Friday, June 26, 2020

Mike Squires appreciation post (Post for Johngy)

There's a popular blogger named Johngy who has been around a long time and pops up in comments on other blogs sometimes. He's never commented on my blog, though, and it's one of my life goals to have him do so. So here's a desperate attempt to get his attention. If you are Johngy, please comment on this post. If you are not Johngy, please find him and ask him to comment on this post. There will be a baseball-sized hole in my soul until this happens.

Johngy is a big fan of relatively obscure White Sox player Mike Squires, so I made a bunch of customs for Mr. Squires, hoping to create a blip on Johngy's radar.

Despite not having the typical power associated with a first baseman, Squires was a valuable member of the White Sox during their Tony La Russa era in the late 70s and early 80s. He won a Golden Glove in 1981.

On May 4, 1980, Squires became the first left-handed-throwing catcher in Major League Baseball since Dale Long in 1958 when he was shifted from first base in the ninth inning of an 11–1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. And he later became the first left-handed-throwing third baseman in at least 50 years on August 23, 1983 when he entered the game for Vance Law in the bottom of the eighth inning in a 10–2 loss to the Royals. Chicago would go on to win the AL West that year.

Midriff alert! Something you don't see on cards often.

Nod to teammate Ralph Garr?

Guy on deck has an impressive bubble going. Or is that a fouled off baseball?

Squires was a Toronto Blue Jays coach from 1989 to 1991. Later went on to be a scout for the Reds.

What do you think, Johngy?!? Please comment below!


  1. That 1988-89 Topps pushpin custom is awesome! As a fellow lefty who got the opportunity to play 3rd in our little league's all-star game for one inning... I think it's pretty awesome that Squires did it at the MLB level.

  2. Mike is from my hometown of Kalamazoo. Saw him play first base at a game in Toronto in 1980. My friend and I yelled out "Kalamazoo!" and got his attention.

  3. Would have been even cooler to make one of the customs have the position designation "1B-C". Agree with Fuji though, the 88-89 pushpin design looks great and is a favorite of mine.

  4. Hahaha This is awesome. I am bad at commenting, but I do follow your blog and many others.
    Thank you for the great creations and for the compliments.
    If you are on FB, please send a friend request.

    1. Yay! Thank you for the comment, Johngy! Warms my heart! :)

  5. Where did you find those photos of Squires to make these cards. They look great!