Monday, November 18, 2013

Some random old cards for Monday: Templeton n' friends

This week I'm taking the familiar "hey, check out these cards I got recently" route for blogging. As I mentioned the other day, these are from a big lot I got on Listia of 350+ cards from 1970-1982. Here's another flatbed-full of favorites:

30-Year Old Cardboard was dissing that 81 Donruss Fisk a couple weeks ago, but I think it's a nice, simple card. The photo has a vintage, washed-out feel to it, and it's one of Pudge's few happy cards.

That '82 Fleer Palmer on the other hand.. wow, that's a blurry photo!

I love Bill Madlock.. glad to see him pop up 2 or 3 times in this lot with additions to my ever-growing Mad Dog PC.

I used to collect Garry Templeton back when I was young and foolish.. perhaps because his name reminded me of the rat in Charlotte's Web, which was a book I liked as a kid (though yeah, it's sad for a children's book), plus he was the captain of my hometown Padres back when I first got into baseball. While I'm not much into him anymore, I still appreciate old cards of him from back when he was putting up impressive numbers with the Cardinals.. before he followed that with a decade of mediocrity in San Diego. sigh.

In my Greatest Gavins of All Time post a few weeks ago, I expressed gratitude that there hadn't been any Garvins to ever play baseball. Sadly, I stand corrected. Jerry Garvin here seems to know he's committed a grave offense. There was also a guy named Garvin Alston who pitched in 6 games for the Rockies in '96. Not sure why the name Garvin bothers me so. I wonder if guys named Kevin can't stand the name Kelvin?

That's a pretty strong HOF bottom row, though not the best condition. I'm pretty sure I've already got that Yaz, so it's probably available as trade bait. The Tom Seaver has some paper loss at the bottom, but otherwise a fine card. Jim Rice's warm smile must've inspired a former owner of the card to give it many hugs, as the corners/edges are definitely well-loved.

That's it for today. Back with 8 or 9 more cards to admire tomorrow.

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