Saturday, September 7, 2019

Night Owl and Johnny with the hookup

Got a couple packages from the cardsphere recently. Let's check 'em out.

First up is papa bear Night Owl, hitting me back for a tough Kemp insert I hunted down for him a little while ago.

A bunch of 1970 Topps needs! Unexpected vintage is always great to receive. I've still got a long way to go with this set.

More set needs for me here with '74 Topps (104 cards left to go) and a '84 Donruss (34 left to go).

My '88 Fleer setbuild is chugging along nicely thanks to this lot. Highlights here are HOFer Don Sutton and a Ron Gant rookie.

The bulk of the package was a big starter lot of 1991 ProSet SuperStars MusiCards. Oh man, I love these! In fact, I've decided I'm gonna start a separate set blog for this set. Yep, a post per card. Expect it to debut this Rocktober. Hopefully I can complete the set by then. If you've got any of these available (or cards from the other sets I've mentioned so far), check out my wantlist and please get in touch if you wanna work out a trade.

There were also a few of these dummy/blank cards, which might have been just for keeping the cards packed tight, but I like receiving these as they're good for turning into sketchcards. I haven't been feeling too artistic lately, but I like to have a surplus of these on hand for when the creative urge strikes. One of these days I'm gonna go nuts and crank out a bunch of sketchcards over the span of a couple days.. you just wait.

Thanks for the cards, Greg!

-     -    -    -   -   -  ---o

The other incoming cards that I got in the past couple weeks (not counting purchases) were from John Miller at Johnny's Trading Spot. Sidenote, it must be liberating to be able to use your full name online and not have to worry about it. There aren't many [if any] other dudes in the world with my first/last name combo, so I tend to try to be a little more private with it. But "John Miller".. shiiii... thousands of dudes with that name! Let it fly.

Anyways, these cards were my prize for being one of the several winners in his recent blogiversary contest.

A pair of Myers and a Giles.

Johnny always has Gavins for me. That minor league card was a treat.

A couple 2011 Topps parallels, which if you haven't noticed, have been bolstered in my collection recently. One of these was a need and the other I already had.... because John already sent it to me years ago, lol. Whatever, I'm cool with being his go-to guy for these. While I'm just over halfway thru with this project according to my spreadsheet, in actuality the cards are pretty much all unsorted and with tons of dupes mixed in.. one of these years I'll sort it out and have a fat stack of dupes to trade.

Wrapping up with a Gold Story and a pretty girl. Hey, I married a pretty Wilkins girl myself! But no relation to Maci, as far as I know.

Had to show off the backside, too. Looks like her butt got a little sandy, but she should rinse off just fine.

Thanks, John!

-- - ---o

Stop the presses: we have a late entry for this roundup of incoming cards!

You might remember the Pirates-centric blog Big 44 Cards from a few years ago? Well, Nate is back after a few years away, with his blog rebranded as The Buc Stops Here. Good to see him blogging again!

Nate caught my recent post about 2011 Topps parallels and kindly checked his inventory to see if he had any I needed. A PWE from him just showed up moments ago.

Nice! A Cutch appearance highlights this pair of needs.

Thanks, Nate! Much appreciated.

And thanks to the rest of you all for reading.

One last thing.. Happy Birthday to my pup Annie Lou who turned 7 today.


  1. I have that Maci Wilkins card. Found it a garage sale.

    I hope you can get the MusiCards set completed by then, I'd be interested in following that blog. There is also a UK version of this set and I've completed that one. I'm still 3 cards or so short of finishing the U.S. set.

    1. I cheated a bit by buying complete Series 2 and the UK edition on eBay (good deal.. under $15 total shipped together..though still waiting on them to arrive), so I just need to round up the few missing from Series 1.

  2. Happy Birthday Annie Lou! I've got one of those Maci Wilkins promos sitting in my collection as well.

  3. I have lots of singles from Pro Set Music cards let me know what you need. I also have a bunch of brockum rock cards if you need any of them.

  4. Lots of things to like in this post. Nice Cutch cameo provided by Nate.