Sunday, April 6, 2014

keepers from the grocery store

Two posts in one day? Look out! Last post, I put up some trade bait from my haul of packs I conveniently bought while grocery shopping this weekend.

But now these are cards that I plan to hang onto. So back off! lol

Here are some promising whippersnappers. That 2012 Bowman Chrome Xander Bogaerts is a nice pull worth a few bucks.
Here are some horizontal cards
Here's the tangential Padre faction
A couple Griffeys, a Jeter, some HOF oldies, a diecut, and Appier RC(!!!) (Kevin Appier for the Hall!) [Sorry for the poor photo, my camera batteries died right after this.]
As I came to the last pack in the repack, I was feeling somewhat disappointed in my pack-ripping booty. But I went out on a high note with this semi-hit from the 2012 Heritage pack..

While I haven't officially added Miggy to the list of players I collect, I've been trying to get a modest little PC going. Love him or hate him, the guy crushes it and puts up monster numbers. So this relic of a probable future Hall of Famer made me happy and helped justify the $26 I spent on all these cards. I definitely won't pick up cards every week when I go shopping, but every once in a while, it'll be nice to have a close-by ripping fix.


  1. Best post of the year, easily, and for nothing more than including The Clash!

  2. Nice find on the Xander Chrome. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You got a nice assortment of cards!

  4. Agree with Tony. The Clash is the only band that matters, and "Lost in the Supermarket" is such a jam. You're cool, my friend. And if you ever decide to trade that Miggy, I could help.