Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A cloud over Beermas here on Day 7

Man, my wife and I had a nice weekend.. she baked up a ton of various cookies to surprise our co-workers with. And we corralled the pooch for a photoshoot in front of the tree to whip up a quick custom Christmas card to send out to some family members. But then all that Christmas cheer got shat upon at some point during the day Monday when our car window was smashed and some asshole grabbed my wife's backpack that was in the backseat. While the exercise clothes they stole won't fund even a single hit of meth for them, it sure gave us a big headache to deal with, what with getting the window replaced, and my wife losing all the workout stuff in her gym bag.

But the crappy evening at least had a ray of happiness in the form of a surprise card package waiting for me from John Miller wishing me a Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. So let's check that out.

A glowing Benito and a couple diamond 2011 Topps.

Josh Donaldson lot.

I may have recently booted Trevor Story from my wantlist, but nice looking cards like these are still appreciated.

Wil Myers lot.

Triplicates of Brian Giles along with some cool Padres logo stuff.

And the star of the show was this puppy. Not something I'd normally collect, but check out the serial number near the football.

Yes, Jeremy Hill here gets the honor of pairing with today's Beermas beer. Sumo in a Sidecar by Evil Twin Brewing. An apricot IPA, huh? Should be interesting. (UPDATE: Mmm.. very nice. Maybe more of a "summertime beer" but still drinkable year-round.)

Big thanks for your generosity, John! I'll try to return the favor soon.


  1. Ugh that stinks, glad nothing too valuable was lost and that beermas is still on schedule!

  2. Sorry to hear that. I still distinctly remember the sound of our 1974 Torino wagon's back window being smashed circa 1988.

  3. Sorry to read about the theft. Nice care package and great logo on the beer!

  4. Sumo in a sidecar? I'm not an IPA guy, but I do love me some alliteration.
    Sorry to hear about the smash and grab... what a headache.

  5. Ugh, sorry you are dealing with that right before Xmas.

    Evil Twin makes some crazy beers. Recently for my beer tasting group we did Evil Twin Yin and Yang. It was fun because you can drink them separately as each are great stand alone beers. Then you combine them to make a black and tan.

  6. That's super annoying to deal with. People suck sometimes.

  7. Echoing what everyone else has said, really sorry to hear about the window/theft. Sucks to have that happen, and that goes doubly so when it happens around this time of year.

  8. Sucks about the theif... :(

    Beer might be a halfway decent pick-me-up.

  9. I know that there are plenty of positive stories going around during the holiday season, but just one single story like this one can really sour the mood. Super sorry to hear about your wife's car. I hope the rest of the holidays are brighter for you and your family.

    1. Thanks, Fuji. Actually this was "my car" that became "our car" after my wife's car was totaled in an accident back in May. Yeah, 2017 hasn't been a good year for our automobiles (or anything, really).