Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Custom TTM success, of sorts: Adrian Beltre!

The last TTM return I got was way back on July 8th, 2017, so it was a nice surprise when I finally got another envelope back in my own handwriting yesterday.

Adrian Beltre.. Sweet! I sent this request out to the Ranger's spring training facility just a bit before pitchers and catchers were due to report (Immediately afterwards, I started to worry I sent too soon). These days Beltre is known as a dependable auto-stamper, and looks like this return was no exception. But hey, for an active star, I suppose a stamped-auto return is better than it going straight into the clubhouse garbage. So I'm happy with this. I do have a couple real Beltre autos, though, gotten back around the time I originally whipped up this custom commemorating that amusing moment last season when he repositioned the on-deck circle during a game.

So yeah, this stamp doesn't bother me too much. An authentic autograph would have been preferred, of course, but what are you gonna do. My genuine thanks to Adrian and the personal assistant of Mr. Beltre's who stamped this card and returned it to me! Very cool addition to the PC.


  1. Stamped autograph is better than no autograph at all ... very cool.

  2. That was one of my favorite moments from last season, very cool.

  3. Can't stand the Rangers... but I just can't hate on Andrus and Beltre. I agree with you... a stamp is better than the custom card being dumped.