back, which kept the price down, but I'll likely upgrade it someday. The Bob Rush was snagged for next to nothing thanks to another recent $3-off coupon code. Now at an even 300 cards acquired.. the set is coming along, slowly but surely.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!


  1. Replies
    1. I usually hear about the $3-off coupons on Twitter... one of the few benefits that site! ha. They're usually only active for a day or two.

  2. That Flannery is cool! I wonder if Rod has a copy for his Flannery collection. I'm off to COMC to see if I can score one for him... and check to see if there's a Gwynn in the set as well.

    1. Oh dang. There's a Gwynn on COMC... but there's no way I'm dropping $40 for it. Sadly there isn't a Flannery for sale on the site.

    2. Yeah, these cards can be tough! Even if money was no object and I could drop fat ca$h on the Dravecky I need to finish my set, I don't know anywhere it's currently for sale. Just gotta play the waiting game. The Gwynn probably pops up most frequently since he's the biggest name in the set, but still not cheap.

    3. Sounds like these are the Padres version of the 1981 Granny Goose A's cards... but possibly even harder to find. Very interesting. Hadn't heard of this set until this post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great set pickups and I will show off soon what I did with the $3. Of course no where near what you did lol