Saturday, November 9, 2019

card show corrosion

Thanks to everyone who's given me condolences for the loss of my pooch. I appreciate it. The cardsphere is a great bunch of folks.

I was on the fence about going to the monthly card show today, and it went down to the wire, but after breakfast, I decided to throw on some real pants head out. It turned out to be a light day for me as far as my wallet was concerned, as I think I only spent $11. But I brought home a bunch of cheap cards I can use.

Most of my time was spent at a nickelbox that featured a 25-for-$1 deal, and ended up with 125 cards for $5 (working out to 4¢ each).

I'd snag any certified auto for 4 cents, but with Heath Bell being a notable Padre.. slapped that down on my stack ASAP. And the McGriff tickles me as it's a rare example of a player spitting on his card.

Probably my favorite pickup of the day was this 1970 Kellogg's Richie Allen. Not perfect condition, but at just 4 cents, hell yeah.

Some more 4-cent cards.

I also bought a few 50¢ cards...

This shiny Manon Rheaume was a National exclusive from 1993.

Good stuff.

Bo #/1000. Griffey and Mantle #/150, though the Moments & Milestones set barely counts for serial numbered cards.

And some Ted Williams cards that are also kinda numbered.

Numbers on the bottom, though it doesn't say out of how many.

And that's about it. Thanks for reading.


  1. I missed your earlier post, but my condolences. Such a tough thing. Glad you got out and about at the card show.

  2. Holy crap, the Bell auto, 1st Bowman Gregorius, and especially that Richie Allen at 4 cents each!

  3. Wow that was some nickel box. I'll have to check out my copy of that McGriff card, never noticed the spitting.

  4. I paid $2 for my copy of that Didi rookie, so nice snag there! I, too, never knew about the spitting on that McGriff rookie. Have to track that one down.

  5. I think that's the 2nd time I've seen that gorgeous Satchel Paige card in the last couple weeks on the blog. Nice pick-ups overall.

  6. Lots of great 4 cent finds there! Your decision to put on "real pants" and leave the house paid off!

  7. A 4¢ Heath Bell autograph? That's awesome! But yeah... the 70K Richie Allen is a tad bit awesomer. Nice finds Gavin!

  8. Jealous on the Bo, Manon, and Mays PIC that I need. Love the Locklears too. I'm two away.