Sunday, June 10, 2018

Trio of HOF Traders

I know I talked a big game about doing a trade bait post today, but that'll have to wait because I've got an incoming trade roundup to get out.

First up is a great "farewell" package from JBF Wes.

Love this pair of Padre Winfields. Been wanting that 1980 Burger King card for a while now.

Very nice selection of Michael Sam cards just in time for Pride month.

Some Gavins highlighted by a blue Escobar.

A couple solid Chargers. The team is dead to me, but hey, I can still appreciate nice cards.

And some cool Padres to close out the package. Zech Lemond couldn't get it together in the Padres system, but has been pitching well in the Marlins' chain this season. Andy Ashby /150. And some sharp vintage.

Big thanks, Wes! I'll try to scrape up a decent return for you soon, and I'll be hoping this isn't our final swap.

-   -  - ---o

Next up is Zippy Zappy hitting me back for those Bowman guys I set aside for him recently.

Tatis Jr has been on fire after a slow start. Loving this Heritage Minors card from last year.

A couple RCs to bump up my little PC of hometown guy Quintin Berry.

A bunch of Bowman Padres.

Philip Rivers and Gavin LaValley.

Thanks a lot, Zippy! Always a pleasure.

-     -  - - --o

Last for today is a PWE from Sport Card Collectors.

Everybody get up for these Aaron Judge cards! Matt also collects Judge and had some dupes to share with me. Sustained!

But what really banged the gavel was this Tim Duncan jersey card. Love it.

Thanks, SCC! I'll be dropping you a return ASAP.


  1. Glad you got it safely and enjoyed! Solid trio of mail days I will say

    1. Yeah, I know it's always a risk sending a relic card in a PWE, but it showed up looking good!

    2. I don't usually do it since I have received some bent ones and contemplated it over for yours. But back then relics seemed to be thinner and I remember the letterman auto u once sent me that was on the thinner side with no issues so I took the chance and wished for the best.

      Normally, though, a big no no for me lol

  2. Any chance that you would trade one of the Eric Lauer cards? He is from hometown and we graduated from the same high school albeit a few years apart.

  3. Glad you got the cards. For the record, this is only part one of my "return package" to you. Because at the time this was just a "just because PWE". I've still got something up my sleeve.