Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Shining Time

Time to tuck into my latest COMC shipment. I had been loading up my inventory since last Black Friday, and finally hit the 100-card threshold to get the $5 kickback. Now my question is will I be able to load up another 100 in time for the free shipping this Black Friday weekend? Probably not.

My last post showed off a Nettles refractor from 2004 Topps Retired. My love for those cards bled over to 2004 Topps Chrome and its black refractors.

I decided to hit the Chrome-Town Heroes relics hard (the only black refractor insert set that year). Big names here. I'm now down to needing only Pujols to finish off these relics.

Also snagged a few of the non-hit black refractors. Wily Mo Pena sighting! Ok, I snuck in an Earl Weaver from 2004 Retired that I scored on eBay into this bunch. I already had one of the 25, but when this seller didn't mention in the listing that it was a refractor (or numbered /25), I was able to land it for a good price because I can't help myself. It's available for trade.

Moving on to another set now... I've been appreciating 2015 Bowman more and more over the past few years, specifically the parallels. It's just a pleasing design that only gets better in hindsight over the years as the designs for that product go further off the rails. Maybe someday if I ever finish my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset (btw, big update on that quest coming coming soon.. yep!), maybe I'll try my hand at a 2015 Bowman frankenset. I would probably do it one-card-per-player (rather than go by numbering) mashup of Bowman, Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft. Just an idea I'm kicking around. Anyways, these are 3 inexpensive autos I was able to find on COMC for a buck or two each.
Trace Loehr - Hitting .294 in the minors currently.. hey, he might make the show someday.
Jeff Degano - Yankees 2nd-rounder who flamed out in 2017. Bummer.
Cory Spangenberg - Padres 1st-rounder who never quite put it together in SD. Currently in AAA with the Brewers and putting up solid numbers. Could get a call-up if Milwaukee is hit by injuries down the stretch.

Love them wave refractors! A couple solid names here with the Vogelmoster and Orlando Arcia.

And let's close with another pair of autos which might be more exciting at a quick glance. Yep, my Red Sox collection is boosted by a Betts 1st Bowman auto! Wait, what's that? Wrong Betts? Dang. Oh well.

Ok, how about a hot prospect auto of Padres infielder named Fernando! Oh wait, that's not Tatis, Jr. LOL

Looks like Jordan is out baseball, while Perez is currently playing in Mexico. Oh well, they were cheap and I still like the shiny cards.


  1. Reach for the speed,
    Reach for the whistle
    Go where the rail may run
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    To a Shining Time Station
    Where dreams can come true
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    Your own imagination
    Waiting there for you

  2. Oh man! You returned your Williams auto and went fishing for a Trout, didn't you?!?!

  3. Lots of shine here. Lots of goodies too.

  4. I'll never claim to be an expert on Red Sox prospects, but I've never even heard of Jordan Betts. Researched and found he got released by the AA team in January.

  5. There’s something about 2004 Chrome Refractors... I can’t get enough of these Gavin!