Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mystery Binder from Listia (pt 2)

The other day, I talked about a local pick-up of a binder of baseball cards I got off Listia for a pocketful of credits and a Sunday drive cross town.

I'm in the middle of going through the binder and finding out what-all's in there (in "real time" along with you, the reader!! lol). The highlight so far has been a Pablo Sandoval "1st Bowman Chrome Card". Let's see if anything can top it.

Here's part 2 of our 4-part saga.

Page 7
Round Up: Some '07 Heritage and junk on the bottom.
Winner: I guess the Ortiz AS.
Loser: Hard to not beat a Diamond King; sorry Ruben.

Page 8
Round Up: Here's a random lot, somewhat heavy on '90 Donruss.
Winner: I'll go with the horizontal Mattingly, even with a crease.
Loser: The Easley is pretty damaged.. will probably trash it.

Page 9
Round Up: Lots of '07 Topps. Nothing too interesting here. A random hockey card; too bad it's a bit warped.
Winner: none of the above
Loser: all of the above

Page 10
Round Up: Cool, a couple Marcus Giles cards.. I went to school with the guy, so kinda collect his cards.
Winner: I'll say the Fleer Giles.. I think I needed that one. His '07 Topps card there is great, though.
Loser: Tie between the two '89 Topps.

Page 11
Round Up: We might have a new champion for "best card of the binder" in the form of that CC Sabathia jersey relic. The Nolan Ryan card is kinda cool, but the corners are beat up.
Winner: CC with the tiny piece of fabric that was allegedly part of a garment he wore once.
Loser: The Clemens caricature is kinda creepy. Ironically, by the end of his career, that's an accurate representation of his head size. Zing!

Page 12
Round Up: More '07 Topps among others.
Winner: I like/semi-collect Frank Thomas and Carlos Delgado, and have never seen these cards before, so I'm happy to have 'em.
Loser: The '91 John Smiley has some pretty rough corners, squeaking by the '89 Topps card for worst of the page.

Well, that's it for Part 2. Some good stuff, some garbage. The CC relic is obviously the top card of these few pages. Any other good cards here I didn't give proper love to?

Check back soon for the next installment and we'll see what else is in there. Again, most of this stuff is available for trades, so let me know if you wanna work out a deal for anything.

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  1. That's probably my favorite Giles card. Been trying to see if there is any sort of rhyme or reason as to the order of these cards into pages, and the mostly catchers page is the only hint of order that I've seen so far.