Monday, May 11, 2020

Michael Jordan PC

Michael Jordan and his cards are suddenly super hot right now thanks to The Last Dance miniseries on ESPN. I'd like to watch it, but we don't get that network. I'll probably track it down one of these days somewhere, but for now I just see whatever the reaction chatter on Twitter is about.

I'm not a big basketball collector, but I've got a little Jordan PC. And I need a quick/lazy post, so here it is.

Ooh, these are in top-loaders. The Tar Heels card was scored back in my Listia days.

More cards. I like that Team USA one. Think it was in a lot of those things I got from a(n entire) dimebox purchase at a card show a few years back.

Some more. Any of these worth anything? Probably no hidden gems to make me rich, but oh well.

Whoops, looks like a dupe snuck in. Better put it on eBay asap!

This is a little boxed set from Nike I picked up for a few cents at a card show last year. 
R.I.P. Little Richard.

Closing out with some oddballs and baseball cards. The '91 Upper Deck is a card I pulled as a kid, a treasured highlight of my O.G. collection. The mini Little League card was something I made a few years back for no real reason. Technically the Bo and Frank Thomas shared cards are from those respective PCs, but plucked them out for the photo op... both Broders gotten cheap at card shows.

That's it. Nothing worth much, but it's a respectable little collection for someone such as myself who doesn't really collect basketball. Would love to score an autograph sometime, but won't be anytime soon.


  1. As probably the biggest basketball collector on the blogosphere, I can tell you that the Nike cards are rare enough I've never actually seen them in person...

  2. Nice cards. Really like that Coke MJ from UNC.

  3. Ahh that bootleg "Jordan '90" set takes me back to my teenage years going to / working at shows.

  4. Not bad at all! I will show off some of mine at some point. I feel this has turned into a blog bat around. I have four of those to catch up on. May have to make it a weeks worth of posts.

  5. Love that Nike trading card set. I used to have the Jordan holding Mars Blackmon poster hanging on my wall back in the day.

  6. I really like non-traditionally baseball players on baseball cards, so I have a small collection of Mike with the White Sox (and Brimingham Barons), but my basketball Jordan collection hasn't grown since I was 9 or 10 years old. I used to hate Jordan growing up because he beat up on some of my favorite players (Drexler, Barkley, Magic, Ewing) but now I can appreciate his ability and ambition.