Thursday, December 6, 2018

cards as I receive them

Got a couple more recent trades to recap.

Good ol' gcrl set over some vintage set help, including these '74s. That Billy Williams is a classic "wtf?" card. Apparently Topps felt Billy washed into the background too much in the photo, and bizarrely decided to tint the background yellow in order for Billy to pop more. Either that or a lemonade stand exploded behind him.

Nice looking pair of '78s, too.

A few big names to check off my 1979 Topps build!

Seems like my '84 Donruss chase had stalled there for a while, so it's great to score a few more needs, highlighted by rookie cards of Van Slyke, Carmelo, and Wynne.

Jim rounded out the package with a few young dudes I collect.

Thanks, man! Much appreciated.

-  - - --o

I also got a bonus "thank you" package from Alex T. for a few customs I've been cranking out for him.

Panels of "Repli-Cards" from BBC.. gotta love these early custom-like cards. I was down for the Kevin Maas rookie I needed for the PC, and Alex went ahead and sent the whole panels from the issue. Now I have the conundrum of whether to cut these out or keep them intact. Thoughts? They did a good job picking rookies. These are all familiar names for me from the year I dove into baseball hard, 1990. Only the Brewers pair are "who?" names for me.

Alex also surprised me with a set of Portfolio '92 swimsuit cards. Lots of lovely ladies.. I'm sure I'll be able to find some worthy additions for my "girlie card" minicollection in here. The photos in this set are pretty tame for the most part, but if you keep an eye out, you might catch an occasional risqué card, like Colette there.

Thanks, Alex!


  1. Awesome action shot on the 79T Seaver! And I totally remember owning a few of those Portfolio trading cards way back in the day. Not sure if I have the promos for them... or if I actually opened packs... but I vaguely remember that Collette card.

  2. Im slowly working on a box of 1993 Portfolio Endless Summer that I got for cheap from DA. Unfortunately most of them are stuck together and damaged by 25 years of not being able to"breath".