Thursday, August 6, 2020

Pete Rose Andy Warhol Custom Nine

Another addition to my Binder of Enchantment and Wonder (my "fun card" binder) is a page of customs I recently whipped up inspired by the Pete Rose artwork from Andy Warhol. I first started this project back in January, but just finally completed it, inspired by what would have been Warhol's 92nd birthday today.

Customs cards for nine different works of art featuring Pete Rose in the 1985 Topps design (the current set on shelves at the time). As you can see, the dimension of the pieces runs a bit shorter than a standard card, but not too far off. I believe these images are all of real Warhol prints, though the upper left 4 comprise the best-known version.

The backs tell the story behind how the quirky artwork came to be, paraphrased/plagiarized from a couple different articles (such as Warhol's Pete Rose Portrait Turns 25).

So there's that! I think it makes for an interesting 9-pocket page of cards.


  1. Love this (especially as someone who blogs about art and baseball cards intersecting). I hadn't seen the other 5 prints before. Great that it works for a binder page.

  2. Fantastic! These are awesome!

  3. Those look fantastic Gavin. Very nice!

  4. Interesting. I didn't know Warhol did a Pete Rose series. Nice job with the card backs!