Sunday, December 22, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Cards: 9th day (An Art Monk Christmas)/Happy Birthday Steve Garvey!

Welcome to the 9th of 12 posts in this holiday extravaganza! I explained it in more detail in the prologue, but essentially I'm celebrating my twelve favorite Christmas Cards (cards that are serial numbered 12/25), one a day till Christmas. We're in the home stretch now!

Art Monk 2013 Panini Playbook #'d 12/25

 Christmas Card :

 Holiday Music :
(A Christmas carol / holiday song for each card.)

The Chipmonk Song

Christmas with the Chipmunks has been one of my favorite Christmas albums since I was a young'un. I gotta admit I placed a very competitive bid on this particular card mainly because I wanted to make this Chipmunk/Monk joke. Please take an extra moment to appreciate it so I'll get my money's worth. [Pause to appreciate.] Ok, let's move on.

This isn't the original version of the song, but it's the closest I could find on YouTube. Whoever owns the rights to the classic Chipmunk recordings must be a grinch, yanking them down.

 Wrapping Paper :
(This is the section where I wrap up the card itself: the design, the photo, etc.)

Nice looking card. Sticker auto.

 Naughty or Nice :
(This is the section where I check my list twice on the subject of the card.)

(I partied it up at my to-be brother-in-law's wedding last night. It was a lot of fun. Pretty exhausted. Keeping this post short.) For more info on the esteemed Mr. Monk, well, you can read the card back above and/or here's his wikipedia entry.

 Yuletide Stat :
(Here's where I dig around for a Christmas-y stat.)

Sorry, no time to dig up a stat today, but I will mention Art is another December baby, born 12/5/57.

 Spreading the Christmas Spirit :
(Here's where I photoshop the card to make it even more Christmas-y than it already is.)

 Singalong :
(Here's where we keep a running tab of the 12 Days of Christmas Cards so far... in song.)

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:
Two thousand thirteen Panini Playbook Art Monk
Two thousand thirteen Spencer Scott Benchwarmer
Two thousand four Topps Retired Orlando Cepeda
Two thousand twelve thirteen Upper Deck Dominique Wilkins
Two thousand eight Topps Hanley Ramirez
Two thousand one Donruss Xavier Nady
Two thousand four Topps Retired Jim Piersall
Two thousand eleven Santonio Holmes Prime Signatures
And a Jody Gerut two thousand four Leaf

Happy Holidays, and see you tomorrow for the next Christmas Card!

 Stocking Stuffer :
(A bit of bonus content)

Hey everybody! It's Steve Garvey's birthday!

Garvey & Gwynn were the big two guys on the Padres back when I was first becoming aware of baseball, so I've always had a good deal of reverence for him. He's getting special birthday mentions today thanks to an exciting contest at the excellent blog Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. Check it out.

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