Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some random old cards for Wednesday: '79 Stadium Club

A few more cards I picked up in a lot the other day.

Johnny Bench! As far as top tier HOFers from the 70s go, he's got lots of affordable cards. One day I'll see about completing his standard cards.

Check out that miscut Molitor! Now imagine that you're a kid in early 1979 ripping your first waxpack of just-released 1979 Topps and that card is on the top. You'd be like, "Wow! Topps has started experimenting with full-bleed photography! Only half the card has a border! COOOOOOL!!!" But you'd soon realize that it's just a wonkily cut card, and you have to wait over a decade till Stadium Club comes out to finally free cards from the shackles of borders. (I suppose some oddballs beat them to it, such as Mothers Cookies.) This might be a rare case of a miscut card actually being an improvement. If all '79 Topps cards looked like that, it'd probably get a lot more love from collectors for being so fresh and innovative for the time.

I love crafty old pitchers who stuck around forever.. Phil Niekro, Jim Kaat, Gaylord Perry, etc.

Luis Tiant was a fun character. Nice to score another card of him.

Tony Perez and Gary Carter.. HOFers representing the great white north.

I actually just picked up that funky star-cap Stargell in my recent Just Commons order, so consider this one trade bait or possibly prize pool material.

Steve Carlton has a lot of great cards and a lot of crappy cards. This 81 Topps might be the worst.. Boring headshot.. Lefty's face hidden in the shadow of his cap, and his unfortunate white-guy fro bursting out on the sides.

Eddie Murray is a badass. Excited to add an early card of his to my collection.

Ok, that's it for today. Back tomorrow to continue this week of random cards from the late 70s and early 80s.

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