Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Getting some help with 1982 Topps from past me (+contest update)

When I first got into card collecting in the early 90s, I bought a lot of 1982 Topps packs. My local card shop had a box on the shelf, among the oldest unopened product he had available. I was fascinated by what to me as a kid seems like "old timey" vintage cards. So I'd often pick up a pack or two when I'd go in to spend my weekly allowance.

I eventually amassed probably about half the set from packs. Flash forward several years, the bulk of the cards were purged in anticipation of my move out of California. But I hung onto 20 or so favorites among the keepers I moved with me. While I tend to keep these "childhood collection" cards separate from my "grown-up collection" for sentimental reasons, I've been slowly integrating them.

And as I now close in on unfinished business from ~27 years ago, working on finally finishing '82 Topps, I figured I'd turn to the shoebox of childhood cards to see if past-me could check off any of my remaining needs.

Gotta start with the big boy. This was probably the best pull of my childhood. I vividly remember unwrapping the wax pack as my buddy Doug and I crossed the street walking home from the card shop. My eyes lit up and I proudly showed Doug the Cal, "Yes! Check it out!" That was a great day.

So there's the top card from '82 Topps taken care of.

And here are a couple Pirates cards that were on my wantlist. It was a thrill for me to have a playing-days Willie Stargell card; kids of '91 were taught/reminded about him thanks to the puzzle pieces in 1991 Donruss. As for the Pirates rookies card, I always dug Johnny Ray, in part from his [not really] inclusion in the "We Didn't Start the Fire" lyrics.

Three more needed cards that I happened to pull from packs years ago include old timers Tony Perez and Jim Palmer, plus a Dave Righetti rookie.

Here's where my 1982 Topps needs stand today, 6/19: (check my main wantlist for future updates.)
1 Steve Carlton HL, 2 Ron Davis HL, 5 Nolan Ryan HL, 59 Gedman, 66 Howe/Ryan TL, 81 Palmer IA, 110 Fisk, 185 Phil Niekro, 200 Brett, 201 Brett IA, 244 Linares, 337 Rose AS, 346 Seaver AS, 450 Bosley, 475 Trammell, 481 Steve Carlton IA, 492 Price, 493 Lemon, 496 Grubb, 497 Jim Anderson, 498 Bergman, 499 Mirabella, 505 Nettles, 535 Lance Parrish, 540 Dawson, 553 Winfield AS, 557 Gossage AS, 579 Brett AS, 582 Luis Pujols, 586 Fingers IA, 600 Winfield, 610 Rickey Henderson, 650 Yaz, 716 Stargell IA, 721 Luzinski IA, 754 Joe Morgan, 760 Buckner, 780 Rose

If you can help with any of those and would like to swing a quick trade, please get in touch! I'm pretty sure I've got several of these in PCs, so I may go ahead and raid PCs to knock off a few more numbers for the set if I don't get much trade traction.

Ok, now I've got the matter of a pending contest to get to. Thanks to all who entered, and for the friendly comments! Here are the entrants in chronological order:
P-town Tom
Billy Kingsley
Rod (Padrographs)
Sport Card Collectors
Doug Hoback
The Turrdog
Tim B.
night owl
Mark Hoyle
The Lost Collector
Larry Presnall
Greg Zakwin
Julie Owens
Matt Stupienski
Brett Alan

Randomized to just assign numbers (not pick a winner) gives us this:

We need to find two winners, and I'll do my usual thing of adding some extra randomization to the mix so I don't feel dirty if my friends win. Let's use tonight's 6/19/2018 A's @ Padres game to help randomly pick the winners. To spread it out, let's say Winner #1 is the combined number of runs for both teams in the game (so for example, a low-scoring 1-0 game would make Brett Alan the winner). Winner #2 is the combined number of runs + hits + errors for both teams. If it goes over 32, we'll cycle back around through the list. In the unlikely event both winning numbers are the same, we'll have a do-over for Winner #2 another day. Sound good? Good luck!

(Update: Congrats to Sport Card Collectors [6 runs] and Robert [21 runs+hits+errors]! Both bloggers I'm very familiar with and guys I've traded with before, so should be able to put together nice prize packages for you two. Thanks again, everybody!)


  1. I could possibly help you out with your needs for the 1982 Topps set. I will keep telling myself to check it out tomorrow when I get jome from work.

  2. I love it when contests are tied to real baseball. Gives me something to pay attention to tonight! Thanks again for the contest, Gavin!

  3. I have some 82’s for you Stargell IA,Luzonski IA, ,Winfield # 600,Dawson#540,Rose #780,Niekro#185,Bergman#498,Lemon #493,Parrish# 535,Buckner # 760. I’ll get them out to you

  4. I own exactly two 1982 cards but they are low level commons and not even on your want list. I probably acquired them in repacks at some point

  5. Woo hoo! Thanks!

    I always like how you do your randoms. I need to be more creative with mine

  6. Will try to dig out some '82 dupes when I get home next week to see if there's anything on your list.

    Thanks for the contest. Fun to see myself at #1 even if that doesn't mean a win!

  7. That was cool to tie to the game. Thanks for the contest!

  8. Creative way to pick the contest winners. Thanks for the contest... and congratulations to the winners!

  9. I'm very impressed with your pack-pulled Cal RC! I cant recall what the oldest wax packs at my LCS were (81s maybe?) but the markup was out of my allowance range.

    Congrats to the contest winners!

  10. Cal looks great after all these years! Congrats to the winners and thanks again Gavin!