Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cards in Odd Places

A new feature here at da Breakdown, "Cards in Odd Places" posts will feature-- you guessed it-- pictures of baseball cards in strange locations and situations. That's it. Pictures of random cards in random spots where you wouldn't normally expect to see cards (no photoshop), sometimes with loose attempts at clever wordplay. There's no deeper meaning or any reason for it, I just think it's a funny idea. Maybe you'll be amused by it too? Let's hope so!

Without further ado, please enjoy these cards in odd places.

Shawon Dunston on a pizza?! Better be Chicago deep dish!

Now here's a "bush league" photo!

Ryan Braun in a juice container. Get it?! Juice! Because Ryan Braun loves to do steroids! LOL

The great Bill "Mad Dog" Madlock on my dog Annie. Mad Dog on a (happy) dog. Man, I am too brilliantly funny!

Sorry to BLOW YOUR MIND, but this is what a baseball card looks like held up to a mirror.

Who called an audible?! Mixing it up with a football card-- an ultra-mega-rare "Promotional" one at that-- in a dirty ashtray. You could say he's promoting smoking.

And here's the kicker.

The End.


  1. Dammit Dunston, you don't belong in a pizza! You're a baseball player!

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