Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mystery Binder from Listia (pt 3)

To catch up anyone who hasn't been reading this week, I (locally) picked up a cheap binder with 200+ cards off Listia this past weekend. I've been breaking it into quarters to go through it and find out what it's got. Part 1 featured a Pablo Sandoval 1st Bowman Chrome Card. The highlight of Part 2 was a CC Sabathia relic from 2005. Now it's on to Part 3:

Page 13
Round Up: This page is dominated by '07 Topps. That's an oddly poor picture of Mike Scioscia that Topps chose for this card.
Winner: I like the Nevin and Barfield since I remember them from their Padres days.
Loser: The Joe Hesketh is pretty creased up.

Round Up: 2007 Topps continues its recent dominance of the binder. Nice early cards of Cole Hamels and Justin Verlander.
Winner: I like Frank Thomas, but the Blue Jays uniform is weird on him (plus I think it's photoshopped on him, so it looks even weirder).
Loser: None! They're all winners! Yippee!!

Page 15
Round Up: 2007 Topps is loosening its grip on the binder, but slowly.
Winner: I guess I like the early Carlos Quentin card, since he's currently one of the least-bad Padres and this is the first card I've gotten of him.
Loser: The Rick Aguilera card is not only a so-so airbrushing job, but this particular one is also pretty creased.

Page 16
Round Up: More 2007 Topps n' friends.
Winner: Gavin Floyd.. probably the all-time most successful baseball player that shares my first name (just a .500 pitcher, so I guess that's not saying much). But yeah, cool to have his rookie card (Maybe it's his rookie card? Who can tell these days.)
Loser: I love Chris Young, but looking at this picture, I just want to punch him (and then run away very fast).

Page 17
Round Up: If you like oil paintings of baseball players, this is the page for you, with 3 Diamond Kings. Unfortunately for me, I don't.
Winner: Will Clark was pretty hot back in 1990. I remember that year, in middle school, I briefly had a '87 Fleer Will Clark rookie and promptly traded it away for a few vintage cards including a couple old Reggie's. People thought I was crazy, but I think time has vindicated me.
Loser: Buckner. Always Buckner. Every time.

Page 18
Round Up: Part 3 ends with a whimper; Not much notable here.
Winner: Gotta give it to the Ryan DK
Loser: Don't make me choooose!

So there you have Part 3 of the mystery binder. What do you think was the best card? Nothing really jumping out at me from these few pages. I guess I'm most happy to get the Gavin Floyd, my namesake. (btw, "Gavin Floyd" is also the name of an alter-ego of mine that comes out when I listen to Dark Side of the Moon on headphones.)

Oh, mystery binder! What other secrets do you hold in store?? Stay tuned for the 4th and final exciting chapter-- coming your way shortly.


  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Back in 1986, it seemed like every time I hit up Long's... I'd pull an 86T Codiroli from a pack.

  2. Didn't know that Nevin spent time as a Twin. Every time I see a Jerry Owens card, I get excited, and then disappointed that its not Eric Owens. Oh, and Young is like, 8 feet tall, so the stilts you'd need to reach his face might slow your escape.

    1. Yep, Nevin closed out his career with 16 games as a Twin in '06. I guess this is his final Topps card, then. Full career stats.. nice!

      For a half-second when I first saw the Owens card, I though maybe it was some weird tribute card to track legend Jesse Owens. Then the second or third time I saw it, yeah, I also got disappointed it wasn't Eric Owens! ha

      As for punching Chris Young, yeah, that's a good point. I guess I won't punch him after all. THIS TIME