Sunday, October 23, 2022

Padres cards

hey guys. 

Got this cool Tony Gwynn from a recent (final?) box of Padres from Padrographs Rod. He said between me and Fuji he had pretty much trimmed his collection down to just the Padrographs.

Funny enough, I also have artist Matt Taylor's version of Rickey Henderson's rookie card, the only Project 2020 card I bought. (that's a lie, I eventually picked up a cheap Nolan Ryan that had a huge printrun because it was bundled with that Shore Griffey that sold way too many.)

Cool, thanks Rod! There was plenty of other good stuff in the box, but I think the cardroom window-replacement disruption displaced them before I took photographic evidence.

Then he recently surprised me with this great Rod Beck auto in a PWE. Yep, a Rod from Rod. Love the green ink!

I think there's another PWE from Rod waiting for me at home, but I'm currently alone in a hotel room in Louisville dealing with stuff you deal with when you're alone in a hotel room at the end of a rough day... the Padres heartbreaking loss today being just the icing on top of a self-loathing shitcake. Oh, and I also lost out on a "whale" card of mine this evening that broke my heart nearly as much as the Padres loss. :(

Here's another cool Tony Gwynn card. I bought this one after seeing the base card on Night Owl Cards. 

Just an unnumbered aqua wave refractor or whatever, so wasn't too much, but I like it a lot. I still have conflicted feelings about this set, but I'm kinda trying to do a "set rainbow" with one card each from some of my bigger PC guys who are included in the massive set. So like, I'm kinda trying to get one of each of the many parallels, basically. (it's a casual goal, though, not hitting it too hard.)

..which brings us to this black & white Winfield. Honestly I would have preferred to see the glorious brown & gold, but I got it for just $2.04 shipped, so I can't beat that (Seller didn't do a good job with the listing title). Trying to "forbid" myself for getting any other versions of this card, per the one-parallel thing I mentioned.. but I  might have to snag one that's in color someday.

Actually, fuck it. I've already seen that photo plenty of times thanks to a custom overlay I made back in 2015 that I've displayed for a while. So yeah, I'm fine I guess.

Here's the custom that I made (original post)...

Thank you for your patronage. 


  1. Hope you're doing OK, maybe even get a chance to explore Louisville a bit and take a wallet card photo or two. That Gwynn Project 2020 card is pretty good. I'm not a fan of that set at all, but I kind of like that one.

  2. What are you doing in Louisville? And that Rod Beck auto is really great. I think that this is only the second or third time that I've seen something signed with green ink... and I like it!

  3. That's the first time for seeing green ink for me. Pretty cool.

  4. I've tried to convince myself that everything after taking down the Mets was gravy. But gotta admit... winning the Dodgers series kind of got my hopes up. Kudos to the Phillies and their fans. Those guys are on fire. I'm hoping their streak continues and they win it all.

    That Gwynn Project 2020 is neat. I like the head shot of Gwynn. I know it's the same one used on his rookie card, but the way the artist filtered it (or whatever the photograph editing term is)... Gwynn kinda looks like Eddie Murray.