Thursday, April 17, 2014

Postage Due! Part Deux

So what was in my postage-due envelope that inspired yesterday's drunken rant?

As I suspected, it was a Listia win from a couple weeks ago with a selection of 73 Topps cards. The seller had a few different lots split up by team. The Twins ended up being the only lot I could afford / remembered to bid on in time (Somebody really needs to create a Listia sniping service). I only needed 4 of the 11 cards included in the lot. They're in decent shape and all, but I'm not happy about paying $1.83 for them on top of a chunk of Listia credits.. not to mention a trip standing in line at the post office, which as my last post stressed, I am no fan of.

I messaged the seller about it and hope he's cool enough to Paypal me a couple bucks to help make things right. We'll see. (Though $2 wouldn't come close to erasing the scars of an encounter with the evil that is your typical behind-the-counter postal worker.)

Anyways, here are the cards..

It's pretty silly that a PWE weighing 1.15 oz costs a Forever stamp (49 cents) plus an extra $1.83. So $2.32 total. I could see wanting the extra 20 cents for non-machinable, but that's excessive. If the seller broke the lot into 2 PWEs, I'm pretty sure it would have been fine with a Forever stamp on each, for a total cost of 98 cents. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Bottom line: Screw the post office.

Lesson to take away: Keep your PWEs from going over one ounce (and 1/4 inch thick), and you should be fine.

Anyways, let's try to move passed that ugliness and continue talking about my 1973 Topps Baseball set completion goal.

Mark Hoyle also came through with a PWE of 73s for me earlier this week.

You can tell I'm getting to the bottom of Mark's '73 barrel, as most of these cards are a bit rough. But hey, I'll check them off the list now and if down the road I'm able to upgrade them, cool.

And the funny thing is these 19 cards arrived fine in a long PWE (though I can't remember for certain how much postage Mark used.. maybe a couple Forevers?), but spread out 3-wide in cut up binder pages.

So let's check the big board...

49.07% complete
as of 4/17/14

Oh... so close to the midpoint!

As always, if you got some spare 73s you could part with, please check my wantlist and feel free to chat me up about a trade. Just 7 more cards would get me over the hump!


  1. I'll get you there.. I'm sure I can scrounge up a few more.

  2. Or he could have cut a row off of a 9 card protector page, carefully put 4 cards in two of the slots and 3 in the last one, put it in a 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inch envelope (also known as a number 10 envelope) and mailed it to you for 69 cents (70 cents if he/she doesn't do online postage).
    You might want to tell the seller that PWE's are not flat-rate envelopes.