Saturday, November 30, 2013

Get Your Glow On! (New, Improved Glowing Cards!)

I've been working on improving my GAV (Glowing Altered Variation) cards.

Getting better at it!

They  glow-in-the-dark  and look kinda cool in the light, too!

Here's a song about glowing, in case you want to hear a song while you read this post. With the title "Babe Rainbow" you'd think it might be about collecting all the Ruth parallels in a certain set, but I don't think that's what it's about.

I still want to further improve at making them, but I'm happy with how these cards have been getting better as I've been making more of them and learning which techniques get the best results.

They look even better in person.

I've even devised a way to make valuable cards into glowing cards without actually touching them!

(hint: special case)

Last time I talked about my glowing cards, Play at the Plate suggested cards such as these might do well on eBay.

Well, since I've sunk more than I care to admit on this little arts & crafts project of mine, I thought I'd test his theory and see if I could recoup a few bucks.

I've currently got auctions running for all these cards pictured, except the Mantle and Dick Allen auto.

The Cubs lot (Dawson and Sandberg) is up on Listia.

Over on eBay, I've got a Phillies lot, Mets lot, and Yankees lot.

Help a blogger out and throw down a bid on any of these if you can.

Snatch them up for yourself, or perhaps surprise a trade buddy with unique "1/1" cards as a little Christmas gift.

And if you don't want to shell out, but still would like a unique Glowing Altered Variation or two of your own, I'm down for trades! Petethan had a great suggestion that people could send me a card or two they'd like me to turn into a glowing card for them, and include cards for me for my trouble and expenses.

So if you've got a double or two of your favorite player/team that you'd like me to make glow in the dark for you, just let me know. As always, my wantlist is here.. (you don't need to blow me away or anything.. just something to make it worth my while).


oh, and CONTEST TIME! Be the first to identify this below card in the comments and you win the card plus get a pick from the prize pool. (my standard contest rules apply.) Hint: The set that it's from is featured in this post already.


  1. Someone has finally found a way to make Prizm look good. Hey - here's an idea: take a Prizm card and via your patented GAV technology, make the team logo reappear on the hat.


    1. Ha, that might be out of my skill range, but that's a great custom altered card idea for someone with a real nice printer or really good artistic skills and some very fine pens.

  2. Brutal. I just spent an hour trying to figure out what that card is, without success. Can't wait for the frustration of seeing what I missed...!

  3. Well, it's been over a week, so I'm gonna go ahead and call this contest. It was '88 Donruss Lloyd Moseby. Since petethan was the only person to attempt to answer, I'll throw the card onto the small trade stack I've got going for him. Congrats, Ethan!

    1. Oh, and this doesn't count as an official contest win, so you're still eligible for other upcoming contests.