Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reluctantly announcing the contest winner

The results are in. Big thanks to everyone who entered! I'm gonna shoot for a contest per week for the rest of 2013 (nothing huge, but just spread around a few PWE-sized prize packages), so if you didn't win this time, keep your chin up and your eye on this blog for more chances in the near future.

Ok, here we go. There were 30 entrants this time (24 + 6 holdovers grandfathered in from my 1st contest). Randomizing twice since this is my 2nd contest.

What?! night owl?! Man, that guy is on a winning streak lately. If I hadn't randomized it myself, I'd suspect the fix was in. Looking at it cynically, of course I would want him to win because he has an awesome, popular blog and if he won, he might mention my blog in a post there, which would surely give me "the night owl bump". So Greg, please let me know which 2 selections you'd like from the prize pool, and if you do mention your victory here on your blog, please keep the source anonymous because I don't want anyone to think there were any shenanigans going on.

Hey, let's pick a surprise second winner, too! I'll randomize the list again..

Oh, for &^%# sake!!! Play at the Plate? Everything I just said about night owl could also be applied to this guy! He wins a lot of contests and he has a great, popular blog. I can already hear the whispered rumors that I fix my contests so that the guy with the popular blog wins.. a cheap ploy to get exposure. I give you guys my word that there was no shady activity involved!
Ha, life's funny sometimes. I also love how night owl was 2nd place in the 2nd drawing. He just doesn't let up, that guy.
So after night owl makes his 2 picks, Play at the Plate (Brian, is it? Sorry I don't know your real name) please make 2 picks from what's left. Then you guys shoot me your addresses and I'll get your cards sent out shortly. Congrats, you two!

Well, everybody else, at least the big guns there are now ineligible for the next rounds of contests. Next time hopefully the winner isn't someone from the Mount Rushmore of the baseball card blogosphere so I can get some credibility back. LOL. While I'd be skeptical if I weren't the one sitting here doing it, again, this was a fair contest, I assure you. Maybe I'm overreacting? There are many great card bloggers out there, after all. But if someone were to randomly ask me to name a couple great baseball card blogs, Night Owl Cards and Play at the Plate would probably be the first 2 to pop in my head.. so it's funny they won.

More contests and a replenished prize pool coming very soon!


  1. Weeeeeee! This is fun! I think I should win every contest. How do we arrange that?

    My picks: I'd be a fool not to nab the Grich auto. And I'm dying to own that Butler water card.

    Thanks again! You're the man for holding these.

  2. Sweet. I'll go old school and take the McCovey and Allen cards. You rock and you are the man.

  3. Suggestion: Night Owl is banned from all contests on the inner webs. I am certain he is in cahoots with the owners of the site

    Instead of entering him in the list as "Night Owl", put his real name in the randomizer and see what comes out. Of course, we all know his real name: Fatty McHaberknisch.