Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Cardboard Digest

Dang, looks like I let a month go by without a post here. This'll be a rambling post to catch up.

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I got a great holiday/b-day mailing from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders a few days ago.

Leading off with a pair of kicked-up reprints, both needs from sets I'm hoping to complete before my collecting career wraps (aka death). The Pudge is only my 3rd out of the 1993 Upper Deck 5th Anniversary insert set that's 15 cards deep, so I've got a ways to go. I proudly had that original Ivan RC as a kid, so this black-bordered remix hits a little extra hard. 
As one of the more plentiful hits in 2001 Topps Archives Reserve, the Paul Blair auto is one I had been eyeing for years waiting for just the right deal, so how perfect was for it to just show up from a hobby bud. My ARMS (Archives Reserve Master Set) now sits at an even 74% complete.

Dennis ensured the mailing had a strong dose of yuletide cheer, tossing it this pair of shiny ornament cards.

Also plenty of Gavins included, including some deluxe Lux and a big fuzzy swatch once worn by the late Gavin Escobar. 
(BTW, it doesn't look like I'll get to my annual "Gavins in Baseball" post this year.. There are too many of them now!)

Thank you, Dennis! Much appreciated.

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Bob at Best Bubble again hit me with another terrific batch of cards.

There were a couple ladies on cardboard that I forgot to snap a pic of, but the star of the show were these 1972 Topps needs. Still chugging along there thanks to fine folks such as Bob. Thank you again, sir!

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Here's something else that just arrived.

Jon from Penny Sleeves surprised me with a motherload of glowing beanies (1999 Ty Beanie Babies IV - Glow in the Dark Stickers). The stack contained at least one of 24 of the set's 25 stickers, plus several dupes (glowing dupes being keepers for me because I love them that damn much). And the one not included (Clubby) was one of the few I already had (..from a trade with Jon earlier in the year). Very happy to have completed the set now. Thanks so much, Jon! 

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I think that catches me up with incoming cards to tip my cap about. 

My wife managed to drag my lazy ass out of the house this past weekend. It was a showing of the Muppet Christmas Carol with the score performed live by the Oregon Symphony. Hard to believe, but it was my first concert since early 2020, before covid hit.

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I recently had to retire this old car CDR of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs. I don't drive a lot these days, but have a rotation of a dozen discs or so in there to listen to. After about 25 years in action, it's started skipping pretty bad on "Stairway" thanks to the outer edge of the CDR getting worn down. I lost most of my old school car cdrs in a flood-type situation a decade ago, but this Zep best-of was one of the few that survived that ordeal. Farewell, old friend.

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A few years back, I did a post listing 10 whales of mine, and I'm excited to finally land another one off that hallowed list. (Though it's not anything that would excite most collectors.) Behold:

Chris D. Jones here was the second player from my high school to crack the majors. Sadly, he didn't get any cards from his brief MLB career, with this rare postcard being his lone collectable representation in a big league uniform. (I did, however, make a Giants custom that had a lovely TTM success.) I'm not exactly sure if this is the 1985 original or the 1987 rerelease.. but regardless, this is the first example I've ever seen, thanks to somebody breaking up a big collection of Astros postcards on ebay. So yeah, that was perhaps the top whale for my Guys From Granite collection. A nice hobby win for me to close out the year on!

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I don't think I'll be writing a separate Guys From Granite annual update post this year. But I can give you a quick recap since there are only 2 active guys.

Trenton Brooks was having a nice year at AAA Las Vegas before heading to the Giant's AAA team in Sacramento. Fingers crossed 2024 is the year he makes his MLB debut. (Oh man, if he starts getting Topps cards, that means I would have to start collecting [rainbowing?!] modern cards again! Ah jeez!!)

Dillan Shrum had a decent season at AA in the Royals chain. Hope he makes it up to Triple A in '24.

Good luck, Trenton and Dillan! You do Granite Hills proud.

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Now here's what I've been up to lately on the #cardart front.

Fun craftin' up "junk wax superfractors" for a bit but got bored of gold so now I've been working other colors into the mix too. Neat, right?

Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays, and big thanks again to Dennis, Bob, and Jon for the cards.


  1. Well crap, I had a contest aspect to this post, but I messed it up. Sorry, guys! Another contest soon, hopefully.

  2. Once again, Merry almost Christmas and happy almost birthday, Gavin! I was happy to find you an Archives Reserve auto you needed that I could afford, even if I didn't get you a 12/25 card this year. Awesome stuff from Bob and Jon, and now I wanna see if that Muppet Christmas Carol live show is available near me!

  3. Happy early birthday Gavin! Merry Christmas too! I think that Eric Davis card might be better with a white border.

    1. Thanks, guys! John, yeah I made one with a white border that sold quickly on eBay, happy to say. I thought it looked cool and was curious how it'd look with a red border, so I made one for myself. I think it looks cool too.. kinda going for a 90s basketball "precious metal gems" or something.

  4. I was just thinking it's been awhile since I saw a Baseball Card Breakdown post ... I like those junk wax superfractors, I've thought superfractors were pretty ugly, but colors make all the difference.

  5. I've been busy and sick and haven't been paying too close attention to the blogosphere, I'm glad I wasn't missing a bunch of posts from you, LOL! (Although I would catch up eventually...hopefully!)

  6. I feel like I say it every single time you show off a new Bo custom, but this is my favorite one that you've done so far. And I think it's gonna be awfully difficult to top the awesomeness of this one.

    Oh, and I've got to disagree with John, as I think that the red border looks really good on Eric Davis. That'll be a hard one to top as well.

  7. Those customs look great! You could do white-bordered and colored-bordered variations.

    And if you are ever in need for raw material feel free to go "shopping" on my trade list. For example I have five of those '89 Eric Davis cards.

  8. Those Henderson and Bo customs are excellent! Merry Christmas/Happy birthday!

  9. I like the red border on the Davis too! And the Henderson is great also. I really need to send out a tiny pwe to you, having trouble tracking down your new-ish address though...

  10. Those customs are awesome! You listing them on eBay? If so... let me know and I'll buy that Rickey off of you.