Saturday, April 19, 2014

discovering eBay Bucks

How did I not know about eBay bucks until yesterday? I feel like I've thrown away a couple hundred dollars in these past couple years that I've been buying cards and stuff on there. Seems to me all you do is click a button to sign up, and from then on you earn credit for your wins/purchases that add up to eventual certificates you can then use to pay for stuff on there. The catch is you've gotta earn at least $5 per calendar quarter or you get nothing, but if you're a frequent buyer, that doesn't seem too hard. And it's not like you lose anything if you don't make the threshold. It's basically just a free frequent buyer program.

Damn, I feel like an idiot missing out on this till now. I would see other bloggers mention having eBay bucks to spend, and figure they were just talking about profits they made by selling. Glad I finally looked into it.

In case anybody else out there is a regular eBayer and wasn't familiar with this rewards program, here's the link for more info..

I hate to feel like I'm plugging eBay, but if you're gonna use it, as the majority of us active collectors inevitably do from time to time, might as well spend a few seconds to click a button to potentially get some money back, right?


  1. Probably for the same reason I didn't know about it either -- I get so many of those "sign up for a credit card" emails from them that I missed this one! Thanks for the heads up, Gav.

  2. Same thing happened to me. I had no idea what everyone was taslking about. I finally joined about a week ago!
    Good move to post about it. :)

  3. Add me to the list of people who buy a ton on ebay and had no idea about this program...d'oh...time to sign up.

  4. As always, I'm late to the party. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've been using eBay bucks ever since it began. It's only been within the past two months or so they've cut it back to needing to have earned $5 or more in order to receive it. I'm all about free cards and this is what it amounts to.